Vesta ~ The Other Virgin


Vesta , along with her sister Virgo, are the two virgins of the zodiac. Virgin as in I don’t need someone else to handle this for me not I’ve never done the wild thing. Vesta is closely associated with Virgo and has been assigned some rulership of the sign. I question rulerships more and more, but can see Vesta’s affinity with Virgo.

They are both symbols of service. Virgo serves daily in one way or another through her house position in your chart. Vesta is is the devoted servant of the eternal flame ~ that spark in you that refuses to die.

It seems a major difference between these two is whether or not we’re being reasonable. Perhaps Virgo, being an earth sign, has an easier go with reasonableness than the goddess who burns as an eternal flame. It’s Vesta’s passion and depth of devotion that aligns her with Scorpio.

Find Vesta in your chart and you’ll start thinking hard about what she represents. has an online ephemeris for Vesta here. Are you reasonable when it comes to issues of this sign and house?

You know what’s not reasonable? Abandoning our passions.

It’s impossible to cope with other people who insist that we abandon our passions and “be reasonable.” I can’t think of a single outstanding artist who was reasonable. Can you? We all have to find a way to support ourselves financially, of course, but must we abandon our passions in the process? I was so moved by the book, Do What You Love, the Money will Follow, and recommend it to every young person in whom I can see a struggle. I’ve given more copies of this book as gifts than any other. The book never says a lot of money will follow, but passion doesn’t always pay attention to our bank balance. I’m not saying that you should strive to be poor. I’m saying know what you need to be happy.

Living through our hearts will always make the world a better place. With this New Moon in Virgo today, take a good look at the role duty and obligation play in your life compared to living your passion. Somewhere (I’m not sure where) there is a balance that serves us well. Perhaps the key is serving both through love.

Vesta is currently at 7° Aquarius trining the old man, Saturn, in Libra. It’s easy (trine) to be austere (Saturn and Vesta).

She’s been hovering on my Ascendant and I’m experiencing my 2nd Saturn Return. Honestly, I haven’t felt this matronly in a very long time. And my skin is dry (Saturn). I hate that! It’s just wrong. That’s such a sour way to use this energy. It’s the matron in me who didn’t make that appointment for the haircut yesterday while the Moon was in Leo, the Hair.

Vesta: Cut your own hair. You used to do it all the time.
Me: Well, I don’t know if I should attempt that anymore.
Vesta: If you screw it up, you’ll make an appointment. They never get it right anyway. Put some teal streaks in it. 😉 Feel alive!

 Today, with the New Moon in Virgo, I am going to spend some time fanning my vestal flame. I’m also going to put some soup on the stove and take a long super-moisturizing bath. And do something with this scraggly mane, too.

Where’s Vesta in your chart and how are you feeling about that?

16 thoughts on “Vesta ~ The Other Virgin

  1. Transiting Vesta is in my 10th house right now….opposite natal Vesta in Leo in the 4th. Virgo new moon is in my 5th (along with venus and mercury) I invited a new client to my home to discuss a commissioned portrait of his 3 year old twin grand daughters….so a new art project(new moon in 5th) agreed on in my home (4th) having to do with my career (10). Kinda cool the way astrology plays out, eh? I do have a passion for creating art that fills a need for other people….thus portrait work for others fulfills more than creating for myself.

    1. Congrats on the commission! That’s wonderful.

      Yes, astrology and timing is one of the coolest things I can think of. It never ceases to amaze me.

  2. I’ve long had a strong interest in Vesta, the goddess, so was quite intrigued by all of this but uh, let’s just say that Astrology isn’t my first language. What on earth (or sky) does “1 le 36” mean? Thanks! And I wouldn’t mind knowing how to check into this kind of thing for future reference…

    1. 1 le 36 = 1 degree 36 minutes of Leo. You can find all the degrees of planets and asteroids in an ephemeris.

  3. My vesta is almost conjunct my Ascendant, in the first house!
    It opposes neptune (though not exact), and trines pluto (close to being exact), and widely trines juno.

    I have a cancer ascendant. I have big hair/messy hair as I’m a leo. But when I pin it nicely, I’m told I have a very clean, austere look to me. I visited Asia and was told I’d make a really nice looking [ancient] goddess. I was asked by some fellow classmates if I was the reader at some church function. Ha! That must be the vesta on the ascendant influence? What… do you think? I’m not sure how else it plays out, though 😦

    1. It could play out like that, I suppose. Cancer is a very soft sign, so I’m thinking the goddess Quan Yin might be a good symbol for you to get a visual for Vesta on the Ascendant in Cancer. She always had a strand of pearls and refused to go to heaven until all suffering on the earth was relieved. She’s a beautiful symbol.

      1. Ah, thanks for your reply!
        Angelina Jolie has cancer as her ASC, but her face is anything but soft, though?
        My ASC doesn’t really make any other aspects, except for a loose trine to juno and to pluto.
        No other planets in my 1st house. Except for Vesta close to the ASC.

        I do not mean to sound conceited – and truly truly hope this doesn’t come out this way. But I have no other way of understanding why I am told that I am attractive – a lot of the time. At least with beautiful people, they have venus on the ascendant, or the ASC in flowing aspect to some personal planet, or etc. Me, no planets in the 1st house.

        Just the sun/moon midpoint, within 3 degrees of my ASC, and just vesta, also within 3 degrees, of my Ascendant.

        I guess I don’t know if I’m asking you this or seeking to validate my thoughts.. heh. But these [two] are probably the ONLY things I can think of that cause people to feel that I am look good?

        1. Look at some pics of Angelina when she was younger, before Hollywood did their thing. It’s a much softer face. I say count yourself among the fortunate, abc. I don’t know how Juno would affect the ascendant. Pluto can add appeal, too.

  4. The last two soul collages I have done were dedicated to Vesta and Virgo and so much of what you talk about here was expressed in both of them. Both of these collages came together with such a natural ease and certainty.

    My Vesta is in Aries only three minutes away from Saturn in my first house. Whenever I consider this conjunction in my psyche, I think about the archetype of the witch or wise old woman who lives deep in the woods. Even when I was very young, I dreamed of my own cottage with bunches of herbs drying from the rafters, a cauldron of soup bubbling on the hearth, a loaf of fresh-baked bread on the table, jars and bottles of healing remedies sharing space with crowds of books on the shelves that line the walls, and plenty of animal friends to keep me company.

    Add a husband and proximity to the ocean and this is still my dream: )

  5. 21 Taurus 0 Rx..I can live with! Younger days..was I a femme fatale or earth mother?…fell off that tightrope oh too often..!!!

  6. Vesta is libra in my 1rst H. not sure how it plays though, I have other planets there, but with virgo asc and vesta, I’m sure there is dignity, presence. I couldn’t be taken the ‘wrong way’ no matter what I’m wearing, but I think virgo and libra energies would bring that up as well.

    Is about 6 deg from my moon so no real aspect with it or the rest of the planets. except for a trine to ceres and juno in aqu in 5th. I know saturn will be hitting it in few months, we’ll see…more saturn..yikes!

    1. Dignity and presence are really good words for Vesta, sabrina. I’m so glad you said that.

  7. Vesta in 7 degrees Virgo, in my 6th house. I live so I serve. Maybe I will never get away from serving, but there are worse things.

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