Live, Laugh, Love Days for June 26-July 1, 2017

Life is always changing, isn’t it? One minute everything is hunky-dory and the next minute something happens and life gets much harder. It’s amazing how just one change can affect everything else in major ways. That was my weekend.

And it’s why I want to focus on the good days this week. I call them Live, Laugh, Love days.

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Tarot for the Taurus Lunation: First Quarter Phase

The beginning degree of the First Quarter Phase is 12°52 Leo, associated with the 6 of Wands which is sometimes called “Victory.” The First Quarter Phase is a square aspect that calls for adaptation. In this case, the earthy New Moon of Taurus was steadying, conforming, and security-conscious. The fiery First Quarter is expansive, adventurous, and isn’t afraid of taking risks. Continue reading