Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:41am EDT, July 27 and is full at 4:21pm. Those of you with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the first few degrees of Aquarius may have already started feeling some jittery vibes. The Sun is opposing and the Moon is moving towards those spots in your chart and Aquarius has a highly sensitive nervous system. Continue reading

International Tarot Day ~ King of Cups

July 8th is International Tarot Day in 2018, and I am delighted to be a part of it. I am joining other writers to celebrate the day by investigating a single card. Links to other articles can be found on the main page of the host blog at  International Tarot Day 2018.  You may find new blogs of interest or discover something new about the cards that peaks your interest or discover something new about a card that you’ve been working with. You know tarot. It’s a never-ending path, and each reader brings something new to the table. I will be digging into the King of Cups and his many associations.

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Summer Solstice 2018

Hail, summer! Hail, Moon-ruled Cancer, the Crab, placed in the heavens for her bravery by the goddess Hera.

Yes. The tender-hearted, timid, little creature is very brave behind her protective armor.

She had courage enough to face Hercules and courage enough to become the zodiacal symbol for mother, family, and home.

Today (June 21, 2018), the Moon is in relationship-oriented, loving, Venus-ruled Libra who brings her scales to weigh the heart against a feather.

The summer is marked with a very feminine, caring, mother and child signature. The tarot symbol for the summer solstice is the Ace of Cups, the first tinge of feelings and emotional connection. Perhaps it is salt water that flows from the cup, the divine liquid that gave birth to us all.

The underlying current for today’s energy is coupled with struggle. Difficult connections to Mercury, the messenger, and Pluto, who abducted Demeter’s daughter, imply a difficult birth for the season.

For us, the energy is fleeting playing out in only a day.

For the little crab and her summer season, she has only just begun. She starts her descent, entering through the Gate of Man, bringing soul to matter. Birth.

Moon in Virgo, April 24-26 2018

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Mixing Astrology with Tarot ~ The 10 of Cups and the Last Days of Pisces

When I first sat down to write this post, I wanted to ask you how you could benefit through the last ten days of this zodiacal year ~ the year that runs from Aries through Pisces. And it IS a good question. But then my mind started drifting. It’s Pisces time, after all. Why focus?

I started thinking about all kinds of things from my past, and one of the things that came to mind was how I first entered this odd world of woo-woo and not so woo-woo Wonder. Continue reading

#5 Day, Moon in Cancer

Moon Sign: Cancer
Numerology: 5 Day
Phase: Gibbous

Moon in Cancer is a natural born homebody, but there’s also an urge to get out and about today ( 5). If there’s such a thing as an extroverted hermit, today’s vibe would fit them well.

There’s a bit of wanderlust in the astro mix today with trines to Neptune and Jupiter. Hang on to your map, keep your apron strings tied, and remember that “all who wander are not lost.”

5—Day of Change, Freedom and Sensation

Ruled by Mercury, flexibility is the key today. It may be a day when your attention is pulled in many directions. Go with the flow. Color: Light Blue.

Year-Seer: The Nine Year Cycle of Life

#2 Day, Moon in Taurus and Gemini

If moods seem heavy in the early part of the day, they may lighten up in the afternoon or evening.

On this #2 day, the Moon in Taurus moves into Gemini midday. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus is comfort-loving and pleasure-seeking. Mercurial Gemini seeks contact and mental stimulation.

The 2 is Moon-ruled with a need for comfort and contact while offering support and emotional connection. Continue reading

Moon in Virgo ~ Diamonds among the Shards

The Moon is in conscientious Virgo Jan 5th and 6th. We are full of potential that can blossom into skilled artistry. Virgo reminds us to pay attention to the details and to stretch just a little further than we thought we could to reach a new level of mastery. We’re not seeking perfection. We’re trying to get just a little bit better at what we do.

Applying the Virgo work ethic to whatever you are doing today will be life changing, I promise. Not because it’s going to change the world, but because it will change your world, even if only in a small way.

The 8 of Pentacles is the card for today and one of the cards for Virgo. As an 8, it indicates power and success. There’s a will to go further than before, to push past plateaus.

