Astrological Picture Book ~ 2nd Decan Cancer, Crab With a Stinger

Birthday wishes to all Cancerians with your Sun between 10 – 19.59° Cancer. Your birthday falls between  July 1 – 11, depending on the year. Being born in the second decan of Cancer, your Sun is in the Scorpio decan so you are sub-ruled by Pluto and Mars. If your Sun is in aspect to either of these two planets or placed in the 8th house, the Scorpio qualities will be naturally heightened. You may feel a bit more like a Scorpio than a Cancerian, at times, and may not identify at all with the rumor that Cancer is  timid or wimpy. (We’re not.) Place the Moon in Aries or Scorpio or the 8th house, and the Scorpio qualities hidden in your Sun sign are strengthened even more.

You’re the Cancerian with deep, probing insights who isn’t afraid to walk a more direct path than your lunar-ruled first decan brothers and sisters.  If you haven’t yet called on the power of Mars and Pluto, it is there waiting for you to harness and use. It’s like having a stiletto hidden in your garter belt ~ and you know how to use it. You are the ninja crab ~ not unlike the one that Hera sent to defeat Hercules and thus earned the crab’s place in the constellations.  

Your Card ~ Tarot 3 of Cups

There are several ways to associate astrological symbolism with the tarot. One is by assigning decans to each of the numbered pip cards from 1-9. Another is by the system of using planets in signs for each minor arcana cards.

3 of Cups ~ Epilogue Tarot by Christine M. Griffin

If you are a second decan Cancer, the tarot card related to your birthday is the 3 of Cups ~ one of the most joyous cards in the deck ~ which is often associated with celebrations. The face association with the card is Mercury in Cancer ~ the mind turned toward the inner world, family, the past ~ emotional rather than rational thinking. I don’t see that in this card. I don’t see Pluto or Mars in this card either, which would signify the sub-ruler of the Scorpio second decan. I like the Epilogue 3 of Cups pictured here for the Scorpio decan. These look like sassy gals.

(If Mars=energy and Cancer=family, we can see the interpretation for this card of celebration, especially regarding an event like a wedding or baby announcement.)

What I do see in the 3 of Cups is the numerological association of 3 with Jupiter. Jupiter in Cancer makes sense with the picture. Now we’re talking celebrations! Jupiter is exalted in Cancer ~ happy home, happy family, expanded joyous relationships. There’s always room for one more at the party. 3 represents creativity, expression, and growth. You can see these qualities in all of the cards numbered 3.

Here’s an excerpt from Year~Seer: The Nine Year Cycle of Life, my book on numerology and the tarot, about the 3 of Cups. It’s written primarily for people in their #3 Personal Year, but carries a message of hope and joy for anyone who pulls the card.

 Water: Joyful Expression

Can you find little moments to celebrate in your everyday life? Are you able to share in the happiness of others?

One of the most wonderful qualities children possess is their ability to express themselves so freely and genuinely. In their amazement at the things we take for granted, they express a simple but abundant joy. They have a knack for celebrating just about everything. When was the last time you had such exuberance—when your spirits were high, you felt like kicking up your heels, and were about to burst with happiness?

It’s such a marvelous thing ~ joining with others in a spirit of celebration, sharing your good times with each other. Having good friends to your home for dinner or parties, feeling a sense of community in your neighborhood or work, forming a close bond with a group who shares your hobbies ~ any time two or more people come together for a common cause is a moment to be celebrated.

Share your little victories with others this year and join in celebrations for the victories of others. They want to express their happiness as much as you want to express yours. Be optimistic. Cheer each other on. It feels good.

There is another type of celebration to seek out this year. It is a quieter, more personal expression of joy ~ the joy of self. Moments like splashing in rain puddles, dancing alone in your living room to a song that makes you feel like you just have to move, a smile that crawls over your face when you compliment yourself. These are moments when you are in harmony with yourself, listening to the tiny lighthearted whispers from deep inside meant only for you. These are times when you accept yourself for the incredibly simple and extraordinary person that you are ~ and you’re proud of yourself. Your self-worth and esteem soar, and it makes you jump for joy.

Whether it’s in the form of a whisper or a roar, join in the spirit of celebration with yourself, your friends, your family, and your world.

If you are a Cancerian born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th, this card is especially suited for you, since you are strongly influenced by the qualities of Jupiter through the number 3.

If you receive this card in a reading, ask yourself:

  • Am I celebrating enough?
  • Am I giving the little victories in my life enough attention?
  • (For Mercury in Cancer) Am I overthinking the past, my own emotions, or my family entanglements?

You can use this card as a reminder to give credence to your creativity and way of expressing yourself. Just watch the stinger so that it doesn’t lead your head. If this is your birthday card, you might enjoy coloring your own and adding other important symbols to it. Here are a few suggestions for embellishments:

  • Dates: July 1-11, your birthday, or any special dates that fall in this period
  • Planetary glyphs for Scorpio, Pluto, Mars and any other planets you have at 10-19.59° Cancer
  • A small charm that reminds you of something worth celebrating
  • Pictures of things that make you laugh and give you joy

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10 thoughts on “Astrological Picture Book ~ 2nd Decan Cancer, Crab With a Stinger

  1. ThankYou CJWright Beautiful Article, Great Links, Great Insights !!!

    In My Progressed Chart This Year Falls in the 2nd of July My Progressed Birthday But 2011 falls The 3rd of July so i am starting this Progressed Cycle with Mars and Pluto Energies !!!

