A Virgo Organizes His Breakfast

Something hysterical happened at breakfast yesterday morning and I just had to share it with you. My Virgo hubby says he is blithely allowing me to share this Virgo moment with you.

We have french toast for breakfast a lot at our house because…well…I live with a Virgo and Virgos like eating the same foods again and again. French toast is the current breakfast of choice. It’s routine, de rigueur. He eats it austerely with a dash of salt and pepper, occasionally with a bit of blueberry syrup. We may waver between sausage or bacon on the side, though. Moody Virgo!

He always strives to have a piece of sausage or bacon with the last bite of french toast, but today was special. Out of nowhere, he announces “I love your French toast.” I looked over and saw this on his plate:

Notice how nicely aligned the pieces of toast and sausage are? When I broke out laughing he said, “And it’s so easy to organize! A piece of toast and a piece of sausage.”

I asked if I could please take a picture to post on the blog, and he agreed. After viewing the pic which didn’t satisfy him, he took a moment and rearranged the sausage and french toast sections a bit. He said that he wanted it to be easier for you to view and went about perfecting the presentation:

Much better, right? Ahhh, Virgos. I do love ’em.

9 thoughts on “A Virgo Organizes His Breakfast

  1. Oh cj…

    This is just too funny. I can relate. My man is a Sag, with a huge Virgo stellium…South Node, Mars, Neptune, Moon, Jupiter….so…as you can imagine Virgo often wins out and his eating habits are much like your husband’s…I often have to chuckle at what I refer to as his eating eccentricities….

    1. Glad to know I’m not alone, Pat. I should have taken a pic of my Cancer/Taurus plate to show the contrast, but I ate everything on it before I thought about it. It was really sweet of the hubby to let me share this.

      1. Yes…sweet of him to allow you to share. Everyone has their little oddities….and I find that this particular one to be endearing…Oh…did I mention he does the cooking… ;~))

    1. No, not really, though it sort of looks like it here, right? This was a first and a bit of a surprise. Having a strong 6th house with the Sun there, I can relate to it in some ways.

  2. So so funny..(I am a Leo with Taurus rising and cancer moon) my son is a Virgo with Cancer moon and rising..and my dad was a Virgo…(don’t know rising sign) They are soo soo Virgo!! I love this post! (I also have a lot of VI strong in my chart)

    1. Glad you got a smile from it, Janie. I do love Virgos, and hope that everyone finds this as cute as I do.

  3. Ya gotta love Virgos! 😀 My Aries spouse eats the same thing for breakfast day after day too . . . oatmeal & tea. I’m the one who likes to mix it up. *grin* He has Uranus in Cancer in his 4th house at the apex of a T-Square with his Sun-Moon in Aries opp Saturn in Libra. Too many years of waves of disruptions in his home life as a child & young man so now he clings to his daily routines.

    1. That’s so hard on a little one. I wonder if maybe it’s faster to stick with the same thing, too?

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