Pluto on the Moon

Remember that Cardinal T-Square that we just got rid of? Well, we got rid of part of it, anyway. Pluto and Uranus are still in a tug-of-war, but (thankfully!) Saturn has moved on.


I’m hurting for all of you who have that dang transiting Capricorn Pluto sitting on your Cap Moon right now. I can imagine that it’s not a particularly easy time for anyone with a Libra, Cancer, or Aries Moon in the early degrees of the sign, either.

Here’s a list of things connected wtih Pluto and the Moon that happened over the past year to someone with a 4º Cap Moon. You won’t believe it. There’s also a kick from Uranus…just for added fun.

Pluto ~ that little bastard! ~ is one tough pee-wee. He hasn’t noticed that he’s been demoted to a dwarf planet and doesn’t give a flying flip about his new weight class. My nephew told me a story once about how he learned not to fight with little guys. He said, “If you ever have to get in a fist-fight, pick a big guy. They move slower and go down harder. It’s the little guys you have to watch out for. They’ll take you down every time.” Remember that when you have a Pluto transit coming up.

Here are some of the things assigned to Pluto and the Moon, with Uranus thrown in just for kicks:

Pluto rules plumbing, major transformations, rank and stagnant things
The Moon rules the home/house, mother, water, family, and the esophogus
Uranus rules electricity and air conditioning

 Here are some of the things that happened to our 4º Cap Moon guy.
  • Rank smell emanating from stairwell of house because stagnant (Pluto) water (Moon) was pooling in the air conditioning ducts
  • New heat pump which controlls heating and air conditioning (Uranus) installed at a cost of $10,000
  • Big screen tv (Uranus) system blown out by lightning (Uranus)
  • Major plumbing overhauls in downstairs bathroom
  • Cedar deck had to be rebuilt
  • Major repairs made to screened-in porch
  • Outside of house was painted
  • Kitchen sink plumbing fell off while in use
  • Kitchen faucet had to be replaced at a later date because it wouldn’t cut off
  • Repairs to roof and ceiling due to rain (water) damage
  • Mother moved from his home to an extended care facility
  • Brother and family relocated to another state (did I mention this person has a 3rd house Cap Moon?)
  • Lawyer (Saturn) retained for bringing will (Pluto) up to date

And here’s the Pluto/Moon kicker ~ An emergency response team called when this person started bleeding from the esophogus; 4 pints of blood spilled over the bathroom and kitchen (no other rooms were involved); almost bled to death; health routine changed drastically.

Aren’t Pluto transits fun?!

Here’s the thing with the major transits ~ you absolutely have to address them. If you don’t, issues will arise that you cannot disregard. This guy did the right thing and addressed every one of the issues. The transit will pass. Life will get better. He’ll be enjoying tv in a newly refurbished home instead of sitting in rubble (or dead) if he had chosen not to do anything. We simply must respond.

Maybe this example is a bit over the top, but every thing cited is true. It all happened and continues to unravel.

Have you had any major overhauls recently? What are they related to in your chart?

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24 thoughts on “Pluto on the Moon

  1. Auntie, Okay, I am a Capricorn w/Moon in Libra and Leo rising. Saturn took a loooong retrograde from my Moon back across the South Node and Mars, then back to the Moon and is on Neptune now. Since Sept 19,2010, I’ve lost 42 lbs, my blood pressure dropped 50 pts. That’s the good news! In Oct 2010, I took a fall and sprained both ankles, left wrist and broke my tibia. Then my thyroid went crazy so had to handle that. Next the medicine I take for brain chemistry changed manufacturer and it was as though my body didn’t get it…but we didn’t know for 8 weeks. I was a total basket case…it took about 8 weeks to get the new meds back in my system. Meanwhile, a mammogram, a 2nd one, a biopsy, a cancer diagnosis! (are you kidding me?) Ten days later my beloved 14 year old dog, Bungee, died. (And the computer died, too! That was all in May.) Two surgeries (lumpectomy) and 16 radiation treatments later…I’m back and prognosis is EXCELLENT. Meanwhile, my real estate business died completely. Now what? Who knows? I am cleaning out every shelf, drawer, closet, nook and cranny getting ready for winter…and Saturn on my Nadir squaring my Pluto/Venus opposition! BUT, my life is amazing, my friends are well defined, my relationship flourishing, my spiritual life and working with angels fabulous. Thanks, Pluto. Thanks, Saturn. Thank Goddess it’s almost over! (Isn’t it?)
    Suzanne in Poulsbo WA

    1. Suzanne, first let me say how great it is that your prognosis is excellent. That’s wonderful news! I also offer my deep sympathy for the loss of your faithful and beloved Bungee. I know you were completely devastated with these two horrible events coming so close together. The Cardinal T-Square wreaked a lot of havoc in your life and you are, in more ways than one, a true survivor. Your outlook is great and you are not only a real trooper, but an inspiration.

