Full Buck Moon in Capricorn and Live, Laugh, Love Days for July 2-8, 2017

The Moon travels through four signs this week, ending with with a Full Buck Moon on July 8th or 9th, depending on where you live.  For the Eastern Time Zone and points east, the Full Moon is on the 9th (12:07am EDT). That’s only a few minutes after midnight for east coasters, but well into the day if you happen to live on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

For everyone else in the States, the Full Buck Moon is on the evening of the 8th, 9:07pm (PDT). Continue reading

Moon into Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio June 5, 6:47am –  June 7, 7:01pm (EDT).

The Scorpio Moon is very private, but a trine to Mars in Cancer in the early morning of June 5th will help her engage. Mars is one of Scorpio’s rulers, so as Moon/Mars aspects go…a trine here is nice. There’s a boost of energy that might have you interested in engaging in family activities or doing things around the house. If you’re into genealogy, this day was made for digging through past records and coming up with some interesting tidbits about the family history. Or, you could go deep into a research project of any kind if family heritage isn’t your thing.

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A Poem for the Scorpio Moon ~ Goodnight Moon by Ivan M. Granger

Goodnight Moon

Beloved, tell me —Why do you come
only when I
orphan my ambitions?

Why do you show
only when all hope
has fled?

Why, Honeyed Moon,
will you meet me
only on my funeral bed?

And, tell me —

Why won’t the dead
stay dead?


Ivan M. Granger hosts the amazing site, Poetry Chaikhana, Sacred Poetry from Around the World. He presents poetry from many cultures throughout our history, most often accompanied with his insightful commentaries.  From the commentary on his commentaries, Ivan tells us “My observations on these poems should not be read as the single, absolute meaning. A poem, like a dream, has layers of meaning — and that meaning can shift over time and from differing perspectives.” You can read more from Ivan’s immense collection of poems with a moon theme here.

Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Bless this House

clean-1346686_640This is the time of year when many of us are involved in our spring cleaning rituals. There’s a lot of heavy dust lingering from winter that just might be bringing you down. If you’re feeling heavy, sluggish, in a rut, or your home just doesn’t feel “right” even if you’ve already scrubbed every square inch, maybe it’s time to take it a step further.

Taurus is the sign of life. Scorpio is the sign of the dead. We can use the Full Moon Taurus/Scorpio energy to cleanse and revitalize our living spaces and our inner “home,” our bodies.

We’ve all walked in to some place and got that ewwwww feeling. What we’re doing is picking up on negative energy that has lingered in the space. Sometimes it’s the people occupying the space that create the negativity. Other times, it’s the space itself. It needs clearing.

That’s the case with my house recently. My house felt sick.  Continue reading

Full Moon in Taurus ~ There’s a Wiener on My Nose

I can resist. I can, I can, I can.

Taurus ~ Sensuous, animal appetite, hunger, longing.

Scorpio ~ Control, desire, detection, resistance.

Scorpio tempts us with all kinds of carnal delights and Taurus ~ the ultimate consumer, the hoarder apprentice ~ wants it very badly. The Full Taurus Moon ~ which insists that we bring some kind of balance to the I have/I Want axis of our charts ~ makes us crazy with this stuff, simultaneously luring us while slapping our fingers and tsk, tsk, tsking us. Is this a rude Full Moon or what?

Rude or not, the Taurus Full Moon does require us to get it together where there is some imbalance between lust and control in our lives. Our Taurus side has to come to terms with just how much is enough and how we control the desire for accumulation ~ whether that’s money, food, friends, shoes, whatever we covet.

Scorpio knows that it can have us by the scruff of the neck if it offers the perfectly enticing morsel. From there ~ if we can’t resist ~ it might be a downward spiral into Pluto’s world.

It takes practice to resist. Sometimes a trainer is required to get us past the hurdle of self-defeat when we give in to our desires. But with practice comes resolve and, eventually, we can rely on our own ability to resist. We just might need a little help in the beginning.

