Mars in Leo: Narcissism and Entitlement or Creativity and Leadership?

Mars will turn direct on March 10, 2010, reigniting the spark of desire for renewed action and forward movement.  Amanada Owen has recently joined the blog-o-sphere with her new Amanda’s Astrology Blog. In this post, she reminds us to bring Mar’s most productive side to the area of life that is being highlighted by the transit.

Mars in Leo: Narcissism and Entitlement or Creativity and Leadership?

by Amanda Owen

Mira!! un lión
Image by Esparta via Flickr

Mars in Leo can represent a creative project, a bold, showy or dramatic person, an advocate or a warrior. It may be an arrogant person or a generous one. What ever or who ever it is, you can’t help but notice this person or the project.

Because Mars spends so much time in Leo due to its retrograde, this means that this energetic energy (can one say energetic energy??) is going to go back and forth in one house (or two) in your birth chart. Anything this feisty is sure to get your attention. And, of course you want the best, most productive side of Mars to manifest, don’t you? Otherwise you’ll be thinking “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?!”

Mars entered Leo on October 16, 2009. The themes have already been introduced and around for awhile. Think back over these months. What has been grabbing your attention? What have you been working on or consumed with?

On December 20th when Mars turned retrograde at 19 degrees of Leo, you returned to those themes and hopefully have been reworking them.

Once Mars turns direct on March 10th at 0 degrees of Leo, you will get forward momentum and as Mars picks up speed traveling through Leo, you will see some real progress. From May 19 to June 7th as Mars transits through the last 10 degrees, you will feel that your projects are nearing completion. On June 7th, Mars enters Virgo and a new chapter begins. If you know your chart, help that Mars by giving it something to do directly related to the house it is visiting. It will be happy – and so will you!

But right now, we are still in the retrograde phase and whenever Mars retrogrades, it behaves like a major transit. It’s a long, long time for this warrior energy to hang around and keep going over the same things or dig up past events! But as Gandhi said: When we see that we have gone wrong, it is our duty to retrace our footsteps and proceed again by the right path. Isn’t that a perfect sentiment for a retrograde Mars transit? That leads me to Tiger Woods.

When Tiger Woods crashed his car on that fateful night or early morning hours of November 27, 2009, Mars was 16 degrees of Leo. It wasn’t until Mars retrograded back to 1 degree of Leo to conjunct his natal Saturn that Tiger scheduled a news conference and took ownership of his behavior. Interesting.

Speaking of people with narcissistic issues, on July 22, 2009, with tr. Mars conjunct natal Jupiter, and transit Venus, progressed Jupiter and natal Sun at 19 Gemini — plus a pr. Mars in Leo conjunct natal south node, John Edwards visited his mistress and their child. Where was Saturn? Squaring his Sun. Oops! It wasn’t until January 21, 2010 Edward finally admitted paternity of Rielle Hunter’s child. His pr. Mars was conjunct his south node in Leo and tr. Venus in Aquarius was conjunct his  north node.

Enough of famous people! What is this Mars in Leo doing for you? Where is the activity? What is getting stirred up? Where are you being confronted?

The houses represent areas of your life. This transit Mars is directing your attention to an area that needs stirring up! Look at where Leo is in your birth chart. Do you need to advocate for yourself? Is there a troublemaker you need to contend with? Would it be helpful to invest more energy in that area of life?

If transit Mars is traveling back and forth through your 4th house, you may be involved with house projects or maybe a family member is trying to get your attention. Mars traveling through your 2nd house will focus you on making money and increasing your value in the marketplace. Mars is transiting through my 9th house and I will be spending this period getting the word out about my upcoming book – getting my message out into the world.

Where is transiting Mars in your chart? Tell me about it!

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    18 thoughts on “Mars in Leo: Narcissism and Entitlement or Creativity and Leadership?

    1. Mars is the ruler of my Sun at 19, Mercury at 26 and Venus at 00, Aries. Mars has been tracing back and forth over my 12th house cusp at 13 Leo, and my Moon at 2 Leo in the 11th. More? It’s also been squaring Uranus at 5 Scorpio and North Node at 12 Scorpio in the 3rd house.

      I’ve been putting a lot of effort into solitary pursuits (my blog) and learning what it means to be part of a larger group/ movement.

    2. Hi, Michelle.

      Are you ready for the action to start up when Mars goes direct? I’ve got my fingers crossed that it means a great launch.


    3. Great post, Amanda!! But I’m afraid to share too much about my own natal Mars in Leo because that would be narcissistic. Suffice it to say it’s one of my better placements, as it’s my MH ruler, trines my MH and is in the 1st house. For me, a major Mars transit is always about career progress. I’ve worked hard during this retrograde stretch and accomplished a lot, but am very tired now.

