Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability

I'm sharing this brilliant video of Brené Bown with you because when I saw it, I knew I had to let  more people know about it. It doesn't address the art or interpretation of astrology. It addresses fear, shame, vulnerability, compassion, courage, connection, and worthiness ~ just some of the reasons we sit down to learn astrology… Continue reading Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability

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Google Earth for Sagittarians

I recently had a conversation with a Sagittarian that went something like this: Sagittarian: Hey, do you know about Google Earth? Me: Yeah. Sagittarian: It's so cool. I just pick a place on the map and go there. I've been to some fantastic places ~ a sweet little farmhouse in Iowa that had these really tall… Continue reading Google Earth for Sagittarians

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Saturn in Libra ~ Time to Art

Libra is art and Saturn, of course, is Father Time. Here is one explanation of Saturn in Libra through a child's eyes. Emma can art much faster than me! 🙂 A big thanks to Emma's parents for allowing me to share this with you. ---------------------------------------- Related Posts: 12 Things to Do When the Sun Transits Libra… Continue reading Saturn in Libra ~ Time to Art