Like a lot of you reading this post, I struggle with my desire to eat. Food is a drug for me. Here’s what I’m telling myself to get a foothold and not plummet deeper into Pluto’s world of shame ~ If that little pooch can resist that wiener, surely I can resist that demonic bag of Cheetos that wants to live in my thighs. I admit the dog looks stressed, so I’ll prepare myself for that. I just have to decide which is the greater reward ~ Cheetos or less flesh. In the long run, maybe less flesh is better.

That may seem trivial, but food and weight (both of which are Taurus’ domain) are huge issues for lots of people. It’s not trivial if it affects how we think about ourselves. It’s not trivial if it affects how physically fit we are or if we allow it to sabotage our self-esteem. 

We all have deeper issues, too, unresolved, relentless, which aren’t trivial and Scorpio would prefer we not bring those up. Eventually, we might need to break Scorpio’s need for privacy about those, but only if the time is right.

During the last of our Scorpio days, how can you transform the reward that Taurus seeks ~ instant gratification for some driving urge ~ to one of enduring quality?

New Moon in Scorpio ~ Cauldron or Grail?

I’m not sure what drew us toward the ugly old tent. Lois, Sarah, and I were at a carnival where all the other tents were colorful and fancy. But this one was plain ~ downright dreary, worn from weather and age. The line was long and we had no idea what was inside. There was no sign, no barker to announce the wonders within. Why were we here?

Slowly, we made our way toward the door ~ nothing more than a flap, really. As we moved closer to the center of the tent, we saw an old woman ~ a crone who must have been at least a hundred years old ~ dishing out ladles of something into the open hands of those who stepped forward. First Lois, then Sarah, then me.

The cauldron was huge ~ at least as big around as a truck tire ~ and much older than its Mix Master, the crone. Hesitantly, I stepped forward, both hands cupped and ready to receive. Continue reading

Scorpio ~ Picking at Bones

A while back Animal Planet ran a special, Beasts of the Bible, and I learned something very, very interesting. This is actually quite major in our world of astrological symbolism and I don’t know how we’ve overlooked it for so long. The Bible makes reference to the cherubim, the 8-eyed, 4-faced creature that we typically think of as the four fixed signs of the zodiac ~ bull, lion, man, and eagle.

Griffin Vulture

Well! It turns out that “eagle” was a mistranslation by the Europeans. The original bird depicted in the symbolism of the cherubim was a Nesher (Ruppell’s Griffin), the highest flying bird on record soaring to heights of 37,000+ feet. The Europeans weren’t familiar with this bird and translated to the best of their ability with the word “eagle,” the highest flying bird they knew.

The reason this is of major importance to our astrological symbolism is because the Nesher is not an eagle ~ it’s a vulture. That changes everything we’ve taken for granted about the depiction of the four fixed signs of the zodiac. Suddenly the pieces are in place.  I don’t know how we give up our eagle as the highest representation of Scorpio. One thing Scorpio does, though, is dig down to pick the bones of the truth ~ and they’ll keep picking until they find what they’re looking for. If you’ve got a prominent Pluto or lots of planets in Scorpio, you know exactly what I mean. And the Nesher is still the highest flying bird on earth. From the depths to the heights, Scorpio is still Scorpio.

What Bones Do You Need to Pick, What Messes to Clean Up? 

Gary Buffalo Horn Man and Sherry Firedancer have a super booklet, Animal Energies, published by Dancing Otter Publishing. They say:

This is the gift that Vulture holds for us: the cleaning up of messes. Many times we create physical and psychic messes which we then don’t want to deal with. The Vulture can guide us to the efficient and joyful resolution of such problems.

What messes can you clean up now?

Ted Andrews in Animal Wise Tarot tells us:

Vultures remind us change is inevitable. It is time to release the past by tearing down the old so that the new can be born. When we recognize and work with that cycle, we waste little energy and effort. 

