Gemini New Moon – May 24, 2009

The New Moon in Gemini, an air sign, is a fantastic time to start a new project. Start focusing attention this evening and tomorrow, the “dark of the moon” days, and begin on the day of the New Moon, May 24th.

Here is a list of things to do when the Sun is in Gemini (now through June 21st) or any time the Moon is in the sign of Gemini. The dates of the moon’s signs can be found in any almanac.

  • Replace worn out phones or answering machines
  • Get personalized stationery
  • Write or call old friends
  • Learn a new word each day
  • Reacquaint yourself with your old neighborhood (even if through old photos)
  • Greet your neighbors
  • Communicate with siblings
  • Get a manicure (Gemini rules the hands)
  • Wear your rings and bracelets
  • Take a class for fun
  • Visit the library
  • Re-read your favorite book
  • Take a short trip (save the long trips for Sagittarius times)
  • Visit your elementary school
  • Focus your attention
  • Think before you speak

If you know your astrology chart, look for focus on the house that Gemini occupies since the sun will be passing through that sector.

book and penStory Time – Gemini is the absolute perfect time to work with books or journals, since Gemini is associated with writing. Here’s a creative writing exercise to do during this new moon period or through the Gemini period:

Tell a Tiny Tale

Write a short story in 55 words or less. Illustrate it in any way you like. Here’s a prompt for the short story: Taxi to the Airport.

Ernest Hemingway is credited with writing the most evocative very short story ever.

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

baby shoes

Artists – Objects to include in projects this month would be telephones, letters, alphabets, automobiles, airplanes, and the neighborhoods where we spent our childhoods. (This is different from Cancer’s childhood home.)

Brightly colored birds and butterflies fall under Gemini’s domain. Flowers are lily of the valley, lavender, maidenhair ferns, and the hazel tree. Gemini’s color is yellow.

Aromatherapy – Use lemongrass aromatherapy or essential oils. Lemongrass wakes up the left brain and is an excellent aid to logical thinking. Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are logical and rational. Lemongrass helps us focus our attention when we are working on something laborious or which requires critical thinking. Maybe it will help us get past those blocks that pop up. Lemongrass is also soothing to the nervous system, while at the same time acting as a perk-me-up. You can burn the oils in a diffuser, or use essential oil candles. Do NOT put essential oils undiluted directly on your skin.lemons

Tea – Lemon Balm tea is delicious and refreshing. Plant some in your garden. It’s a perennial and will return year after year. You can use either the fresh or dried herb for tea.

Color Therapy – Place a bowl of fresh lemons on your desk or table. The color is an instant joy maker. (And the scent does double-duty.)

Stones – For those who like working with stones, agates belong to Gemini. These stones come in a multitude of colors, so why pick only one?lovers-tarot

 Tarot – If you like working with tarot symbolism, use The Lovers as a meditative card. Gemini/The Lovers implies “choice.”

 Numerology – Air (mental) letters are A, H, J, N, P, G, and L. The number is 5.

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