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Moon in Virgo ~ Diamonds among the Shards

The Moon is in conscientious Virgo Jan 5th and 6th. We are full of potential that can blossom into skilled artistry. Virgo reminds us to pay attention to the details and to stretch just a little further than we thought we could to reach a new level of mastery. We're not seeking perfection. We're trying… Continue reading Moon in Virgo ~ Diamonds among the Shards

Virgo, Vesta and Mercury

A Virgo Organizes His Breakfast

Something hysterical happened at breakfast yesterday morning and I just had to share it with you. My Virgo hubby says he is blithely allowing me to share this Virgo moment with you. We have french toast for breakfast a lot at our house because...well...I live with a Virgo and Virgos like eating the same foods again and again.… Continue reading A Virgo Organizes His Breakfast

Virgo, Virgo, Vesta and Mercury

Vesta ~ The Other Virgin

Vesta , along with her sister Virgo, are the two virgins of the zodiac. Virgin as in I don't need someone else to handle this for me not I've never done the wild thing. Vesta is closely associated with Virgo and has been assigned some rulership of the sign. I question rulerships more and more, but can see… Continue reading Vesta ~ The Other Virgin