Activities by Moon Sign

Each time the Moon moves into a new sign, your moods and interests may change a bit. If you’re tracking the Moon and need some ideas for things to do that suit the signs, these links will take you to some tried and true activities. If you know the house for each of these signs in your chart, check those activities by clicking here.

I find that when the Moon is in Taurus, I become a domestic fiend. I’ll get in a cleaning frenzy, cook up a bunch of stuff, and get outside to my garden as early as possible. My Moon is in Taurus which is the sign on the cusp of my 4th house, the house of home and domesticity. Taurus is the sign of the garden. As hyper and frenetic as I get, I manage to accomplish quite a bit.

If you are new to tracking the Moon, start by closely observing your own Moon sign. What do you do over and over each month when the Moon is in your natal sign? A pattern will emerge.