New Moon in Taurus 2017: Tools for the Lunation

As I write this, it’s the morning after a very steady night-long rain. The sky is still gray, cloud-covered. The yards in my woodsy neighborhood are dense with a magnificent variety of green foliage, the branches of the trees bending closer and closer to the ground under the weight of the rainwater. This rainy day mix of earth and water is a wonderful metaphor for the Moon in Taurus, the most earthbound of the signs. Continue reading

Full Moon in Virgo ~ The Daily Vibes

The Moon is Full in Virgo today at 10:55am ET. Squares to Saturn and ruler Mercury can have us off our game ~ a good reason to take this Full Moon day as a day of rest, supported by today’s universal number 7. Tune into The Hermit tarot card and have some alone time.

Did you make Virgo Moon water last night? Use it to take your medicines and supplements today or, to tune into the day of the Sun vibes, brew up a cup of detoxifying dandelion tea which will surely please the health-centered Virgo Moon. Make the most of those daily vibes!