Pisces Cheat Sheet

Since reposting the Aquarius Cheat Sheet on my FB page recently, I’ve had some requests to create one for each sign. I’ll try to do that as we move through the signs. In the meantime, here is my latest effort ~ the Pisces Cheat Sheet. You can see it as a full size pdf by clicking on it.



6 thoughts on “Pisces Cheat Sheet

  1. I love these cheat sheets CJ, thank you so much for doing one for each of the sign.

  2. Excellent idea and looks great. Minor niggle – you’ve got your 3rd decan dates wrong.

    1. I sure do! Thanks, Wendy. I’ll fix that. Where were you when I finalized this? 🙂

      Update: It’s fixed now. Thank you, Wendy. I appreciate you pointing those dates out.

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