Moon Signs

The Moon is the fastest moving body in the zodiac, changing signs every 2-3 days. As the Moon moves through the signs, you may notice your mood or focus changing, as well as a change in the general mood of the people around you.

On days when the Moon is in a fire sign, the world is more active, anxious, or “fired up.”

Earth days are stabilizing and deliberate.

Air days keep us socially active and somewhat analytical.

Water days are sensitive days, moods may go up or down, and people need more emotional connection and support.

Also make a note of the days the transiting Moon comes into contact with each planet in your chart. Over time, you’ll start to see a recurring monthly pattern. You’ll be drawn to similar activities or experience similar moods as the Moon passes through the signs and houses of your chart.

Especially take note of when the Moon returns to the same sign and degree as your natal Moon. That’s called your monthly lunar return, and it’s an especially potent period of each month.

Overview of the Elements

Each of the elements share certain qualities. Note your instinctual behavior and mood as the Moon passes through each of the elements. How do you fare on fire days? What are you doing on earth days? There is probably an automatic response you have to each of the elements with your comfort zone falling into the elements that are predominant in your natal chart.

  • Air Signs ~ Libra, Gemini, Aquarius: Social: Intellectual and fraternizing
  • Earth Signs ~ Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Practical, results-oriented and steadfast
  • Water Signs ~ Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Emotional, sensitive, psychic and dreamy
  • Fire Signs ~ Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: High energy, invigorated and self-assured

Aries Key Phrase: Go Quickly

Aries Do you feel that little bit of irritation or a “come on, let’s get on with it!” vibe in the air? There’s an excitement, an intensity that comes with this Moon. Tempers can be short, but the period of anger is short, too. If you’re rushing, remember to keep the pace to a manageable one. Track these days for careless injuries: you cut your finger chopping veggies, bump into things and bruise yourself, or snap at people. The Aries Moon will help you accomplish things quickly.

Taurus Key Phrase: At Ease

Taurus Laid back days that tend to be easy going and comfort seeking, but also steadfast in opinion and action. Won’t be bullied into doing things. Practical concerns may take priority. These are days when you’re looking for extra gravy on your potatoes. Very sensual days in all ways. If it feels good (and it’s easy), do it.

Gemini Key Phrase: Flitting About

Gemini The energy is generally high on these days, but in a different way than the Aries energy. People are generally light-hearted, like to visit with each other, and tend to gossip. News travels fast and so do you. These are butterfly and flowers days. You’re the butterfly. There’s lots to grab your attention, but your attention may drift or your plans may change unexpectedly. These are great days for conversation, catching up on email or phone calls.

Cancer Key Phrase: Where the Heart Is

Cancer Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, is sensitive and moody. Moods may change suddenly and you could find yourself crying and laughing at the same time. There are ties to the past during this transit, so it’s a good time to connect emotionally with others. Just be careful that you step gently, there could be hearts underfoot.

Leo Key Phrase: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Leo Leo is also a sign of the heart, but in a different way than our sensitive Cancer days. Leo loves what Leo loves, and Leo wants to celebrate it. Excellent days for parties and get-togethers. People can be quite generous with the Moon in Leo, so if your friend wants to pick up the check, let them. Just make sure you pick it up next time. Loyalty issues can become focal points. Great days for ostentatious displays of affection.

Virgo Key Phrase: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Virgo Virgo’s concerns are practical and seek to improve what already exists, so there can be perfectionist streaks during these days. “First, do no harm.” Remember this physician’s phrase if obsession on perfecting something sets in. You can overdo it and fall back in your efforts. These are practical days when you may focus on health and dietary concerns. Criticize only if asked and then do it gently.

Libra Key Phrase: Love Makes the World Go Round

Libra Not just romantic love, but platonic love, too. There is a gentleness of spirit that can bring relief to ailing relationships of all kinds. People are quite social during Libra Moon transits and seek common ground with others. Intellect is at play, as well. While it may be tempting to be a people-pleaser during these days, do take precautions not to turn yourself into a doormat. Peace at any price is too high a price to pay.

Scorpio Key Phrase: Dig a Little Deeper

Scorpio Just as still waters run deep, the psyche can also plunge into deep waters during the Scorpio transit. Old hurts can fester, resentments rise to the top, and revengeful actions can do a lot of damage. If you find yourself slipping into these waters, seek out healing waters instead. In other words, look for transformation. It’s wonderful to delve deeply, but only if you are capable of bringing the darkness into the light. Examine your motivations, the things that drive you toward attaining whatever it is you desire. Are your motivations rational? In the real world, Scorpio days are excellent for making contact with money-lenders and paying debts. You may be called upon to counsel friends or seek out counseling for yourself.

Sagittarius Key Phrase: The Grass is always Greener

Sagittarius Sadge days are fantastic days for getting away. There’s a sense of adventure and excitement about what lies just beyond the horizon. People are inspired to try new things, to go places they’ve never gone before in mind, spirit or body. The Jupiter influence makes these generally happy days when people can laugh ~ either at themselves or each other in a spirit of good will. Opinions can run high, too. There can be lots of philosophizing and judgment calls during Sadge days.

Capricorn Key Phrase: Don’t Try, DO!

Capricorn Capricorn days are success-oriented days when failure is not an option. You may hear more orders or commands than you’d like during Cap transits or you may find yourself issuing them instead. These are the most serious of the earth sign days, so moods can tend to be somber or depressed. Pessimism and negativity can run high. On the flip side of the coin, Capricorn has a very funny, dry wit that can break a too serious mood.

Aquarius Key Phrase: The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Aquarius Throw away your manuals because you can figure it all out for yourself while the Moon travels through Aquarius. Just be cautious enough not to blow yourself up in your lab. If Gemini flits and Sadge explores, Aquarius flits, explores and explodes…quickly! Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised during Aquarius transits. These are great days for research in all matters technical and intellectual. People are social, but also disengaged and are hearing the beat of their own drummers.

Pisces Key Phrase: Gently, Gently

Pisces The Moon finds its most tender landing place when it reaches Pisces, the most sensitive of the signs. Feelings can be hurt easily, but emotional and spiritual connection can also be reached quite easily ~ more so than during any other sign. Brain fog can set in, so do be careful not to venture into anything that might cause regrets on a more clear-headed day. Get plenty of sleep during Pisces transits as your dreams can bring the message you’ve been searching for. The body is as sensitive as the psyche during Pisces so be on alert for any allergic reactions. Stay clear-headed while looking for ways to unwind. There’s much to lose ~ including yourself. Dream and be inspired.