Jupiter in Scorpio

Well, the Big Boy is getting ready to set up shop in Scorpio. He moves in on October 10, 2017 for a year-long stay.

Some people freak out about anything happening in Scorpio. It is the sign of death, after all. And taxes.

Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. ~ Ben Franklin (maybe)

And mysteries. Scorpio is the sign of mysteries.

And sex. It’s the sign of sex.

Desire. That’s another one. Scorpio’s all about desire.

Oh, and stuff that goes bump in the night.

So, if you add the planet that’s the significator of growth to that mix…Whew! We could stay up all night scaring ourselves to death.

Scorpio implies getting down and dirty, being in the dark, crossing dangerous territory, and hoping that there really is light at the end of the tunnel, but the promise of Jupiter’s largess is encouraging.

Jupiter in Scorpio makes me think of that question often asked during party games or flirtations,

“What would you do for a million dollars?”

If there’s any planet/sign combo that would ask that question, it’s Jupiter in Scorpio!

So what would you do for a million dollars? Whatever it is, is it your strongest desire?

What can you do to attain it? Without being a bully, lying, or resorting to the dark side?

Scorpio can be surprising in all that it reveals. It’s the sign of secrets. Forgot to mention that one up top. We can’t always predict what might surface for a transit which can leave us ill prepared to handle what comes up. The advice I’m giving myself for this transit is:

Pull out all your lucky charms, chose big and strong over weak and wimpy, use good judgement, and go for the gold.

And this quote ~












15 thoughts on “Jupiter in Scorpio

  1. This is my natal Jupiter. It resides in my 12th House, widely conj my Libra Sun. Always felt like I had a guardian angel looking over me, keeping me out of the really deep doo doo. LOL

    1. I love that! Jupiter in the 12th does have a guardian angel feel. (I have him on the IC where he’s a sofa and blanket.) Happy Jupiter return!

  2. As a Sag, Jupiter is my ruling planet, so I will optimistically just go with the flow. In your experience, have you seen a Jupiter transit associated with death in any of the twelve signs?

  3. Jupiter currently transiting my 5th house. Definitely mindful of the change of sign.

      1. Someone suggests a spell for new beginnings.
        I am not with anyone currently and not looking for some monogamous way of living through the week.
        See what happens. I have a few good and trusted girlfriends who have helped me back from hell.
        Got some trusted friends full stop.
        I do feel the change in sign for Jupiter is significant though.

        1. Jupiter always (most always) signifies increase, so in the 5th you may have more girlfriends or more creative girlfriends. 🙂 With Scorpio, it’s a mystery until we know for sure.

        2. 5th house activity for me is also adventure and intrigue? So romance could be part of the creative narrative. Someone I am working with at present understands Scorpio energy very well. The transit will go into my 6th house soon enough.
          My north node is in Scorpio in the 6th.

  4. Thank you for your reply. Some astrologers have mentioned the possibility that Jupiter is the final journey home and therefore prevalent transits are seen in death charts. My Mars in Scorpio likes to investigate this signature in the birth chart. Perhaps Jupiter in Scorpio will teach us a few things in this regard…..

  5. Hola!
    Great article. I’m a 29 degree Scorpio sun (Sag cusp) in the 6th house, with Neptune nestled in there as well. My sun basically opposes my Gemini ascendant. Really life changing shifts happened in 1994 and 2005. I’m hoping I can move through this transit this go round with more awareness and alignment so that I can be grateful for the highs and graceful with the lows. Personally I’m really ready to make some amazing shifts and leaps forward career wise. That has happened before but I was too young and unaware to take full advantage of the good fortune although I did do as well as I could.

    CJ, Do you have any thoughts re transiting Jupiter in Scorpio in 6th house for a sun Scorpio? Thanks!

    1. The Scorpio part of the house transit is the how ~ how you will use the energy. The house itself is work and daily routine. Jupiter is big, more, growth, expansion, and, if we’re lucky an increase in $$$. I have a sixth house Sun, too, and remember well a Jupiter transit of my sixth (sister sign Cancer, btw) that brought me LOTS more work and an extremely busy daily routine. It didn’t bring me any money at all. It’s all about our personal situation and mine included being a care-giver for parents. The last Jupiter transit of my Cancer Sun brought some very important things to light about my family and heritage. So, it was family both times, very Cancerian. Scorpio is big business so, thinking in terms of taking advantage of good fortune is very auspicious. Twelve years later you know what you didn’t know then and can use that to your advantage. That’s not a lot of info for you, but the whole chart has to be taken into consideration. I remind myself that Jupiter’s luck is in direct proportion to how hard we work. And the sixth is work.

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