Sun in Aries: March 20-April 20, 2023

Everything is cyclical. As I write this, we are winding down a spin around the zodiac and moving toward the beginning of the next. The Spring/Vernal/March Equinox kicks off Aries season on March 20th this year. The earth is warming in the northern hemisphere as new signs of life are sprouting. In the southern U.S. where I live, we’ve already endured a heavy pollen season and flowering trees are in full bloom. Mars, Aries ruling planet, is a sprouter, a spinter, ever ready to get things moving.

Aries and Mars: the same god, two different takes.

Would you rather listen than read? Here’s my first ever podcast thingy and it’s all about Aries season: Listen In: Aries 2023

In Greek mythology, Ares is the despised son of Zeus and Hera, king and queen of the Olympian gods. He was considered bloody, murderous, and a coward who was whiney, bellowed with pain, and ran away when he was wounded. His attendants were his twin sister, Discord, and her son, Strife. Other companions were Enyo, goddess of war, who traveled with Terror, Trembling and Pain. The voice of groaning and streams of blood trailed them as they walked the earth.

The Romans, who knew him as Mars, liked him much better. They thought him magnificent, saw him in shining armor, and as courageous and invincible. It was considered an honor to die on his fields of battle. He was the consort of Venus/Aphrodite, and was a passionate lover who learned to dance before perfecting his skills of war. Contrary to what might be imagined, Mars killed only once—in defense of his daughter who was raped by one of Poseidon’s sons. The council of immortals acquitted him of the murder.

I might ask if your Mars/Aries is Greek or Roman, but I’d guess that most of us have both within us just as we have both a Mars and an Aries in our natal chart. Do a quick analysis to determine which is more active in your chart and how you can make the best use of both.

Mars is currently in Gemini. He then moves into Cancer on March 25th where he will stay until May 20th when he enters Leo.

Astrological Events during Aries 2023

  • Mar 20: Spring Equinox/Sun enters Aries, 4:25pm ET
  • Mar 21: New Moon at 00Aries, 12:23pm ET
  • Mar 23: Pluto enters Aquarius
  • Mar 25: Mars enters Cancer
  • Apr 03: Mercury enters Taurus
  • Apr 05: Full Moon at 16Libra, 11:35pm ET
  • Apr 10: Venus enters Gemini

New Moon at 00Aries, March 21, 12:23pm ET

Themes for the New Moon in Aries include independence, passion, being fearless, the power to begin, competitive instincts, and assertiveness.

Aries is energetic, spontaneous, pushy, dominant, courageous, and passionate.

This Aries New Moon is square its ruler, Mars. This can make it a little more difficult to get up and at ’em or, at least, delay immediate progress. We’ll need to strengthen our resolve to make a good start. Fortunately, we get that strengthening boost from Pluto, currently at 29Capricorn.

This 00Aries/29Capricorn connection creates an out-of-sign sextile, but between you and me, I don’t know if Pluto cares about the difference or not. Pluto likes Capricorn, all that “do-it-my-way,” “I’ve got the power” energy, and such. Pluto is also in a testy aspect with Mars. Capricorn just has to do what Capricorn likes doing to Mars: controlling him and turning him into a good soldier. If you decide to use this approach, just remember to do it to your own Mars and take care with other people.

Full Moon at 16Libra, 11:35pm ET, April 5.

The Full Moon of April is the Pink Moon, Fish Moon, Paschal Moon, or my favorite–the Egg Moon. There’s such promise and hope in that name. It evokes a feeling in me of what could be, no matter what the present is.

Themes for the Libra Full Moon include partnerships, close relationships, beauty, artistic endeavors, the spouse, negotiation and mediation, balance, and harmony. It is the “you” of the Aries’ “me.” I adore this Full Moon combination, thinking of it as the cosmic tango all wrapped up with passion, desire, love, and real partnership. You must completely trust your partner in this tango.

This is a pretty straightforward Full Moon with the added bonus of having Jupiter in a supportive conjunction aspect with the Sun. Yes, Jupiter can make the Aries Sun even bigger, bolder, and more intense, but it also brings it joy and benevolence. It’s a Henry VIII kind of Moon, full of itself and extremely passionate, a lover for sure. But be careful. He might just chop your head off.

Putting this Lunation Together

My Moon Phase cards can be used to summarize the Aries lunation. Aries endows the New Moon with real courage along with the power to begin. He’s fearless in the face of the unknown. The Egg Moon pledges fertility, all of what is possible not only at this Full Moon, but throughout the spring season. Libra has brought judgement and helped Aries develop diplomacy and negotiation skills so that our desires might be fulfilled.

Adapt the ideas presented in these cards to your chart to come up with a phrase that fits your life or goals now.

Happy Equinox, Happy Spring, and Happy New Moon!