      You’re clearing out so many things, Suzanne. That can be unbelievably hard and we can go about it kicking and screaming while in the midst of clearing, but we have to make room for abundance or it can’t enter our life. I hope tons of good things come your way.

    2. Wow Suzanne, you are fabulous and an amazing inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story, and to echo CJ, I hope tons of good things come your way xo

  2. Ewww I get to look forward to this in 2016, and after reading this list, I am connecting deep into my sarcastic pit when I type, “I AM EXCITED’ lol It’s all good. Pluto oppose Sun has been a solid lesson in control, or lack there of when it boils down to Pluto 🙂 I have fives years oh his energy to look forward to, so I am in positivity training now!

    1. That list has certainly been a lot to deal with, but it really has all ended very well. You’ll be fine, Karen. That raven you mentioned in your post today ~ he’ll keep you forewarned.

  3. As a person who hated changes (big time!) I have HAD to go with them over the past 3 years..this week was a major kick in the teeth and it had me reviewing the last 30 odd years (yeah..that big!)..all I can see is that certain people and things had to be cleared out to make way for the’s a recurring theme and has helped with accepting changes. A personal observation about Pluto..I always think he likes to upset the apple cart – one little push, but oh the ensuing chaos…so I quite agree..he may be small..but he knows how to use what strength he has to cause the biggest upset! Is that his role in our lives? Presents us with a small upset/upheaval and if we ignore it…trips us up in bigger ways?

    1. Yes, I think it is, Penny. All the transits can work that way, but Pluto pulls out his big guns, you know? Transits can force change on us and if we don’t comply, or go with the flow, the universe has a knack for taking things into its own hands. Numerology works the same way. Astrology and numerology are both based on cycles and, if we don’t heed their hints and go with the flow, they’ll assert their agenda on us. This is the “fate” part of astrology when fate usually means “bad” things. Using our knowledge of the cycles and what each planet/sign/house/aspect can represent, we’re suited up for things that can occur. We can then use free will in making choices instead of something, usually upsetting, is forced on us.

      In the example above, steps could have been taken on most of the issues long before they were forced to be addressed. Ignored for years, especially the health issues, they were greatly magnified when they became “fate” instead of “free will.” Does that make sense?

  4. GOSH! my 12 yr old leo son has pluto conjuncting his 5 cappy moon. Last year or so , he’s had problems in school, not just drama with dysfunctiona, weak teacher with boundary issues who was replaced but also they are trying to ‘peg’ ADHD and/or something else as he has trouble focusing and settling in as he’s got all this stuff churning inside him which i believe is manifestation of this long transit. very emotional, clingy, etc. i’m glad i know what is going on. i’m trying to protect him and keep his self esteem good while others make these judgements on him… hope this passes soon…

    1. I hope it passes soon, too, paloma. Being 12 is hard enough without added troubles. Anyone would have trouble focusing with those issues from school. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing for him as Cap Moons can get rather sad at times. They need to know that their Moms (and others) are close, warm, and loving.

  5. wow, quite the tale — I imagine this guy with the 4 degree capricorn moon has some other aspects in progress too?
    . When Pluto sat upon MY moon, our babysitter died. She was an older woman and we liked her a lot, she was more than just a babysitter. My life was pretty crappy then (early 1980’s) but that is the single most significant event that I remember. My mother was distant at the time so I was glad it wasn’t her that died!

    And now I can freak out because in 5 or 6 years my son’s capricorn moon will have a visitation. This is at the same time as Uranus crosses my ascendant. WIll I end up in another state? EEEK.

    1. Oh, yes, the Cardinal T-Square was in full effect for quite a while. Uranus in the 6th during all of this, too, thus the “sudden explosion” symbol with the health scare rang true. Saturn was in the 12th.

      The wonderful thing about the Pluto, Uranus, Saturn articles from the blogathon and elsewhere on the net is that they really can help us prepare for what “might” happen. Though we really can’t be sure exactly how it will manifest.

