Tracking the Moon

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Parkinson’s disease weakens the voice. Sometimes it’s hard to hear what the person is saying or to understand them clearly. For three days every month, my mother (who had this terrible disease) decided to make a series of phone calls. She’d call family, insurance companies, and Medicare. Her favorite call of all was the one to the funeral home which issued her prepaid funeral policy. No one could understand what she was trying to say. Sometimes they’d hang up. Sometimes they’d struggle through. Despite the obstacle of not being able to communicate, my mother could not resist a strong internal urge to make those phone calls. She would also pull out every official document she had tucked away. She had to be sure everything was in good order.

When she came to live with us, I started tracking these days on my astrological calendar. They always fell on the days when the Moon was leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. She was running on instinct. You could set your clock by her.

My husband was working at home and I had a 9-to-5 job, so he was alone with her during the days. He spent more time on her phone calls than he did on his work. He was going crazy trying to manage this odd behavior.

To prepare him for the coming months, I marked the days that I anticipated her odd behavior on the calendar for the rest of the year. It worked. It was accurate. My husband was shocked! How could this be so accurate, he wondered. How could I have known in June how she would behave for three days’ time for each remaining month of the year?

Well, the Moon is instinct. It’s primal behavior, internally driven. Hard to resist.

When the Moon enters Taurus, I become a domestic goddess. I want to clean and garden and cook. All at the same time! Uh, that’s too many projects at once. “Pick one, Silly,” I’d say to myself, “and finish it.” My Moon in the 3rd where the mind is busy and Taurus on the cusp of the domestic 4th still gets me every month. I can accomplish a lot!

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After a while, it becomes second nature. You get a feel for how a month will roll out for you. Tracking the Moon can get you there fast. What days do you like to be out and about? When do you need companionship? Or to be alone?

Spend a little time tracking the Moon. Give it a few “moonths.” You’ll learn a lot about the people you live and work with. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. We’re all children of the Moon.

5 thoughts on “Tracking the Moon

  1. i just sent you a paypal thingy. but make sure you don’t send whatever to Raleighdon, my dear spouse, send it to MY email. Love your story.

  2. I have just started doing this and looked back over my wonderful diary that shows the Moon as it moves through each sign..even over the past week I can see some sort of pattern emerging..last Monday made a hair appoitnment for the Wednesday..Gemini Moon..all about me and how I look? Wed as the Moon moved from Gemini into Cancer..felt content with for my surroundings! Thurs (Cancer) I was totally flowing with ideas and ways and means to do with the fact I was a little frustrated at not being able to just ‘get on’ because of the weather! But I did throw out an old drawers unit past it’s ‘best by’ date, which mollified me a little! Friday and Saturday (Leo) busy days..but I felt on top of it all and even enjoyed a night out..Sunday/Monday as the Moon moved into Virgo..I just wanted to ‘veg out’..not particularly sociable..a little hermit-like! Will be interesting to see if this pattern repeats again next month..

    1. I had the most fantastic Moon in Libra day yesterday that I can remember. New hair, new clothes, new makeup just as the Moon was entering Libra in my 8th. Transformation!!!

  3. Aww..sounds like my kind of day, cj..!!

    I met up with my Gemini friend for lunch (archetypal Gemini..!!!) and was explaining how earlier I had I reason to want £1,000 and felt despondent how I was ever getting it, but managed to turn it into an accepting it COULD come along ..walked into restaurant and on a Noticeboard right in front of us – white chalk on blackboard..

    ‘DO YOU WANT TO WIN £1,000?’

    Looking back at a time when the Moon is in my Sun sign or opposite sign of Aries..unexpected good fortune seems to be on offer…

    I am off to now fill out the required details to win £1,000..IT’S MINE!!!

    (We laughed about that…and will continue to do so for quite a while..!!!)

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