Moon in Virgo

Virgo Key Phrase: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Virgo’s concerns are practical and seek to improve what already exists, so there can be perfectionist streaks during these days. “First, do no harm.” Remember this physician’s phrase if obsession on perfecting something sets in. You can overdo it and make things worse. These are practical days when you may focus on health and dietary concerns. Criticize only if asked and then do it gently.


Attentive, Reserved, Unassuming, Meticulous, Critical, Efficient

Good Virgo Tricks

Virgo Moon days are the best for clearing out your pantry, medicine chest or refrigerator, and tackling tough cleaning jobs. You may find that you work more efficiently on Virgo days, but also that bosses are more demanding.

Poor Virgo may seem like the maid of the zodiac because she’s always saddled with the cleaning chores, but that’s not all she’s about. Virgo has the ability to guide you to a better place, all while being of service. In that vein, offer your insights and experience to those with less knowledge in your field of expertise and, likewise, listen carefully to those who are more masterful than you.

Virgo is associated with the bowels and the digestive track. Drink plenty of water during the waxing phase and avoid any foods that repeatedly give you stomach upset or indigestion. During the waning phase, try to eliminate those foods from your diet permanently.