Birthday Symbols and Totems

Today I wanted to share a little bit with you about symbols that appear on or around your birthday and totem animals that bring special messages to you. I’m doing this because today was my birthday and I’ve been gifted with some truly lovely symbolism.

Each year around your birthday, you may start tuning in to special vibes. Something stirs in you, and you can just feel an energy about where you are in your life and what the coming year may bring. This stirring may feel a bit awkward or it may be an old feeling that’s comfortable and familar, but felt more strongly and intimately than it has in a while.

When I was on vacation recently, I was given a new name by my dear friends ~ butterfly charmer ~ as a result of charming a butterfly onto a broom so that it could be rescued from a skylight. That butterfly is a totem for the beautiful changes I hope to experience this year. It would be lovely to “charm” some nice changes into being ~ especially since we’re all having to adapt to some radical changes in these difficult times.

This morning I was greeted by a crow’s caw. The crow is a long-time totem of mine, so I was happy to hear this sound so early in the morning. There are several who visit my backyard regularly, but this call came from the front yard ~ through the open front door, a door that has not stood open for many weeks due to the intense heat. This morning, however, was refreshingly cool.

Several months ago, I planted some yellow canna lilies around a birdbath in my yard in honor of an abandoned duckling who spent it’s last night of life in my care. That yellow canna bloomed for the first time today ~ a lovely reminder that life does go on. In the language of flowers, canna lilies speak the wise words, “Confide in Heaven.” Yellow is the number of joy, and is associated with my Life Path number 3 ~ creativity, expression, and growth.

When I arrived at work this morning, I opened the door to find a small brown bat huddled in the corner on the floor. I released it to a safe spot, and when I checked on it a bit later it was gone ~ safely, I hope, and finding its way home. The bat is a symbol of intuition and night messages ~ to sleep, perchance to dream? I hope so. Intuition is lifeblood to us watery, lunar types. The bat belongs to Pluto, btw, thus representing transformation and change ~ a more intense message than butterfly’s perhaps, and a definite nudge.

A surprise gift I received today was an ancient typewriter ~ probably from the 20’s or 30’s ~ that had been sitting in my boss’s office closet for years and which I have secretly admired. He is leaving at the end of the month, which makes me quite sad ~ another change to adjust to. Today, of all days, he pulled that ancient black Royal typewriter out and asked if I knew anyone who would be interested in it. I exclaimed that I would love to have it! and it is now sitting in my home. That typewriter, a symbol of communication and writing, is surely a message to finish some writing projects that have been on the back burner for way too long. And to top off the theme of writing, I received a short story from my Moon Sister, EJ, who shares my birthday. (Thank you, EJ, and Happy Birthday to you.)

There were other lovely gifts as well ~ a beautiful rose mandala, a toast of exqusite plum wine from my local Wise Women, and words of affection and love ~ all priceless.

There was an inspirational birthday card, as well ~ one of those that isn’t personal but is sent annually to members of a group. It’s message was “Follow you heart, your intuition, your dreams.” It echoed so beautifully the message of today’s symbolism and totems. That sentiment is something that we are all reminded to do over and over again, and think, Yeah, I should do that. But this wasn’t just a random message. It’s a message from Crow, Canna, Bat, the butterflies and my old friend Mercury via that ancient Royal Typewriter and EJ’s gift.

Look deeply into the messages you receive. There are words beyond words, meanings behind everyday objects that might escape you otherwise. As the Canna reminds us, confide in heaven. Angels may be listening.


Yellow canna lilies by M Kuhn on Flickr. Other images from Wikimedia Commons.

7 thoughts on “Birthday Symbols and Totems

  1. Happy Birthday Neets – Joyeux Anniversaire!!! Wishing you the transformation and flight you dream of with loads of unexpected joy and constant love… xoxotv

  2. What a wonderful outlook CJ!

    Today is my Birthday and I woke up at my birthtime…4:59. Will be looking for little symbols during the day. I am on a quest to start anew, so maybe this was the universe saying “Here you go again!” 🙂 I hope I see some animal symbols today too.

    Thanks again for all your wisdom.

    1. Happy Birthday, Susie! The little creatures, plants, dreams, and even inanimate objects have a way of sneaking little messages to us. Waking up at your birth time ~ that’s very strong symbolism. “Wake up!! You’re alive!!! Rejoice in the day!” Beautiful. 🙂

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for a bit and really enjoy it. I have a cancer moon so I am really drawn to anything dealing with the moon, so love your blog. Have a very happy birthday!

    1. Thank you, Cathie. My progressed Moon is sitting at 0Cancer right now, which will make me a double Cancer for a while. What do you want to bet I’ll be pulling out my old needlework soon? 🙂

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