Moon in the Houses

Each of the 12 pie-shaped houses of your natal chart is home to specific activities. Think of each house as having its own décor. You’ll feel more at home in some houses of your chart than in others. Imagine how each sign would decorate a house.

As the Moon moves through each of the houses, it will highlight different activities. How does each environment and the activities associated with it affect your behavior or mood?

If a planet is in the house, expect activities represented by that planet to be affected by your mood and behavior.

First House
Your Appearance, Your Body
The Impression You Make On Others

When the Moon is in your first house, appearances count! The first house is the same as our ascendant ~ the costume we wear to function easily in public. This is a superb time to schedule a haircut, facial, or a makeover. Is your appearance sending the message that you want it to? If not, this is a good time to shop for clothing that expresses the real you.

Second House
Money, Possessions

What can you put your hands on that has value? How much money is in your bank account? What’s your net worth? What are you able to sell or buy? The Moon passing through the 2nd house of your chart  brings attention to your personal finances and possessions. This is not the house of loans or debts. That’s the 8th house. The 2nd is about what you own.

Third House
Education, Communications, Brothers and Sisters
Your Neighborhood

When the Moon passes through your 3rd, you may want to trade in a pencil or your pen when filling in your date book. You’ll find yourself busy in your neighborhood, phoning or emailing. What’s the sign on your 3rd house? At least one of your siblings, aunts or uncles may have this sign prominent in their chart.

Fourth House
Your Home, Mother, Memories, The Private You

If you’re the domestic type, Moon in the 4th will have you busy around your home. Cooking, gardening, cleaning, redecorating ~ whatever you enjoy the most. Women are prominent during these few days, so it’s a good time to connect with the women in your life. Pay attention to your sleep patterns during 4th house days.

Fifth House
Children, Sports, Romance

The basic keyword for the 5th house is fun! Find a way to have some fun while the Moon passes through your 5th. Activities centered around children are likely to take focus. (If you don’t have children of your own, track these days to see how children appear in your life.) Games (online, board, cards) and sports are also activities to enjoy during these days. This is the house of love affairs, as opposed to long-term relationships. Look for a little romance.

Sixth House
Daily Routines, Work, Diet, Service

A more serious approach follows the cheerful Leo days as you focus on food and health issues. This might be the time you get on a health kick each month. If you can only find a few days each month to clean something thoroughly, schedule it during the Moon’s journey through your 6th.

Seventh House
Important, Long-Term Relationships

Spouses, your long-term business partners, even life-long enemies are the focus of the Moon during its 7th house stay. For these few days, think “mediation.” Compromise and fairness are important keywords as your partnering skills come into focus. Spectacular days for socializing. If spats arise, wait them out and take a good, long look at your emotional stand-offs.

Eighth House
Sex, Taxes, Loans, Intimacy, In-Laws, Death

The 8th house seems like a hodge-podge of misfit activities. Do loans and debt have anything to do with sex or death? In some ways, they do. Loans are money we’ve borrowed. We even “borrow” our partners genitals during sex. We don’t own them. It’s almost as if the 8th house is the house of borrowed things, as opposed to the things we own in our 2nd house. When the Moon travels through your 8th house, focus on paying off a debt, working on your taxes, or schedule your sex “dates.” You may be concerned or involved with your in-laws, estates, or trusts at this time. This is also an excellent time to inspect your plumbing as leaks have a way of popping up during this lunar transit.

Ninth House
College, Continuing Education, Travel, Religion, Philosophy

These are days to contemplate your navel, learn something that will expand your world view, or take a trip ~ even if it’s only a day trip or dreaming about far away places while firmly snuggled in your favorite chair. If you want to find out the truth about something, these are great days for exploring.

Tenth House
Career, The Public You, Father, Big Government

These are the days when it’s hard to hide. You’re on public display. The 10th house is our most public house as it sits at the very top of our chart, which is also called our Midheaven. These are Moon days when we can make good strides in our careers or set ourselves up to be in the spotlight in some way. (Make sure it’s a good way!) Authority figures may appear or be an issue. Watch the urge to be bossy during these days.

Eleventh House
Friends, Your Hopes For The Future, Social Networks

Great days for networking with friends or business associates. Zone out and enlighten yourself by surfing the net during your 11th house Moon days. You may discover something thoroughly fascinating. Good days to indulge in sci-fi or stargazing. A great chance for aha! moments and spending time planning for the future.

Twelfth House
Ideals, Spirituality, Dreamtime, Ways of Escape

When the Moon passes through your 12th house, find some quiet time for yourself. These are the days when we can rest and repair our psyches, our “time-out” days. You may find that you seek out some alone time now. Pay attention to your dreams as the Moon travels through your 12th. There may be special messages there. Be especially careful with anything mind-altering during this transit as the psyche is sensitive and receptive.