Sun in Sagittarius: Oct Nov 22-Dec 21, 2022

The Sun moved into Sagittarius on Tuesday, November 22nd, 3:21 am ET and remains in Sagittarius until the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2022. The lunar highlights for Sagittarius season are the New Moon in Sagittarius which is on the 23rd, exact at 5:57 pm ET and the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th.

The sign is typically a happy one, being ruled by jolly Jupiter, and loves to expand things: money, education, boundaries…you name it. Because the planet and sign like this so much, both Jupiter and Sagittarius can be prone to exaggeration and excess. Enjoy this happy duo while you can as they are followed by stern Saturn and practical Capricorn.

Astrological Events during Sagittarius 2022

  • Nov 23: Jupiter is stationary direct at 28 Pisces. Jupiter will move out of Pisces and into Aries on Dec. 20th.
  • Dec 03: Neptune turns stationery direct at 22 Pisces.
  • Dec 06: Mercury enters Capricorn.
  • Dec 09: Venus enters Capricorn.

New Moon/Full Moon

The New Moon occurs on November 23rd at 01Sagittarius, 5:57pm ET. Themes include adventure, philosophy, religion, laws, freedom, optimism, advanced education and the search for the truth.

Sagittarius has the gift of vision and optimism which gives us the ability to see a brighter future and place–“the grass is always greener on the other side.” Sagittarius has a strong belief in himself and will lay those beliefs as the groundwork for future laws. He can be rather opinionated, setting his views above others, one of the ways politicians and judges (both associated with this sign) come to rule.

Freedom is important to the Archer and commitment may not come easily–more green grass. However, they are often delightful and witty companions with a fun-loving personality.

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury and Venus. I call the Mercury/Venus aspect the sweet talking aspect. It may be lovely to hear but be careful what you fall for. They are in Sagittarius, after all, and could be pulling our leg.

The Full Moon occurs on December 7th, 16Gemini, at 11:08 pm ET. Themes for Gemini include communications, siblings, learning something new, your neighborhood, day trips, decisiveness, and automobiles and other vehicles.

Gemini offers us a wonderful gift, the gift of adaptability. Without this, we cannot grow, we cannot expand a simple thought into a vision for the future. Gemini needs Sagittarius for that. Jupiter transforms Gemini into Sagittarius, turning the simple reporting of facts into a philosophy of life.

Being thoughtful and quick, Gemini possesses the shrewdness to fulfill our Full Moon wishes. He may get distracted and turn his attention elsewhere, but properly harnessed he can turn a limerick into a Pulitzer prize-winning epic.

What do you want from your Gemini house that you would like to share with the world? The spotlight is there. Find your light and step into it.

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The December Full Moon is usually called the Cold Moon in the USA. This is the Full Moon immediately before the Winter Solstice on December 7th. If we were good worker bees, we have stocked our pantries in preparation for the long nights ahead.

Sitting in the dark gives us plenty of time for introspection. Perhaps too much sometimes?

Our minds can race in the dark. Gemini is already fleet of foot so having no visual distractions can set him on his A game. There may be some Sagittarian truths to discover there in the dark, but do try to calm him when he has lost track of focus and commitment.