Moon in Virgo ~ Diamonds among the Shards

The Moon is in conscientious Virgo Jan 5th and 6th. We are full of potential that can blossom into skilled artistry. Virgo reminds us to pay attention to the details and to stretch just a little further than we thought we could to reach a new level of mastery. We’re not seeking perfection. We’re trying to get just a little bit better at what we do.

Applying the Virgo work ethic to whatever you are doing today will be life changing, I promise. Not because it’s going to change the world, but because it will change your world, even if only in a small way.

The 8 of Pentacles is the card for today and one of the cards for Virgo. As an 8, it indicates power and success. There’s a will to go further than before, to push past plateaus.

Potency is defined as the “inherent capacity for growth and development.” It implies that you are not yet what you might become. . . The testing grounds never end; the challenges are always at hand. Slowly and steadily plugging away, you have the ability to produce a more perfected, masterful result as you continue to painstakingly and diligently refine your efforts. Leave no stone unturned in your masonry. There are diamonds to be found among the shards. Year-Seer Cycle 8, CJ Wright

What diamond might you discover today or tomorrow if you stick to the project at hand and put all your effort into it?

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What’s Shaking Your Vibes?

2018 is here and we’re all playing the role of Goldilocks as we adjust to the new vibes. Some feel too much, others too little, and some are just right.

The biggest energy shift for me is always the change of energy that comes with my Personal Year number. 2017 was a #1 year and it was easy to see “me, me, me” in the headlines every day. 2018 is a #2 year that emphasizes duality, partnership, and unions. There’s room for more than 1 in 2018.

Just as the universal energy changes here on planet Earth, it also changes for you personally. We’re all born with a Life Path energy that’s based on our birthday, just like our natal chart. Your Life Path energy is influenced by the universal energy which changes from year to year. It’s not unlike Jupiter aspecting your Sun in a different way each year until he’s been through his 12-year cycle, and then he repeats himself the next 12 years, and so on and on and on.

It’s easy to figure out your vibe for the year. Add the numbers of the month and day you were born to 2018 (or 2). If you were born in the month of February (#2) on the 13th day (4), your base number is 6. Add 2 (for 2018) to the 6 and you get 8.

Each number has a planet that it resonates with. 2018, being a #2 year, is associated with the Moon. It brings fluctuation and a desire for a partner. It’s dual in nature and that duality can move to partnership and union. If your Life Path is 1 which is focused on leadership and individuality, the 2 vibe may present some problems for you as you adjust to being in the background at times. If your Life Path is 6 which is focused on the group or clan, the 2 vibe of 2018 will take less adjustment.

The planets associated with the numbers 1-9 are:

  1. Sun, the Leader
  2. Moon, the Partner
  3. Jupiter, the Truth-Teller
  4. Saturn, the Master
  5. Mercury, the Adaptor
  6. Venus, the Artist and Lover
  7. Neptune and Uranus, Bringers of Light
  8. Mars, the Powerful
  9. Pluto, the Transformer

I’m in a #6 year, so Venus is the planet of the year for me. The emphasis is on relationships of all kinds, as well as artistic expression.

So, what’s shaking your vibes in 2018?

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Full Harvest Moon in Aries 2017 ~ Fast and Furious

Does Aries fill you with excitement or do you quake in the thought of what havoc might ensue?

Aries is no-holds barred, rev your engines, and do or die. It’s jump in both feet, preferably in red shoes, or get out of the way.

It’s fast and it’s furious and there’s no time to stand around gawking.

As Jim Carrey’s character in The Mask would say, this Full Moon is “ssssssmokin’.”

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Lunar Forecast and Live, Laugh, Love Days for July 9-15, 2017

Are you feeling any effects from Capricorn’s Full Buck Moon? Capricorn is reputed to be a  somber sign, even though it’s graced with a very dry wit and a sense of humor that can be infectious. It is ruled by crotchety Saturn, though, and he has a knack for bringing on a case of the blues from time to time.

If the blues (or grief) has you in its grips under this Capricorn Moon,  I have two essential oil remedies for you to try.