How can you save time and energy by cleaning up something?

Avia Venfica has an indepth article, Bird Symbolism of the Vulture, on her site, What’s Your Sign. To learn more about the Nesher, check out The Wonder of Birds.

Photo Credit: Griffin Vulture by martinbuck119 at Flickr.

Poetry for Moon in Scorpio ~ Night of the Scorpion by Nissim Ezekial

I came across this poem while surfing the web and thought it would make a nice read to share with you for Moon in Scorpio. You’ll find so much symbolism of the sign Scorpio in the poem. It was written by Nissim Ezekial, a Jewish Indian poet born in Mumbai on December 14, 1924, time unknown. He was a Sagittarian, with Pluto and Moon in Cancer. This poem clearly symbolizes the Pluto/Moon placement. Click on the chart to get a larger view.

Night of the Scorpion

by Nissim Ezekial

I remember the night my mother
was stung by a scorpion. Ten hours
of steady rain had driven him
to crawl beneath a sack of rice.
Parting with his poison – flash
of diabolic tail in the dark room –
he risked the rain again.
The peasants came like swarms of flies
and buzzed the name of God a hundred times
to paralyse the Evil One.
With candles and with lanterns
throwing giant scorpion shadows
on the mud-baked walls
they searched for him: he was not found.
They clicked their tongues.
With every movement that the scorpion made
his poison moved in Mother’s blood, they said.
May he sit still, they said
May the sins of your previous birth
be burned away tonight, they said.
May your suffering decrease
the misfortunes of your next birth, they said.
May the sum of all evil
balanced in this unreal world
against the sum of good
become diminished by your pain.

"Night of the Scorpion" by Kristina Chambers, painting based on poem

May the poison purify your flesh
of desire, and your spirit of ambition,
they said, and they sat around
on the floor with my mother in the centre,
the peace of understanding on each face.
More candles, more lanterns, more neighbours,
more insects, and the endless rain.
My mother twisted through and through,
groaning on a mat.
My father, sceptic, rationalist,
trying every curse and blessing,
powder, mixture, herb and hybrid.
He even poured a little paraffin
upon the bitten toe and put a match to it.
I watched the flame feeding on my mother.

I watched the holy man perform his rites
to tame the poison with an incantation.
After twenty hours it lost its sting.

My mother only said
Thank God the scorpion picked on me
And spared my children.

If you’d like to hear some music for Scorpio, there are several videos on this blog. Johnny Cash, the Man is Black, is featured, as well as a fantastic and super sexy song, Temptation, by Bing Crosby. Yep, Bing. Who’d a thunk it? The videos are at the bottom of the posts.

Scorpio ~ Obsession, Fatal Attractions, and Film Noir


Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurry in Double Indemnity

There may be some debate about Pluto or Neptune being the ruler of our obsessions. There’s not so much debate about fatal attractions. I have no doubt that Pluto, Scorpio’s monarch, is the title character in the film noir aspects of life so I’m placing this topic under the Scorpio heading. Neptune is sure to win an Oscar in its role of Best Supporting Actor or Actress to Pluto in this dark mystery. Venus, of course, is our leading lady. The patsy in this ill-fated ménage à trois? Who else…the moon…the poor sap who’s getting the wool pulled over their eyes.


Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard

Neptune as the lord or lady of obsession is a bit of a no-brainer. Here’s a real contender. In it’s negative state, it’s the poster child for addictions of all kinds ~ drink, drug, food, tv, sex, shopping, falling in love, any kind of escapism from the hard knocks or everyday routines of life. Calgon…or should I say Neptune…take me away. Neptune has its lovely points, but not when it comes to the topic du jour. In this scenario, Neptune is completely obsessed with the one object of desire that can turn something obviously dangerous into the most wonderful, beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Pure illusion.

