What the New Moon in Aquarius Means for Your Moon Sign

How does the New Moon in Aquarius interact with your natal Moon? Is your sign compatible with Aquarius or are there challenges to consider?


In addition to reading how Aquarius can engage with your own Moon sign, you might also like to read your Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign for more information on how this New Moon will benefit or challenge you.

New Moon article:
New Moon in Aquarius ~ Comfortable in Your Own Skin


Aquarius is a fixed air sign so it will get on well with the other air signs (Gemini and Libra) since they are naturally in trine aspect with each other. He will also manage well with the fire signs Aries and Sagittarius which are in sextile, but find difficulty with opposing Leo.

The Water Bearer can face challenges with his fellow fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio) as they are are square or opposite each other.

More challenges occur with the water and earth signs, all of which have little in common with airy Aquarius. Lest this all sound too awful, let’s take a closer look at the interplay between all Moon signs at this New Moon in Aquarius and turn those challenges into opportunities.

Since Aquarius is associated with the angels, I’ve pulled a random card from The Original Angel Cards for each sign. It’s a delightful little box of cards to “evoke your intuitive abilities and renew your spiritual consciousness.” (Deck by Kathy Tyler and Joy Drake)


Aquarius with Aquarius: Unrestricted Authenticity

This  New Moon will intensifying your Aquarius qualities and how you respond emotionally. You may find that you feel more like yourself than usual, that there’s a comfort level that is quite soothing. You already have an organic sense of your own individuality. The New Moon in Aquarius encourages you to connect deeply with the heart and soul of yourself. Do what makes you truly happy. That’s all the Moon really wants. If your Moon isn’t happy, now is the time to display your individuality with unrestricted authenticity. Be who you are, and be happy with it. Your Angel Card: Risk

Aquarius with Pisces: detachment vs. merging

Aquarius, like Sagittarius and Aries, is fiercely independent. Too be that independent requires a degree of detachment to the thoughts of others that Pisces might find disheartening. Pisces wants to merge, become one with all. She is the source and would be delighted to have Aquarius merge into and become a part of her. The challenge and the opportunity is to find just the right amount of distance without disentangling altogether. Something you have in common is that Aquarius is considered the sphere of angels. Pisces communicates with the angels psychically or through prayer and devotion. In this way, Aquarius is an inspiration to Pisces and Pisces reinforces to Aquarius the universality of brotherhood. We are all one. Your Angel Card: Presence

Aquarius with Aries: Contagious Enthusiasm

Aquarius and Aries find it really easy to ignite each other’s independent streak. If Aquarius was a gas and Aries a match—kaboom! And they’d love every minute of it. They support each other’s excitement for the new and happily engage each other with a contagious enthusiasm that sends both on a real adventure. The challenge may come in Aries wanting to be totally in charge. If Aquarius feels the heat, she’ll just leave. Your Angel Card: Forgiveness

Aquarius with Taurus: Freedom vs. Security

Aquarius and Taurus have little in common except that they both have a stubborn streak. One major challenge is that Aquarius wants to live on the edge and Taurus is quite content staying smack-dab in the safe and secure center. What Taurus can do for Aquarius is a marvelous thing. She can take the newfangled Aquarius ideas and bring them down to earth, ground them, and make them serviceable and maybe even profitable. Of course, first the two have to reach an agreement. Your Angel Card: Sisterhood/Brotherhood

Aquarius with Gemini: Intellectual Comfort

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In this combination, fiercely independent Aquarius meets up with a socially lighthearted soul who, like Aquarius, enjoys a large circle of friends. Both are free and easy thinkers who enjoy being free-range Moons. This is a dynamite pair for brain storming. The challenge may be that they enjoy socializing and communicating with each other so much that there’s little room for focused action. They can definitely talk the talk. When they walk the talk, watch out! They’re unstoppable. Your Angel Card: Vision

Aquarius with Cancer: Head vs. Heart

Here are two signs who genuinely care about their fellow human beings. Aquarius is the sign of universal brotherhood and Cancer is the sign of family. The challenge may come in Cancer being more centrally focused on her “inner circle” than the global family that Aquarius champions. Aquarius can give Cancer every reason in the world to embrace anyone and everyone. Cancer is more selective and knows that her heart will always first attend her nearest and most loved. Cancer is able to draw a circle around her tribe. Aquarius wants to widen the circle to include all nations. Your Angel Card: Simplicity

