Sun in Aquarius: Jan 20 – Feb 18, 2023

“Everything old is new again.” That’s the perfect phrase for the Sun’s exit from Capricorn and entry into Aquarius. Both signs share the traditional ruler, Saturn–that stodgy old fuddy-duddy buzz-kill of a planet. But as much as they have in common through their shared rulership, they are quite different. Can we attribute that to Aquarius acquiring a new ruler when Uranus was discovered back in 1781. That long ago already?! It seems like only yesterday.

The quirky, side-orbiting planet’s rulership of Aquarius skewed the popular view of Aquarius. We were led to believe that Aquarians are all rebellious, patchouli-aromaed, mad-cap inventors in tie-dyed t-shirts covered by their protective, must conform to tradition non-descript lab coats. But they aren’t. Not all of them. Well, some of them. But not all of them. What I’m saying is that you just can’t pigeon-hole people because of their sign.

Saturn will always win the war over planetary rulership of Aquarius, if for one reason only: time. Saturn turns that “everything old is new again” phrase upside down into “everything new is old again.” What’s new today is old tomorrow. No matter how inventive or forward-thinking Aquarius’ ideas are, they will someday be just another passé, tired, old fuddy-duddy meme grumbling about those crazy youngsters.

Astrological Events during Capricorn 2022/23

  • Jan 20: Sun enters Aquarius, 3:30am EST
  • Jan 21: New Moon at 1Aquarius, 3:54pm EST
  • Jan 22: Uranus Stationery Direct at 14Taurus
  • Jan 26: Venus enters Pisces
  • Feb 05: Full Moon at 16Leo, 1:29pm EST
  • Feb 11: Mercury enters Aquarius

New Moon at 1Aquarius, January 21, 3:54pm EST

Themes for the Aquarius New Moon include originality, modernization, friendships, and our hopes and wishes for the future. We can also take some time to examine how sharing means you get more, especially in how it relates to the house of your natal chart ruled by Aquarius. Check out the following chart to get some ideas on what the houses represent.

This New Moon is conjunct Pluto. That adds a powerful punch to this moon with all that Pluto implies: progressive inclinations, the regeneration or transformation of our humanitarian efforts, “power to the people,” as well as destruction and retaliation/revenge. That makes for an impressive Aquarian motive through the next few weeks.

It also receives supportive aspects from Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries. That could indicate a big (Jupiter) move (Mars) resulting from a fresh idea (New Moon). New Moons come with a cautionary tale: “don’t jump the gun.” Ponder the idea for a while, let it mature a bit before taking those first, bold steps.

Open for pdf

Keep the house chart in mind for the coming Full Moon, but this time you’ll be looking at two houses: the one with Leo on the cusp and the one opposite with Aquarius on the cusp.

Full Moon at 16Leo, February 5, 1:29pm EST

The Full Moon of February is commonly called the Snow Moon, but down here in Georgia where I live there’s not a chance of snow. I call it the Daffodil Moon because the daffies start popping up everywhere. Regional names make so much more sense, so name it what you want. You might like one of these names for the February Full Moon better: Chaste Moon, Pine Moon, Plum Moon, Hunger Moon, Peach Moon, Primrose Moon, Eagle Moon, or Bear Moon.

No matter which name it goes by, this February’s Full Moon is the Full Moon in Leo. Leo falls opposite Aquarius in the horoscope which means that we must find balance between the attributes of these two signs in the houses they occupy in our natal chart. Themes for Leo include creativity, leadership, children, joy, love, and generosity.

There’s lots of aspects to this Full Moon. I won’t go into them here. Sometimes a Full Moon is better regarded as a mysterious thing of beauty.

Putting this Lunation Together

Using my Moon Phase cards, we can come up with a phrase to describe the Aquarius Lunation. This is the phrase that I came up with: Being positive about my goal and using my original ideas to achieve them, I can use my passion and ambition to satisfy my hunger to achieve my goal.

Adapt the ideas presented in these cards to your chart to come up with a phrase that fits your life or goals now.

Happy New Moon! Happy Full Moon! Have a wonderful Aquarius season.