New Moon in Libra ~ An Open Heart

Instead of focusing on the heavy astrology that accompanies this New Moon in Libra, let’s just think about love.

We’ve had some very heavy aspects in the sky for a while and we’re going to have to live with them for a while longer. Yes, the stars have jagged edges these days, but that’s no reason not to embrace the loving ideas that a New Moon in the sign of relationships can bring us ~ rough stars or not. So instead of lamenting all the current rottenness, during this New Moon I encourage you to embrace one of the loveliest partnerships in the zodiac ~ the relationship between Venus and the Moon.

The only two feminine planets we have are joining forces now as the Moon cascades through Venus’ beloved home in Libra. When these two planets combine, we encounter the most beautiful of human characteristics ~ affection, love, and an open heart. Even during times when things are at their worst, we can feel a deep connection to those we love during the time each month when the Moon joins our natal Venus. If you track the Moon, check-in with yourself on these days to see how you respond. You might even be able to know when others are having this transit simply because of the stars in their eyes. A dreamy look on their face lets you know that cupid’s arrow has found its target.

Moon/Venus days are a sweet salve of loving kindness for relationships that need healing. Libra’s emphasis on the partner make these days an especially good time to see through someone else’s eyes. Empathy is there. Walls can weaken. Hearts can mend. Love can bloom.

For happy relationships, these are cupid days when heart-felt emotions can soar. Enjoy them and build on them. It can feel like a honeymoon again.

This New Moon asks us to open our hearts. Venus and the Moon know how sensitive and fragile this terrirtory can be. They ask us to connect, allow some vulnerability, show some affection.

Are you feeling the urge to open your heart to someone?

If you want to write a song about the heart, think about the moon before you start. 
~ Paul Simon, Song about the Moon


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2 thoughts on “New Moon in Libra ~ An Open Heart

  1. Amen! There’s never enough love in the world. Thank you for your thoughtful posting of this transit~ You have added another positive ripple to the pool of life. Let the healings begin…….

    1. It seems we’re short of positive ripples with these tough transits. I’m very happy to be a contributor. 🙂 Thanks, Miz Liz.

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