  6. What a bunch of zowie stories! I won’t have Pluto square my Aries Moon for a few years yet, but during this INTENSE time it’s been stationary, it’s been in the 6th, opposite my Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th. (Jupiter rules my 6th also, so 2 of the 3 health houses have been involved,) I was quite worried that my liver might go on the fritz, but the transit actually been quite a positive influence. I haven’t had any appetite for the past two months, and ANY effort or intention on my part, I’ve lost 20 pounds. For me, that’s like hitting the lottery!
    Donna Cunningham

    1. Hey, Donna. I think I found those 20 pounds. 😦

      It will be a great day when your hand has healed and we have you back regularly at Sky Writer. And no liver problems allowed!

  7. I met someone who has his moon exactly conjunct my Pluto.. ELECTRIC…

    BUT- I may get fried,,,,,

    Having a very cardinal chart & angles- this transits of cardinal madness time is just BRUTAL..

    A note to all of you under adverse pluto aspects- be careful….pace yourself & do not

    ignore colds 0r flu that don’t pass quickly…


  8. CJ- So true- Tr saturn on my Neppy- H4… seems ENDLESS !!!

    I will never show it outwardly ( N cancer sun conj ASC- H1)-

    but I feel like I’m floundering…

    True friends, like understanding seem so hard to find…….

    The planets do not lie


      1. Make a list of things to focus on- things to do..

        Things that are simple, enjoyable, within your own power..

        I have found this a GREAT help in coping with this stressfull aspect..

        Set aside an hour a day for ‘ YOU’ time

        I actually made a list of books to read…..’light’ enjoyable movies…

        & while I’m a news junkie- I have cut back on that….

        Do our lunar returns every month- & ‘take’ the best from it as a Path

        One day at a time— sometimes one hour at a time

        Tr saturn will move on to square my ASC 25 cancer & n sun- 28 cancer..

        This too shall pass…..


        1. thanks Krista,I’m already at the one day at a time. My husband started talking about plans in late october and all i could do was cringe. I have been cutting back on news too, it’s just too frustrating and life is too short to spend so much of my time fretting about stuff i cannot change.

        2. I find talking back to people on tv- uncensored’ is quite cathartic…

          Donna mentioned loss of appetite- which I am having also.

          Do you find you are feeling more ‘high strung’ than usual ?

          Noises- etc seem louder ??…

          While its a way off- I am wondering what Tr pluto in cappys effect will

          be when it trines my n venus- virgo H3, & at same time opposes mars conj

          uranus cancer’ H12

          NO WAIT !!!!!

          I might not want to know



        3. Talking back to people on tv can be very cathartic! What a great way tor release some stored up…ahem…”energy.”

  9. Krista, after working with my chart forever (Okay, 40+ years) what I’ve found in looking ahead at transits is that they always look scary and I feel resistance. I try to put the best spin on it possible and talk myself in off of the window ledge about things that may never happen at all somewhere in the future.

    But when the transit eventually arrives, even the worst transits have made sense in the time that they happen because there are all those other transits and patterns happening, too…like secondary progressions and solar arcs which are all supporting the evolution of our consciousness.

    The cancer diagnosis was a kick in the teeth because I am mostly an alternative lifestyle/health care person…but even that has uncovered how loved and supported I am EVEN when I quit looking like the ever capable Capricorn. (I expressed a lot of my Mars sq Uranus during my treatment and just had snit after snit. Everyone says I wasn’t that bad, but w/that Moon in Libra conj Neptune, God do I want to appear to be gracious!)

    So I am way better supported than I was and have a lot more room for self expression than I had. Not to mention, I have even more compassion for cancer patients (or is that patience!) My heart feels broken open and there are lovely winds breezing through.

    I’ve really enjoyed this discussion…it’s helped.
    Suzanne In Poulsbo WA

  10. Thank you much….

    I always have to remind myself to look at my progressed chart with the transits- NOT

    just the natal……..

    With an angular jupiter & sun- I ‘wring’ a good side out of the transits- one way or another !

    When I think back & checked the ephemerides- the last time saturn was in Libra & squared

    my ASC & sun- it was leading up to a very productive time….

    I give no small thanks for having an exact sextile of saturn to natal sun in the natal

    Just being able to ‘astro talk’ with each other is a great stress release to me


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