Astrological Picture Book ~ 3rd Decan Cancer, The Mystic Crab

The third decan of Cancer belongs to all Moonchildren born with their Sun between 20 – 29.59° Cancer. Your birthday falls between July 11 – 22, depending on the year. As third decan Cancerians, your Sun is in the Pisces decan which makes Neptune and Jupiter your sub-rulers. If your Sun is in aspect to Neptune or Jupiter or placed in the 12th house, the Piscean qualities of this decan will be heightened. Naturally, any planets in Pisces or the 12th house will bond with this decan of Cancer.

Imagine a Moon/Neptune conjunction with the qualities of both coalesced into an iridescent dream memory. Is it real or not?

MoonDream_by_ZingaiaMoonchildren must break any illusions that Neptune brings to this decan. Here we have the mystic, the super-attuned, or the mesmerized crab. Neptune’s influence produces a veil that the crab must tear to clearly see what waits on the other side.

Are Cancerians with their Sun in this decan more psychic than others? Perhaps.  All Cancerians ~ in fact, all the water signs ~ are able to lift the veil and move freely in the unseen world of feelings, intuition, and instinct. Always trust your intuition. If something is speaking to you, dive into the ocean of emotional reward and search for treasure. Then drag it onto solid ground, take it apart, and figure out what it is because Neptune may fool you into thinking its something that it’s not.

With the Moon as ruler of Cancer and sleep, and Neptune and Pisces the rulers of dreams, this decan may present you with the gift of prophetic dreams. This quality may have been especially strong in your youth. Without proper understanding and support, you may have been told that you just had a bunch of crazy dreams that you shouldn’t pay any attention to. With the proper support, you have probably developed a lush dream life that can act as a guide and serve you well. (Second decan Scorpios may identify with this, as well.)

3rd Decan Cancer ~ 4 of Cups

Robin Wood Tarot
Robin Wood Tarot

The Moon is fleeting and Cancerian moods are just as changeable. While something may initially entice you, can it hold your interest or is it just another illusory temptation that will soon lose its appeal? Have three of the cups failed to satisfy, so another is offered? Will it satisfy? Who knows?

The number 4 brings in a couple of stabilizing influences: Saturnian discipline and earth-centered stewardship. The crab is a creature of both land and sea, so the dreams you have must find solid footing in the real world. Since the crab decides what to grab hold of and how long to grasp it, don’t allow yourself to be misled by liars and illusionists. Test the waters, but come back to earth.

If you receive this card in a reading, ask yourself:

  • Is satisfaction lacking? Do I really care about the things I’m involved with?
  • Am I paying enough attention to my dreams and my intuition?
  • What stabilizing force do my emotions require, an undercurrent that will carry me through?
  • Am I allowing myself enough time to daydream and “space out” from everyday concerns?

You can use this card as a reminder to let yourself tap into the otherworld when you’re feeling too earth bound. Get off the land and dive into the inspiring sea of dreams.

If this is your birthday card, you might enjoy coloring your own and adding other important symbols to it. Here are a few suggestions for embellishments:

  • Dates: July 11-22, your birthday, or any special dates that fall in this period
  • Planetary glyphs for the Moon, Neptune, Jupiter or any other planets at 20-29.59° Cancer
  • Waves to remind you to enter the dreamtime now and then
  • Anything that represents your favorite way to relax ~ music notes, zzzz’s for sleep and dreaming, or a filmstrip for movies


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