New Moon in Capricorn Achievement Ritual

The New Moon of Capricorn occurs at the exact moment that the Sun conjoins the Moon in Capricorn. It is a fleeting moment that immediately starts to move out of conjunction. The astrological New Moon phase lasts from the moment of the New Moon until the Moon reaches 45 degrees ahead of the Sun, which takes about 3½ days. If you plan a New Moon ritual or meditation, do it within this 3½ day period. It really is okay not to do it at the exact moment of the New Moon.

The New Moon in Capricorn is an excellent time to begin work on: Continue reading

Astrological Picture Book ~ 3rd Decan Taurus and the 7 of Pentacles

There are two standard ways to read the minor arcana cards astrologically. One is through the decans, the three 10° divisions of each sign. The other is the Golden Dawn system, which assigns a planet in a sign to each of the minor cards. See Part 1 for reading reversed cards astrologically as retrogrades or eclipses.

Taurus and the Minor Arcana

  • 1st Decan ~ 0.00-9.59° ~ 5 of Pentacles
  • 2nd Decan ~ 10-19.59° ~ 6 of Pentacles
  • 3rd Decan ~ 20-29.59° ~ 7 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles ~ 3rd Decan Taurus or Saturn in Taurus


Cosmic Tarot

The third decan of Taurus (20-29.59°) is ruled by Venus and sub-ruled by Saturn. This is the Taurus/Capricorn decan. The patience, determination, and practicality of Taurus is flavored with the seriousness and dutifulness of Capricorn with a good business sense. The extreme may swing toward materialism and possessions or love and position.

Patience is strong in this decan. You know the expression “A watched pot won’t boil?” I bet the guy in this card wouldn’t have a problem with that.  He could definitely wait it out and get it to boil faster. This is the Taurus that will not quit. There’s no aversion to hard work and long hours, and a solid payoff is usually expected in return.

I have a cat, Lily, who’s a big time vole hunter. She can sit for 4 hours straight staring down a vole hole, just waiting to make her move. She’s like the man in this version of the 7 of Pentacles. She has endless patience and unrelenting attention. She’s a Capricorn, btw.

Fears of financial difficulties can be heightened, cautioning this decan to hold on to what they’ve earned rather than spend. Bountiful returns on an investment are to be expected ~ one little seed can produce a healthy, abundant plant that will continue to produce year after year in perpetuity. Or, in Lily’s case ~ she gets the vole.

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New Moon in Libra ~ Life as Art

Happy New Moon in Libra! This New Moon always seems special. Maybe it’s because when I think of Libra, I think of LOVE. Libra is the sign of long-term relationships, after all, and she is ruled by Venus ~ the goddess of love herself. The stereotypical Libra=Venus=Love connection doesn’t do her justice, though. Libra is so much more than that. Libra practices life as art.

How do live life as an art form?

Many years ago, I came across an article, The Tarot Queens and the Kama Sutra, by Cheryl Lynne Bradley. She says, “An ancient principle of Indian civilization was the teaching of the Kama Sutra and the sixty-four arts that a woman should acquire as knowledge. This was called kala. These were considered to be accomplishments in the teaching of erotic techniques and were taught to all girls regardless of their social standing.”

She then goes on to separate these 64 techniques into elemental qualities. Achieving mastery in only a few of these arts would qualify as living life as an art form. Imagine mastering all 64! While the qualities are assigned to the tarot queens in Cheryl’s article, men can make use of every single one of them. Some may even seem more masculine in nature than feminine.

Here’s that link again.

A great ritual or exercise for this New Moon in Libra is to simply tick off which of these qualities you have already mastered. Then pick one to work on throughout the next four weeks. Just remember that it will take more than four weeks to master, but you’ll begin living life as an art form just by making a practice of any one of these qualities.

There’s something else that everyone can do to make this New Moon period a good one. It’s simple, requires no tools, and will make someone ~ hopefully you ~ very happy. That’s to practice a random act of kindness or to pay it forward. Someone, somewhere will truly appreciate it. Be a karmic partner.

