Moon in Leo

Leo Key Phrase: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Leo is also a sign of the heart, but in a different way than our sensitive Cancer days. Leo loves what Leo loves, and Leo wants to celebrate it. Excellent days for parties and get-togethers. People can be quite generous with the Moon in Leo, so if your friend wants to pick up the check, let them. Just make sure you pick it up next time. Loyalty issues can become focal points. Great days for ostentatious displays of affection.


Dramatic, Creative, Proud, Generous, Jealous, Independent

Good Leo Tricks

Leo needs to to receive attention and feel appreciated. Lavish your loved ones with plenty of both on Leo days. These are usually excellent party days, when people are outgoing and ready for fun.

Leo days are excellent days for haircuts. Cut during the waxing phase to encourage growth and in the waning phase to inhibit growth. Go for the glamour!

Leo is associated with the heart, back and spine. Heart health is something we all have to be conscious of, but heart health goes beyond diet and exercise. Some studies report that a broken heart can mimic the symptoms of a heart attack.

Keep your heart as emotionally healthy as you possibly can by spreading love everywhere. Open your heart to the lonely, despairing, and those who are blue. Open your heart to receive the love that is offered. So many of us find ourselves unworthy of love or appreciation. Don’t believe for a moment that you’re not worthy. You are.

Children can have a great influence on us during Leo days. Let your adult defenses down and enjoy the child within. Play, laugh, love, have a good time.