Virgo, Vesta and Mercury

A Virgo Organizes His Breakfast

Something hysterical happened at breakfast yesterday morning and I just had to share it with you. My Virgo hubby says he is blithely allowing me to share this Virgo moment with you. We have french toast for breakfast a lot at our house because...well...I live with a Virgo and Virgos like eating the same foods again and again.… Continue reading A Virgo Organizes His Breakfast

06-Virgo and Mercury, Astrology and Tarot

Virgo ~ Master or Apprentice

What have you mastered in your life? Potential ~ the “inherent capacity for growth and development.” Potential implies that we are not yet what we might become. Our charts hint at our potential, giving clues through planet placements, but it's up to us to master that potential. For Virgo, mastery can seem unobtainable. Will my… Continue reading Virgo ~ Master or Apprentice