The Virgo New Moon Cycle ~ The Anti-Aging Moon

Each sign has its own lunar cycle, just a bit different from all of the others. We wane with some signs and wax with others.

Today is the dark of the Moon, the last few hours of the old Moon before she is born anew. Today she is Balsamic, the most ancient of crone Moons, negotiating with the Sun for new life. Tomorrow she will be born again as the Maiden, the New Moon, waxing chaste. She will have only a few hours as the Maiden. The next time we see her she will be the crone again, but growing brighter and brighter, younger and younger, with the passing months. In six month’s time she will present herself in all her magnificent glory as the Virgo Full Moon, consort to the gentle Pisces Sun. This is her Cinderella story. Continue reading

Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon time is when we are challenged to focus and integrate two opposing sources of light. When the two beams intersect, a prism explodes and we are able to see all the possibilities, the myriad expression of the one new light that will inspire and guide us through the darker hours.

The Full Moon on August 20, 2013 is at 28Aquarius11 and conjunct Neptune at 4Pisces8. This combination of the scientist and the mystic is the stock that astrology is made of, meant to inspire and guide us toward the fulfillment of our destiny. Leo reminds us that it requires courage and a strong will to reap the treasures of such a pursuit.

It takes a healthy ego to stay on your path. There are times when it really is all about you, your oddities, and the fulfillment of your hopes and wishes. Aquarius encourages you to do it your way.

Influenced by Venus and Neptune, the tools for this Moon are love, fair exchange, optimism, and faith. Mercury lends clarity while searching for teachable moments. Saturn asks that we retain our sensibility while pursuing such lofty ideas. Above all, Aquarius and Leo encourage us to listen to our heart and follow it without fail while applauding others who have chosen to follow theirs.

The Moon is ascending now, reaching higher in the sky each night, a heavenly reminder to extend our reach for the things we wish to hold.

Make moon water on the night of the 19th or the 20th. Work with aquamarine (intuition), apatite (seeing the big picture), or amethyst (calming). Lavender, lemon verbena, and patchouli are recommended herbs and oils.


Free Time

Free (Find Reality Endlessly Entertaining) Time (Trust Indesctructible Mind's Eternity)

Isle of View Cards

Free Time strikes me as an oxymoron, like lengthy brief or jumbo shrimp.

I pulled these two cards together this morning from my new “think about it” bowl. It’s a bowl of mixed up cards from several different oracle decks. I choose one and think about the word on the card.

Maybe I had too much free time when I decided to mix them all up together.

It actually crossed my mind that eventually I’ll probably sit down and sort them all out again. Oh, well…it’ll be something to do on a boring day.

But can time (Saturn) really be free? Continue reading

Moon Boards on Pinterest

Thanks to Pinterest, there are more pics of the Moon than I could ever hope to find on my own. There are some truly awesome Pinterest boards featuring images, photos, graphics, and quotes about the most romantic of heavenly orbs. It’s too bad that Pinterest makes it so hard to find those boards again once you’ve left them, even if you “follow” them. Maybe I don’t understand the process, but it’s quite frustrating. I’ve decided to add those boards to favorites in my browser and check in on them once in a while.

Here are some of the boards I really like that other Moon lovers might like to follow. Check out my board, too ~ Totally Lunar.

The Lunar Home and Garden Guide to Signs and Seasons, Summer 2013

If you’ve ever tried gardening by the Moon, you may have discovered you needed several different reference books. Most almanacs use the constellations rather than the zodiac signs in their daily listings, so you’d need something to convert the constellations to the Moon signs you read about in astrology books and magazines. If you’re relying on your favorite astrology blogger for the daily Moon sign, you need a calendar that shows the lunar phases for the month. Who’s right? Your almanac or your astrologer?

Moon signs don’t change magically at midnight. How can you be sure when the Moon changes from one sign to another? Is a time zone the same as a hardiness zone? Is parsley a plant of the Sun or Mercury?

