Taurus Lunation: Lunar Forecast and Tarot for the Gibbous Phase

The Gibbous phase of the Taurus Lunation is about finding out what you don't know. This is the phase preceding the big reveal at the Full Moon of Scorpio on May 10th. In this preparatory phase, we need to dot our i's and cross our t's. Are things lined up the way they need to be for you? This is a fantastic time to get things in order since Libra is great at bringing things into balance.

Taurus Lunation 2017 Gibbous Phase May 6, 5:16pm - May 10, 5:44pm EDT 01°31 Libra - 20°24 Scorpio

Grand Trine Friday!

After a hangover-feeling morning thanks to the opposition between the Virgo Moon and foggy Neptune in Pisces, Luna moves on to a very confident and purpose-driven day.