Virgo ~ Master or Apprentice

What have you mastered in your life?

Potential ~ the “inherent capacity for growth and development.” Potential implies that we are not yet what we might become. Our charts hint at our potential, giving clues through planet placements, but it’s up to us to master that potential.

For Virgo, mastery can seem unobtainable.

Will my work ever be good enough?
Will I ever be good enough?

There can be a lot of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

Put yourself in the shoes of the fellow in the 8 of Pentacles, the tarot card for the first decan of Virgo. Is he the master or the apprentice?

Morgan Greer 8 of Pentacles: Sun in Virgo; 1st decan Virgo. The super-focused energy of Mercury.

Each time we do something to increase our proficiency, our skills are refined and we come a little bit closer to fulfilling our potential:

  • In the business world through the quality of our products or services
  • In our knowledge and skills through courses or hands-on training
  • In areas of health by learning the effects of food and exercise on our bodies

Our apprenticeship may never end because we always face new challenges. But by slowly and steadily plugging away in that focused, meticulous Virgo way, we get a little closer to more perfected, masterful results.  And as every Virgo knows, there’s always room to improve.

What are you working on that you want to master?

9 thoughts on “Virgo ~ Master or Apprentice

  1. I’m studying to get my Reiki Master this Fall. I also signed up for yoga classes to improve my physical well-being.

    I’m also hoping to attract more clients to my website for intuitive readings, etc….that’s always an ongoing thing!

  2. Good morning xo

    For me, my main surface apprenticeship with writing, never ends. I have Saturn in Aries 3rd House, so it is a continual process for me, a frustrating one at times, but I adore it. My present mini-apprenticeship is being the person who doesn’t have anything bad to say ha, tough one that.Then my biggest apprenticeship is being the best ‘me’ possible, which is always a challenge and a learning curve!

    1. As for Saturn in your 3rd, I’m one of your biggest fans so I don’t see a problem there. 🙂 The other two are definitely ongoing challenges for me, too.

      1. Awww, thanks xo That was lovely to read this morning (((((((hugs))))))) I’m a huge fan in return 🙂

  3. Mmm..all set to write my little list..then read the foregoing comments and realised that all three of us are pretty much on a similar learning, is there a reason that the three of us have been drawn to this post and to feel a need to comment..?? Sorry..just a little detail that emerged..

    I too would like to hone my communication skills..blessed with my lovely Mercury sat in Virgo, natally (‘trickster’ he may be..but I love the ‘bad’ boys!) I love the ‘power’ of words..but I want to allow the Piscean element of my 3rd House to not get so tangled up in the details and need for perfection..allow it to flow with compassion and understanding.

    Thank you for this post and thank you to Lindsay and Karen, too!

    1. Yes, I’m fine, Kelly. The homefront has been very busy and the time just disappears the past few weeks. Thank you for thinking of me. It does my heart good.

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