Since I’m an old hand at gardening by the Moon, I’ve created a month-by-month guide for the 2013 summer season ~ every day from the summer solstice through the autumnal equinox ~ which covers:

  • The fertility of each sign and whether it’s a 1, 2, or 3 Moon day
  • Root, leaf, flower and fruit days
  • Dates for each Moon sign and its related gardening activities
  • Gardening duties for when the Moon is waxing or waning
  • Bringing the Moon Indoors ~ Home and self-care tips based on my personal experience of tracking the astrological Moon for many years

Each Moon sign has a page devoted to it that has all the above info on it. There’s no flipping back and forth or through various reference materials. I’ve put it all in one place for you.

LH&G2Since this is the summer guide, Cancer, Leo and Virgo are highlighted with:

  • The astrological characteristics of each sign
  • The Cancer, Leo, and Virgo garden
  • Lists of plants associated with each summer sign, with a recipe using one of their herbs or veggies
  • Suggested activities and projects for the New Moon in each of the three summer signs

There are also checklists for your garden, home, and self-care for the summer months and other good stuff, too, like the annual cycle of waxing and waning Moons.

One of my favorite things about this guide is that the times the Moon is in a sign are all on one page. You can see at a glance all the opportunities to garden during each sign throughout the season.

Waxing Virgo Moon

July 11, 6:12pm – July 14, 3:40am
August 7, 11:58pm – August 10, 9:08am
September 5, 7:31am – September 6, 3:13pm

Waning Virgo Moon

September 4, 6:45am – September 5, 7:29am

See how the Moon went from waning to waxing in September? It’s all laid out for you.

If you’re new to gardening with the Moon, this guide will be a great aid to you through the summer months. If you’ve been gardening with the Moon for a while, you’ll love the ease of finding everything you need in one place.


Once you’ve ordered your guide, I’ll receive a notice from PayPal and will email the guide directly to you.

Aries, There’s a Libra in Your Closet

For every Libra, there’s an Aries in the closet.
~ Bil Tierney, Lecture

And vice versa.


LIBRA (Photo credit: KTDEE….back on track I hope.)

We know that every sign contains bits and pieces of its opposite, but Bil’s phrasing was spot on. Perhaps the Full Moon is when the closet door is opened wide and that hidden Libra rushes out. The rest of the time the door is shut tight ~ no light in that dark little room.

We could say that about all opposing signs.

IMO, the Aries/Libra axis is one of the most interesting in the zodiac. Everything can be in order or completely upside down.

Take Aries and Libra rising, for example. Aries rising has Libra on 7th house. Are they looking for a partner who needs a partner, or is Aries more of a partner than we think? You know the type ~ all ablaze on the outside, but a real teddy-bear underneath.

The Libra rising chart is completely topsy-turvy, 100% upside down. Is Libra rising looking for a partner who is independent, active, and otherwise Arian? Or is Libra Rising too independent, active, and otherwise Arian as a partner? You know this type, too ~ charming and amenable on the outside, but rather disagreeable and selfish when you get them alone.

Aries and Libra rising could work either way, of course, or another way altogether. None of us were made with a cookie cutter.

How is Libra Hidden in Your Chart?

Full Moons are the best time of year to take a good close look at the polarities in our charts. Full Moon in Libra is the best time to take notice of the Aries/Libra polarities in the spring. The Full Moon in Aries in the autumn is another chance.

Since everything is said to come to light during the Full Moon, our closeted Libra is likely to show up. It’s a naturally good time to see what kind of Libra we’re brandishing in our own chart.

New Moon Intentions vs. Reality

There’s something really wonderful about New Moon intentions. We set a goal for ourselves that fits the theme of the New Moon by its zodiac sign. Then we look at our natal chart to find out which house the New Moon will hit.

This past New Moon was in my 12th house, in Capricorn, and one of my intentions was to focus on spiritual (12th) authority (Capricorn). Let me mention that I associate spirituality with the 12th house and religion with the 9th.

I’ve certainly been given the opportunity to take a look my intentions during the past 10 days. In reality, though, my experience has been much more mundane. It does, however, fit the house that the New Moon was in.

