Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Key Phrase: The Grass is always Greener

Sagittarius Moon days are fantastic days for getting away. There’s a sense of adventure and excitement about what lies just beyond the horizon. People are inspired to try new things and to go places they’ve never gone before whether it’s in mind, spirit, or body. The Jupiter influence makes these days generally happy. There can be lots of philosophizing and judgment calls during Sagittarius days.


Outspoken, Adventurous, Optimistic, Unrestrained, Procrastination, Prophecy

Good Sagittarius Tricks

We may lean toward expressing our opinions too openly on Sagittarius days. That’s fine if you want your opinion heard loud and clear, but be careful if you’d rather keep them under wraps. Truth has a way of slipping out on Sagittarius days. Make sure your internal editor is fully engaged.

These are great days to get away from it all, let loose, and have some fun. Explore something you’ve been curious about, take up a new sport, or sit in on a lecture. Sagittarius loves learning as much as teaching.

Sagittarius is generally a happy sign that enjoys a good laugh. Visit a comedy club or watch some stand up comics on Netflix. Crazy comedies should be even more fun than usual. Cooking or ordering in your favorite “foreign” food and tuning in to “The Great Race” or“Around the World in 80 Days” would make great dinner and a movie choices when the Moon is in Sagittarius.