Moon in Libra

Libra Key Phrase: Love Makes the World Go Round

Libra isn’t just romantic love; she’s platonic love, too. Love all around. There is a gentleness of spirit that can bring relief to ailing relationships of all kinds on these days. People are quite social during Libra Moon transits and seek common ground with others. Intellect is at play, as well. While it may be tempting to be a people-pleaser during these days, do take precautions not to turn yourself into a doormat. Peace at any price is too high a price to pay.


Cooperative, Wants Approval, Pleasant, Seeks a Partner, Dependency, Elegance

Good Libra Tricks

Libra Moon days are great days for doing things like buying new clothes or make-up or getting a make-over and being pampered. This is Venus territory, so invest in anything that makes you feel beautiful. By invest, I don’t mean that you should spend a lot of money. Invest in quality. Indulge in a beautiful presentation at mealtimes even if you’re dining alone. Wear your best colors and favorite perfume. Choose a beautiful picture for your screen saver.

Whatever makes you feel beautiful, loved, and loving is where you should focus your attention. It may be on yourself or on the people you love the most.

Libra does love sweets, so indulge in a little treat that is seriously delicious.