For me, it was the 12th. Places that are signified by the 12th are hospitals, institutions, and invalids. I actually spent the past New Moon (January 11th) admitting my mother-in-law to the hospital. She was there until yesterday when she was discharged to a nursing home (institution) for all kinds of therapy. She’s 90 and has suffered a stroke. Yes, she is now essentially an invalid. My husband and I spent a good part of the day in the admission process at the nursing home, at the hospital, and removing some things from her assisted living facility ~ another institution, of sorts. We joke that it’s a sorority for old ladies since there isn’t a single male resident at the facility. Believe me, the ladies like it that way.

Xmas Peabo

Peabo in the Christmas Wreath

The New Moon opposed my Sun in the 6th. Astrology has a way of asserting itself whether we want it to or not.

Sophia Mason has a fantastic book, Forecasting with New, Full and Quarter Moon. I pulled it out for the first time in ages and read her assessment of the 12th/6th opposition. She reminded me that pets are associated with the 6th. Being a big-time animal person, did I really need reminding of that? Apparently.

Today I spent a couple hours at the vet. My bobtail cat was suddenly leaning to the right and falling over. He just kept doing it, over and over again. I’m certainly not going to let something like that go unattended, so I found myself in another hospital-like situation.

So, there you have it. Intentions vs. Reality. It would have been nice to only have to work on the intentions, but reality doesn’t always care much about intentions. Reality cares about action.

How has the New Moon played out for you so far? I’d love to hear about house events that popped up for you. We’ll be looking the Full Moon in the eye in just a few days. I do hope there are bright moon blessings in those golden rays.

New Fitness by the Stars Forecast and Giveaway

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to hit the gym and get in shape, have I got a deal for you!

I’m delighted to announce that EMG Live Fitness now has an online fitness forecast, Fitness by the Stars, prepared by…moi! Each month, there will be a new forecast and some other cool tips, too, so please check it out.

Here’s the great deal I mentioned. To launch the fitness forecast, EMG Live Fitness and Auntie Moon are giving away two free online fitness classes at through January 31, 2013. That’s two free classes for anyone!

It’s super easy to register and get your free classes.

  1. Go to EMG Live Fitness
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That’s all there is to it. You’ve just received two free classes ~ a $10.00 value ~ to use as our guests.

Oops! There’s one more step. Share this offer with your friends! Use any of the share buttons at the bottom of this post. This offer is only valid through January 31, 2013, so don’t let it slip away.

Let me know how you enjoy the fitness forecast and the classes. With this amazing technology, we could even take a class “together.”


About EMG Live Fitness ~ EMG is an online fitness studio streaming daily fitness classes like Barre, Kickboxing, Spinning, Piloxing, Pilates, Step, Yoga and Bosu Ball – available LIVE or on-demand.  Never get bored with a DVD again, or give up on a gym membership.  Take your classes in the luxury and privacy of your own home.


New Moon in Capricorn in the Houses

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in the same degree. This is very important in astrology as it points to an area of the natal chart that will likely receive attention within the next four weeks. The Sun highlights an issue or two and the Moon indicates how we are likely to respond to those issues emotionally.

When the moon is new in Capricorn, handle its house issues in a cautious and responsible manner. Cautious, not fearful.  Other ways we might respond during this period include:

Continue reading

Transiting Saturn Conjunctions ~ Preparing for the Hit

Continuing from an earlier post on transiting Saturn conjunctions…

Melancholia (2011 film)

Melancholia (2011 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the first part of the film Melancholia is about refusing to compromise (or merge, marry or yoke as with Saturn in Libra), the second half of the film is about no way out. It has a sort of Saturn in Scorpio ring to it, don’t you think?

If you haven’t seen Melancholia yet, I won’t spoil the ending. If you’re curious, click the link for a video of the closing scene. It’s what a dreaded transiting conjunction feels like.

See Ending Scene of Melancholia

To put it bluntly, if you’ve really screwed up in the house of your chart that Saturn is transiting, you are going to suffer the consequences. And it’s usually not very pretty. You may hear comments like:

I learned a lot from that Saturn transit
I was devastated
I had to face the music with that transit Continue reading