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Sun into Sagittarius, Full Moon in Gemini

The Sun slipped into Sagittarius in the early morning of November 22nd. The Centaur ushers us into the holiday season and completes the final third of the autumn season in the northern hemisphere. With the change of Sun signs, we leave the deep, dark emotional waters of Scorpio for the fiery world of spirit and… Continue reading Sun into Sagittarius, Full Moon in Gemini

09-Sagittarius and Jupiter, Forecasts

Major Transits during Sagittarius 2016

The Sun journeys through Sagittarius until the Winter Solstice which is December 21st this year. Sagittarius is the straight-shooting adventurer of the zodiac whose search for Truth is the ultimate life quest. Here's a quick look at the major transits occurring in the coming month. The Moon The New Moon in Sagittarius is Tuesday, November… Continue reading Major Transits during Sagittarius 2016