Moon in Libra

Lucky Libra Moon! She has love, laughter, and la dolce vita written in her stars this week. Moon is in Libra from 11:38am EDT, July 27th, through 8:24pm, July 29th. LIVE ♥ LAUGH ♥ LOVE DAYS Live! When the Sun and Moon are in harmonious aspect, our feelings support the business of living. The Libra Moon … Continue reading Moon in Libra

Moon into Libra

The Libra Moon starts her journey with blessings from Jupiter and the Sun. On the 4th, she encounters some difficult squares with Pluto and Neptune before regaining her balance with a sextile to Saturn and then wobbling a bit more with squares to Uranus and Venus. No one said that keeping everything balanced was easy. What's great is knowing we have a little help from the stars along the way. June 2nd, 8:05pm - June 5, 6:47am (EDT).