Potency is defined as the “inherent capacity for growth and development.” It implies that you are not yet what you might become. . . The testing grounds never end; the challenges are always at hand. Slowly and steadily plugging away, you have the ability to produce a more perfected, masterful result as you continue to painstakingly and diligently refine your efforts. Leave no stone unturned in your masonry. There are diamonds to be found among the shards. Year-Seer Cycle 8, CJ Wright

What diamond might you discover today or tomorrow if you stick to the project at hand and put all your effort into it?

Year-Seers are available at MoonKatz.com.


What’s Shaking Your Vibes?

2018 is here and we’re all playing the role of Goldilocks as we adjust to the new vibes. Some feel too much, others too little, and some are just right.

The biggest energy shift for me is always the change of energy that comes with my Personal Year number. 2017 was a #1 year and it was easy to see “me, me, me” in the headlines every day. 2018 is a #2 year that emphasizes duality, partnership, and unions. There’s room for more than 1 in 2018.

Just as the universal energy changes here on planet Earth, it also changes for you personally. We’re all born with a Life Path energy that’s based on our birthday, just like our natal chart. Your Life Path energy is influenced by the universal energy which changes from year to year. It’s not unlike Jupiter aspecting your Sun in a different way each year until he’s been through his 12-year cycle, and then he repeats himself the next 12 years, and so on and on and on.

It’s easy to figure out your vibe for the year. Add the numbers of the month and day you were born to 2018 (or 2). If you were born in the month of February (#2) on the 13th day (4), your base number is 6. Add 2 (for 2018) to the 6 and you get 8.

Each number has a planet that it resonates with. 2018, being a #2 year, is associated with the Moon. It brings fluctuation and a desire for a partner. It’s dual in nature and that duality can move to partnership and union. If your Life Path is 1 which is focused on leadership and individuality, the 2 vibe may present some problems for you as you adjust to being in the background at times. If your Life Path is 6 which is focused on the group or clan, the 2 vibe of 2018 will take less adjustment.

The planets associated with the numbers 1-9 are:

  1. Sun, the Leader
  2. Moon, the Partner
  3. Jupiter, the Truth-Teller
  4. Saturn, the Master
  5. Mercury, the Adaptor
  6. Venus, the Artist and Lover
  7. Neptune and Uranus, Bringers of Light
  8. Mars, the Powerful
  9. Pluto, the Transformer

I’m in a #6 year, so Venus is the planet of the year for me. The emphasis is on relationships of all kinds, as well as artistic expression.

So, what’s shaking your vibes in 2018?

Check out my article on Choosing Your Personal Symbols for the New Year on Lunar Home and Garden.

Want to know more about your annual vibe? Check out my Year-Seer series available on MoonKatz.com. Year-Seers are annual guides to the Personal Year. They include an annual overview, a look at the energy using the tarot, the planet, color, and crystal of the year, and a monthly and personal day forecast.

Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New 2018

The Moon is in Gemini for the rest of the year.  Through 3:11am (ET) on January 1st, to be exact.

It’s a great way to transition to 2018’s universal year number, which is 2. So we go out with the Twins Moon and begin next year under the influence of 2.

There’s something about that which I find comforting. After a year of too much me, me, me, it will be refreshing to turn attention to “you and me” and “us.”

Find some lighthearted moments with the Gemini Moon as the year draws to a close. Put a pair of something in plain view (champagne glasses, candlesticks, vases, cups, plants, anything) as a symbol of the transitioning energy.

Here’s an early Happy New Year and good wishes for 2018. Double that!

First Day of Capricorn, 2017

The closing of one door and opening of another makes this time of year both joyful and serious. The Capricorn blues can crop up at the oddest times, so keep your chin up and find the bright side even when things seem much too serious. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, has entered this sign for the next couple of years. It’s make it or break it time in this part of your chart. Success is on the horizon. Follow the rules now, break them when the Sun moves into Aquarius.

Lunar Companion for Capricorn, 2017-2018

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