When do obsession and the desire to control ~ or obsession and allowing yourself to be controlled ~ pass from Neptune’s realm to Pluto’s? When fear, loss, or anger enter the picture? Maybe someone becomes afraid ~ afraid of the dark, afraid of the pain, afraid of losing the thing that has become so important, when the realizatiaon of being duped becomes obviously apparent? 

When Pluto operates dysfunctionally, it destroys without rebuilding and penetrates without mercy. . .too forceful to be humane. ~ Gail Fairfield, Choice Centered Astrology

Pluto and Venus in aspect can be quite a sexy combo, and someone with these placements in their natal chart is probably going to have a great deal of sex appeal. If it’s not sex appeal, it’s certainly going to be some kind of magnetism that can be used to get what they want. Money or position are excellent lures.

Here’s a typical definition of Pluto transiting Venus:

By Pluto’s hard transit to your natal Venus, you need to keep your head and not relinquish your own power to reason. If transiting Pluto is squaring or opposing your natal Venus, you might find yourself very attracted to someone who is going to wreak havoc in your life. This smacks of “fatal attraction.” Word on the street is that these relationships don’t work out very well. If you find yourself obsessively attracted to someone during a transit of this kind, be absolutely sure that you know what you’re getting into and that you’re willing to walk down that road. Look into your future. Is this an affair you are willing to live with forever?

Do your homework. Look at the obvious. Hire a dectective if you have to.

Well, that wasn’t the result in my case, but I know there was such a case in Venezuela ~ meaning that it does happen. 

During my own tr. Pluto square Venus, I left the banking industry to manage a notable dance school in New York City. Venus in her guise as the arts was my lure, backed up by Neptune in Libra which Pluto was about to smooch by conjunction. I didn’t know a thing about dance, but I had a pretty good head for how to run it as a business. Working in the arts gave me a sense of prestige that corporate America could not. There’s that Pluto/Venus magnetism at work. It didn’t last. Frankly, it wore me out. Looking back on it now, it has a kind of “affair” feel to it. Lots of very famous people walked through those doors and that appealed to my ego a lot more than statistics and routine number crunching.

A recurring issue during those years at the dance school had to do with another Pluto issue ~ sanitation. There was disagreement among sanitation companies as to which one would be picking up the garbage. That’s an important issue in NYC and involved some very Plutonian characters. 

A third Pluto/Venus event during that time was the discovery of rampant endometriosis during surgery to remove a grapefruit sized cyst from my ovary. Venus is in my 6th house (health) in Cancer (the womb/ovaries). Coincidence? Am I grabbing at straws to find a correlation here?

Typical of the “it won’t work out” messages written for Pluto/Venus transits, my involvement with the dance world came to a close. I ended it. We weren’t really made for each other, after all. It wore me out, and I didn’t really love it. It was just so dang appealing and gave me a sense of position that banking could not.

But back to a more film noir type of Pluto/Venus transit.

We usually think of women being taken advantage of by men under a transit of this type, but that’s limited thinking. Women do it to men. Men do it to men, and women do it to other women. Someone takes control of another person’s actions and it’s all downhill from there.

Barbara Stanwyck used sex appeal to control Fred MacMurray in Double Indemnity. This movie is about a murder/insurance fraud. Murder and insurance are associated with Pluto and the 8th house earmarking this film with Scorpionic traits. MacMurray really went the distance for Stanwyck, losing everything and taking a bullet. Gloria Swanson lured William Holden with money and a career boost in Sunset Boulevard and he he wound up face down in the pool of her Hollywood mansion. He also took a bullet. Both of those guys took their bullets while trying to escape a fatal attraction. 

Please understand that this is not to say that you’ll actually get shot during a transit of Pluto to Venus. I didn’t. Most of us don’t. As a warning, though, you might have to take the metaphorical bullet somewhere in your personal life ~ your bank account, your marriage, your career, your ego ~ if you get caught up in this web. If your personal life is in some kind of crisis, you might be more susceptible to someone who you believe can save you. That’s Neptune in full costume doing a number on you. Don’t get sucked in.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.