Runes for Gemini

If there’s a divination tool made for Gemini, it’s the runes. It’s almost Full Moon as I post this and it occurred to me that it’s a good time for a Full Moon reading. With runes, naturally.

If you’re not familiar with them, runes are a divination system based on the ancient Germanic alphabet. Considered mysterious, full of magic and hidden wisdom, the runes became very popular as a modern divination tool in the 80’s.

Alphabets of all kinds fall under the rulership of Mercury/Gemini. Where would we be without them? One of the suggestions for things to do during Gemini is to increase your vocabulary, maybe by learning a new word every day. If that sounds good to you, sign up for word of the day from or follow them on facebook. A variation on that theme is to learn a new rune a day.

Reading for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

For this reading, I pulled three runes to represent:

  1. What the Sun in Gemini brings
  2. What the Moon in Sagittarius brings
  3. The way to find balance

  1. Inguz/Seed: True Love, Music, Harmony
  2. Sowulo/Sun: Thunderbolt, Wheel of Power
  3. Laguz/Water: Living Renewal, Fluidity

Rather than interpret these runes for you, I used the basic meanings from the chart below. Apply them to what’s happening for you now. Most important is to find the balance that all Full Moons require. I will point out that the rune for Moon in Sagittarius sounds a lot like Jupiter, even though it is associated with the Sun according to the chart. Take advantage of that Full Moon Power!

Make Your Own Runes

You can make your own set of runes very easily. The added plus is that runes you make yourself are imprinted with your energy. Get 24 flat river stones, glass stones (sometimes called vase gems), or wooden rounds or slices, and a permanent marker. Copy one rune symbol  onto each stone, and store them in a drawstring bag. Easy, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. River and glass stones can be found at the dollar stores.





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