Whenever I start feeling blue, I get up and get busy.
~ My Capricorn Mom’s advice
on handling the blues

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Full Buck Moon in Capricorn and Live, Laugh, Love Days for July 2-8, 2017

The Moon travels through four signs this week, ending with with a Full Buck Moon on July 8th or 9th, depending on where you live.  For the Eastern Time Zone and points east, the Full Moon is on the 9th (12:07am EDT). That’s only a few minutes after midnight for east coasters, but well into the day if you happen to live on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

For everyone else in the States, the Full Buck Moon is on the evening of the 8th, 9:07pm (PDT). Continue reading

Live, Laugh, Love Days for June 26-July 1, 2017

Life is always changing, isn’t it? One minute everything is hunky-dory and the next minute something happens and life gets much harder. It’s amazing how just one change can affect everything else in major ways. That was my weekend.

And it’s why I want to focus on the good days this week. I call them Live, Laugh, Love days.

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Moon into Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn June 10, 7:37am – June 12, 7:46pm (EDT).

The Capricorn Moon gets a rough start on the 10th with an opposition to Mars in Cancer. It may benefit us to let someone else be the boss for a few hours so we can take advantage of the simultaneous trine to Venus in Taurus. Are you a lover or a fighter?

On Sunday, the 11th,  it’s emotional power plays with Jupiter to start the day. By midday and into the evening, the Moon finds some comfort with her companions Neptune and Pluto, both in easy aspect. Inspiration and confident power may erase the early morning emotional baggage.

Her last aspect is a square to Uranus before entering Aquarius on the 12th. A jarring  afternoon may be on the menu.

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Moon into Sagittarius, Full on June 9

Moon in Sagittarius, June 7, 7:01pm – June 10, 7:37am EDT. Full Moon at 9:11am, June 9th.

I think I need to start this post by explaining the pic I chose for Sagittarius. Sagittarius is most often depicted as the truth-seeking philosopher priest of the zodiac, and he is. He definitely is. But he’s also a comic and has a knack for peppering his stories with tall tales, exaggeration, and humor. If you’ve ever watched the movie, Big Fish, you’ve watched a magnificent example of Sagittarius storytelling in action. (Watch the trailer at the bottom of the post.)

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Venus into Taurus

Venus moves into lusty Taurus for a month-long stay, June 6 – July 4, 2017. This is not the Venus we associate with love and marriage. This is not Venus, the love goddess. This is Venus, the sex goddess. She never confuses which she is when. This is the Venus that is carnal, sensual, comfort-securing, and with a taste for the expensive.

This is also the Venus that will provide the necessary luxuries to all those she loves dearly, to the best that she is able, and will ensure a healthy inheritance for her children. She is hard working because she understands the value of a dollar, and has no doubts as to which side her bread is buttered on.

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Moon into Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio June 5, 6:47am –  June 7, 7:01pm (EDT).

The Scorpio Moon is very private, but a trine to Mars in Cancer in the early morning of June 5th will help her engage. Mars is one of Scorpio’s rulers, so as Moon/Mars aspects go…a trine here is nice. There’s a boost of energy that might have you interested in engaging in family activities or doing things around the house. If you’re into genealogy, this day was made for digging through past records and coming up with some interesting tidbits about the family history. Or, you could go deep into a research project of any kind if family heritage isn’t your thing.

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Mars into Cancer

Home, family, and all things domestic run on full throttle for the next six weeks. Take your time in the kitchen to avoid cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Home improvement projects can get a boost of energy.

The house(s) in your chart with Cancer on the cusp are the ones where you’ll find increased activity. Watch your temper regarding those issues and pace yourself to avoid burnout.


Moon into Libra

The Libra Moon starts her journey with blessings from Jupiter and the Sun. On the 4th, she encounters some difficult squares with Pluto and Neptune before regaining her balance with a sextile to Saturn and then wobbling a bit more with squares to Uranus and Venus. No one said that keeping everything balanced was easy. What’s great is knowing we have a little help from the stars along the way.

June 2nd, 8:05pm – June 5, 6:47am (EDT).

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First Quarter Moon in Virgo, 8:42am EDT, June 2-5, 2017. Enters Libra, 8:05pm, June 2.