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New Moon in Libra ~ An Open Heart

Instead of focusing on the heavy astrology that accompanies this New Moon in Libra, let's just think about love. We've had some very heavy aspects in the sky for a while and we're going to have to live with them for a while longer. Yes, the stars have jagged edges these days, but that's no reason not… Continue reading New Moon in Libra ~ An Open Heart

Libra and Venus, Planets and Signs

12 Reasons to Love a Libra

Libra glides into our lives with beauty, grace, and charm and we simply cannot resist her. She has one desire ~ to make us fall head over heels in love with her. Wherever we find Libra in our chart, we benefit from working with a partner (8th house Libras, stop that snickering!), and may feel lost without… Continue reading 12 Reasons to Love a Libra