Freebie: November 2018 Quick-View Lunar Calendar

So many of you enjoyed the October calendar freebie that I'm offering one for November. It's a sample of the 2019 Quick-View calendar that will be available within the next week.

I've made a few changes from October's calendar that I think make it even better. A monthly calendar has been added in the upper right hand corner with the dates  for the New and Full Moons highlighted. The Full Moon name is noted in the lower right corner, and there's a place for your New Moon wishes. Other features include:

Freebie: October Quick-View Lunar Calendar

To celebrate the festive month of October, I have a fun freebie for you—Auntie Moon's Quick-View Lunar Calendar. It's a sample of the 2019 Quick-View calendar that I'm still working on and hope to have available by early November.

What makes this calendar better than your average lunar calendar? Nothing. It's just laid out a little differently. Here are the features explained: