Weekly Forecast, Sept 11-17, 2016; Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

The Moon finishes her trek through Capricorn on Monday, spending the 12th-14th in open-minded and inventive Aquarius. She enters Pisces on Wednesday, the 15th, increasing our sensitivity and attraction to romance, spirituality, and escapism. She finishes the week in Aries on Saturday.

She enters the Gibbous phase on the 13th encouraging us to study and prepare for what will be illuminated at the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on Friday, the 16th, which is also the Harvest Moon.

sept-11-17Emotional responses to issues regarding the houses the eclipse affects may arise or subconscious fears surface under the influence of the eclipse.

IF-IF-IF you’re already feeling stress in this area, the eclipse may increase that stress as you search for and find solutions. That’s not meant to sound like a doomsday interpretation of the eclipse. It’s to point out that stress needs a release and the eclipse may guide you toward finding the solution and, ultimately, relief.

Emotional apathy ~ an “I just don’t care anymore” response ~ is also a possibility. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Use the Virgo solar qualities of attention to detail, digging for facts, and analyzing the data to formulate a measured response and accountability for the issues that come up.

If you have hunches about issues, that’s Pisces in play. Confirm them with Virgo’s ability to discover what lies beneath superficial appearances.

Full Moons always require balance in the houses they affect. Very, very, very briefly, the house axes are:

1/7 Me/You
2/8 My money and stuff/Your money and stuff
3/9 My ideas/Your Ideas; What I know/What you know
4/10 My inner world and home/The outer world and public
5/11 The love I give/The love I receive
6/12 My body and worldly service/My soul and spiritual service

A blank chart with house meanings can be found here. It lists many more issues associated with the houses.



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  1. Thanks for the heads up about the eclipse, CJ. Thankfully, though my south node is in Pisces, it’s in early Pisces. Glad to see, also, that it’s not conjunct transiting Neptune.

    Donna Cunningham

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