    Because From The Children is The Kingdom of God !!!

    “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Confucius!!!

    Blessings Auntie Moon !!!

  2. This is a great series, CJ! Not much is heard these days about the decans, and as always you’re down to earth and reassuring, with excellent zodiactivities to help the person make the most of it. Donna Cunningham

    1. Oh, I love the decans, Donna, and think it adds nice insights to the differences in the signs. And I’m going to find a good definition of “Face” if it takes forever!

      And thank you, too, Jorge. Your enthusiasm is always a bright spot in my day.

  3. Hi CJ love your site. Wondering if you could suggest good beginner tarot book(s). I am especially interested in tarot and astrology. Your articles including tarot are really wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing you talents and gifts. Karen

    1. Hi, Karen.

      Oddly enough, the books that sent me on my astro/tarot quest were based in numerology. One of my first tarot books was “Tarot Constellations” by Mary Greer. You’ll get a fantastic introduction from it and a good, solid basis to grow from based on the numbers of the tarot. “Constellations” refers to all the cards of a number. For example, The Hermit (9), The Moon (18) and the tarot 9’s make up the constellation of 9. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in print, but you can find some used copies on Amazon here. I’ve always had really good results with Amazon’s used book resellers.

      The other book is “Numerology and the Divine Triange” by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. They focus on the decans of the zodiac in assigning astro symbolism to the minor cards, and the planets and signs for the majors. They were my biggest influence in working with all three systems simultaneously.

      Don’t let the basis in numerology keep you from considering these books. You’ll learn a lot about the order of the tarot and its association with astrology and numerology.

      Another of my favorites is “Spiritual Tarot” by Echols, Mueller, and Sandra Thompson. They use several different decks to analyze the tarot and make excellent suggestions for meanings when drawing a card. They’re not predictive suggestions, but rather encourage you to look within for the answers to your questions.

      Joan Bunning’s “Learning the Tarot” is a very practical, down to earth approach. There’s no astrology that I recall, but it’s a wonderful course/book. You can buy the book or get everything at her site, for free.

      There are plenty of hints here and there about astro and tarot, but there’s not a book I know of that outlines the various astro associations such as the deacons and the meanings of “face.” “Face” are the card associations with planets in signs. But, what has made the journey so much fun is piecing together this and that. I started with tarot, and soon realized that tarot was a picture of numerology and astrology. It rang my bell, you know? I’m glad you’re enjoying the associations, too, and appreciate your kind words. ~ cj

  4. there is reason why those “face” cards dont resonate that much with you.. because you got to have the perception to pierce through.. its the face that protects and the meaning is clear at face value – this tarot card.. 3 it could mean to jupiter, but then again jupiter has 4 main moons.. so wouldnt there be some resonation with 4 in the tarot card.. – the reptition of 3 is symbolic for the lunar triplicity.. which is known as a pagan symbol – which represents waxing crescent, full moon and waning crescent – it represents all of the 3 decans within cancer.. full moon resonates with this theme of cancer – as the pure light and meaning of the moon is expressed within this decan of cancer.. – try to see it as mars and pluto ignite the light of the moon..

    to me i resonated with the woman in violet.. the middle that has her face turned towards the moon, as the blue and green women face away from the moon – violet is my favorite color, i am a second decan cancer – violet is the color of the second decan because its a mixture of red and blue – red symbolising antares of scorpio, along with the menstruation blood and blue regarding the elemental of water – blue is the color of the 1st decan, pure moon, pure water and green is the color of the 3rd decan, where the green is expanded earth, hence jupiter –

    you then have the decans each ruling a cancerian cosmic aspect, in which the cups represent – the 1st decan regarding the element of water, the 2nd decan of the moon itself and the 3rd decan earth itself –

    notice the grapes.. which its color is of 2nd decan – grapes are a symbol of the spirit in which the 2nd decan represents –

    love the blog.. you just got to percieve through – i came through this blog, when i was finding topics on how astrologers view on having pluto in the 2nd decan of scorpio in which i have.. right on the 15th degree – it trines with my 2nd decan cancer sun 14′, 2nd decan cancer merucry 19′, 2nd decan jupiter 20′ and 2nd decan chiron 19′ –

    i have the 8th house in Leo at the 9th, a critical degree.. pluto is in 10th house libra, whilst im capricorn rising with the moon sitting right on my 3rd degree ascendant – 4th house, which is cancer, is at 22′ aries where my critical 26′ mars is in domicile which squares my cancer energy except the sun –

    sometimes i dont feel cancerian at all.. all from pluto – but hey i love being the crab with the stinger!! i could say its a mystical experience.. once again love the blog!!

    1. Hi, Lillith Moon.

      Thanks for sharing your insights. There’s lots to ponder here. 3 does relate to Jupiter in numerology, so there’s a connection there ~ expansive, truthful, expressive. We’ve actually discovered that Jupiter has many, many Moons ~ much more than 4. Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto are the ones we’re most familiar with, but there’s a slew of them, some that move in retro-motion. Gotta love a planet that loves moons!

      Without a doubt, being a crab with a stinger is a mystical experience. I’m glad to see it in those words.

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