Aquarius with Leo: Fan vs. Heckler

The Moon is always Full in Leo during the Aquarius lunation. At the New Moon, everything is hidden. At the Full Moon, everything is on grand display, brilliantly lit up. Air and Fire  are compatible elements, sextiling each other in the horoscope except in the case of Aquarius and Leo. They are in direct opposition to each other. Leo can bring out the Heckler in intellectual Aquarius when what he’s really wanting is a Fan. Aquarius can bring out the Dictator in fiery Leo when what he’s really wanting is a compassionate Leader. Aquarius can be both Fan and Heckler and Leo can be both Compassionate Leader and Dictator. The key to them maintaining a good relationship is to give a little here and a little there. In doing so, they can come into agreement to strike the right balance. Your Angel Card: Purpose

Aquarius with Virgo: Telescope vs. Microscope

Put these two together and you can get a complete picture. The challenge is getting them together. Aquarius sees the big picture, paints with broad strokes, reaches out to the stars. Virgo sees the details, prefers pointillism, and digs into the the the smallest cells. Somewhere in between is a very accurate depiction of reality. It’s the old Goldilocks conundrum: this bed is too soft, this bed is too hard, this bed is just right. It’s invention coupled with pragmatism that brings these two signs into the sphere of genius. Your Angel Card: Birth


Aquarius with Libra: One or Two?

Like the combination of Aquarius and Gemini, the element of Air plays an important role in the relationship between these two signs. Both are social with an appreciation of fairness, justice, and the difference between the two. They are also both very relationship oriented: Libra to her close, intimate, and important partners and Aquarius to the crowd at large. This is not to say that Aquarius doesn’t have the capacity to be in an intimate relationship. Quite the opposite. Aquarius is one of the best relationship builders of the zodiac, if not THE best. The difference is that Aquarius is capable of remaining somewhat detached and can really enjoy acting independently. Libra was made for a partner and may find Aquarius somewhat aloof, upsetting Libra’s sense of committed connection. Libra wants reservations for two. Aquarius is perfectly content dining alone. Your Angel Card: Clarity

Aquarius with Scorpio: Public vs. Private

This is the other meeting of Fixed sign vs. Fixed sign. Like Aquarius and Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio have little in common. Square signs struggle with one another and can find it very difficult to come to an agreement. One of the ways this struggle manifests for the Aquarius/Scorpio partnership is in privacy settings. Aquarius, the voice of the crowd, is pitted against Scorpio, the whisperer. Conspiracy theories can result from whispers that make their way to the general public sending Scorpio into hiding and the general public feeling like they’ve been had when the truth finally comes to the fore. Things can get blown out of proportion. What would have usually stayed in the neighborhood is suddenly on the world stage. Both signs can benefit from shared empathy. Your Angel Card: Transformation

Aquarius with Sagittarius: Flexible Commitment

Here are the freedom fighters of the zodiac. Sagittarius seeks personal freedom in a landscape with fences that can be scaled. Aquarius seeks freedom in a landscape without borders and where there are no fences. Sagittarius loves the excitement of scaling the fence. Aquarius enjoys pulling them down. The challenge comes when Sagittarius, associated with laws and rules of order, comes face-to-face with Aquarius’ almost uncontrollable urge to break those rules. It’s a I‘m with you till I’m not kind of give and take. The good thing is that both signs are able to loosen the ties and not get too upset about the other’s flexibility in committing. Your Angel Card: Power

Aquarius with Capricorn: Old vs. New

“Imagine, if you will, an ordinary man…” Rod Serling (a Capricorn) began episodes of The Twilight Zone with this somewhat disturbing introduction to a strange and bizarre event. Capricorn (the ordinary man) finds himself in a very bizarre (Aquarius) situation. Sometimes, things worked out okay in The Twilight Zone. Others times, what we saw in an episode was just too weird and—even to this day—we find ourselves trying to work out the quirkier, unsettling details of that particular episode. (I still say “wish him into the cornfield” when I encounter something I find really despicable. Episode 37: It’s a Good Life) The thing that Aquarius and Capricorn have in common is their ruler, Saturn, the agent of time. This gives them both a sense of dedication to their goals and a willingness to work hard for results. However, Aquarius also has as his modern ruler the planet Uranus, the weirdo and oddball planet. For a sign as serious-minded as Capricorn, Uranus is something that, if he could, he would wish into the cornfield. It’s just too weird for him. There is another important factor to consider in the relationship between these two signs. Capricorn is the old, the tried and proven, antiques, and sustainability of the ancient ways. Aquarius is the new, the unproven, what’s trending now, and invention of new ways of doing things. Here’s the conundrum: everything new will one day be old. Uranus/Aquarius, no matter how inventive or cutting edge, will eventually turn into Saturn/Capricorn. What does that mean to you at this New Moon? What do you want to last forever? Your Angel Card: Responsibility

New Moon in Aquarius WorkBook

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