New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018

I’m posting a little ahead of the upcoming New Moon on July 12th. It’s also a solar eclipse and I’d like to talk about that a little before the hype gets too intense.

The New Moon occurs at 10:48pm EDT on July 12th at 20Cancer41. The solar eclipse follows 2 minutes later at 11:00pm, 20Cancer42.

The eclipse cannot be viewed from any place on earth considered “inhabitable.” Only viewable for a few minutes at all, it can be seen briefly in a tiny section of Antarctica.

I follow the theory that if an eclipse is not viewable from where you are standing, its effects on your chart are greatly diminished. I also think eclipses apply more to nations and world rulers than to us everyday Joes.

In Cancer, the eclipse (like the New Moon) pertains to things like women, nurturing, mothering, and home. We already see this playing out in the national news with the impact women are having on politics, the movement against the separation of children from their families at the southern border, and the refugees at the border seeking asylum and a new home. The eclipse is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Mom vs. The Big Boys. Pluto is powerful, but I’ll always put my money on the moms.  The eclipse is in a grand water trine with Neptune and Jupiter ~ idealism and fortune with emotion fueling them, so she has some helpers. This particular issue is very Cancerian and it will be interesting to see what happens as the eclipse nears, culminates, and diminishes.

There may be no effects at all on your own chart. IF  this eclipse at 20Cancer41 is in exact aspect to a planet in your chart,  you may see those effects play out in the next month. It’s the same as if the New Moon (Moon conjunct Sun) is in exact aspect with a planet in your chart. Otherwise, I don’t see this eclipse having a bigger influence than most New Moons on our personal charts. We’ll all find out soon.

The only way to know for sure is to make note of how it affects your chart and see how it plays out in events for you.

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse on July 27th is another story.


4 thoughts on “New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2018

  1. Sadly, a large majority of the children are not with their families. They entered the country with drug cartel and strangers looking to get into our country. This is I saw on several border patrol interviews. Meanwhile people who believe the children ARE with their families are causing chaos over this hurting police and other innocent bystanders.

  2. It effects everyone, not just the key players in the news. Change happens in details. We only see the big picture. It’s effecting ALL energies!

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