Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Key Phrase: Dig a Little Deeper

Just as still waters run deep, the psyche can also plunge into deep waters during the Scorpio transit. Old hurts can fester, resentments rise to the top, and revengeful actions can do a lot of damage. If you find yourself slipping into these waters, seek out healing waters instead. In other words, look for transformation. It’s wonderful to delve deeply, but only if you are capable of bringing the darkness into the light. Examine your motivations, the things that drive you toward attaining whatever it is you desire. Are your motivations rational? In the real world, Scorpio days are excellent for making contact with money-lenders and paying debts. You may be called upon to counsel friends or seek out counseling for yourself.


Intense Feelings, Desire, Secretive, Control, Penetrating, Mysterious

Good Scorpio Tricks

Scorpio is at home with the dark areas of life: plumbing, bathrooms, septic tanks, basements, cemeteries, and things that give us the creeps.

The best thing you can do for yourself during a waning Scorpio Moon is clean up the nasties ~ tackle anything that makes you groan “ewwwww, gross.” That might be the bathroom shower with the moldy grout or those really creepy dark corners of your basement or garage. 

In the body, Scorpio is associated with our plumbing, too ~ the organs of reproduction and elimination. Drink lots of water on Scorpio days to help keep things running smoothly.

The waxing Scorpio Moon is a good time to buy lingerie and undies. The waning Scorpio Moon is a good time to throw out the ones that have seen better days.