      The worst of transiting Mars in Leo is a seige of back trouble, and that’s been happening too this last couple of weeks. Donna Cunningham

      1. Isn’t it true that one of the wonderful benefits of astrological knowledge is to know how to use the Mars retrograde period productively? You’ve offered such a good example of this! I hope your back troubles subside soon.

    4. Hopefully the Mars transit will lend itself to Creativity and Leadership and not the other options your article covers.

      My Natal 2nd House stellium (4 planets there, one in 3rd H) will have the T Mars conjuncting first Mercry, Uranus, then Mars and Venus, while also opposing my Chiron in 8th, and also Trining my 6th house Saturn, as it also Squares my 5th house Neptune & N. Node then moving on (breather) to, also
      [ during the transit’s latest degrees] conjunct my 3rd house Pluto and oppose my 9th house (1st degree Moon) then oppose my MC as it finally changes signs.

      this may be a window of opportunity. We’ll see how well I handle it. Any feedback or tips would be welcomed.

      1. Hi EJ
        Thanks for commenting! When Mars is active, it needs something to do. With your second house stirred-up and the square to your nodal axis in Scorpio/Taurus – an axis I call “money karma,” create income, up your value in the marketplace. You have such a creative chart! Use that 6th house Saturn with its trine to your Leo planets to establish a good working schedule. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and unrealistic promises. In the fall of 2010, tr. Saturn begins to sextile your Leo planets when you will be able to get some real momentum.

        1. Thanks so much for joining in the conversation, Amanda, and for your fantastic article. Mars will gear up to hit my Merc/Pluto conjunction and all their contacts. I’m taking my blankey in the closet and laying low, with duct tape over my mouth!

    5. Mars has been in my 5th retrograde (6th house cusp is 7 Leo) and whilst I don’t see huge things happening in my 5th (its one of those houses I don’t get at all even with Mars in Cancer sitting there but then again that Mars is opposite Saturn!) I am dealing with ‘work’ issues at the moment and I smile as I think of the Leo archetype and feel that I have been called to embrace that proud, charismatic creature in areas of my worth in my work place.
      Nicely 0 Leo is trining my MC in Sag, sext my Moon in Gemini and inconj my Jupiter. Not sure how this really bodes for me in the last 3 weeks asking for pay rises, the first one which was shot down but I have asked for a compromise and will find out tomorrow where that takes me.
      Fearful of too much ego coming out re this issue, which is very foreign to me (I have Sun conj Neptune which seems to continually dissolve any egotistic behaviour I might have) I want to make the right choices for ME, not be worrying so much about everyone else, which is my normal tack.
      Anyways I’m excited that its turning direct tomorrow morning, perfect on the day I have to see my boss again re this issue, wish me luck!
      Thanks for a great blog!
      Lise xx

      1. I hope you have a great day, Lise, wish you tons of luck with your boss and hope the raise comes through for you. I’m in a similar situation for something I asked for at work, which has been tabled waiting on “policy.” Very frustrating. When Mars retrograded back into my 6th, I was given a reward for a project, but I’m still hoping my full request comes through. We’ll see. Hoping Mars does a good job for both of us.


    6. CJ thanks for the reply. Mars has gone direct and I can see its effects all over the place, its as if the dyke of emotional energy has been released Today was a mad day, so much intensity all over including in me! I think all that Piscean energy around as well is have that open aura effect. Anyways I know all of these movements forward are good for us even if we have a little hesitation or fear as I do regarding my worth = money value, boy what a huge one. Let’s hope that little lionine energy can boost up my belief in myself! Have a great day, Lise xx

    7. Mars is transiting the 11th house. While it was retrograde, I had trouble with a group project.. all sorts of miscommunication, changes, etc. Now with it’s forward direction, another community project is in the works, and I’ve joined 2 Round Robin art groups, making some new online friends. This Mars is opposite Chiron in Aquarius, which is kind of interesting.. as I thought I would never do another RR. Last experience (old wounds) was that my art work got lost. Sun is 10 degrees Aquarius.. so I do like these artistic group projects, just needed to “get over it” with the lost books.

      1. Sorry to hear that your work got lost. That must be infuriating. It’s good to know an Aquarian hasn’t given up on groups, though.

      2. I am finding it so interesting to see the plans and projects that are getting off the ground now that Mars is direct. I love your 11th house Mars example. Sorry to hear about your lost art. The new Mars direct projects should be rewarding!

    8. I was reading “Astrology for the Millions” and it said to note any “life-events” and see where Mars was at the time–it then predicted that one could trace a recurring pattern every three years when Mars passed this same house. I found I’ve had nothing but major calamity anytime Mars is in Leo–I barely nicked some serious misfortune this last go-around, and on precicely June 7 (the last day of it’s presence), no less. This almost always has to do with power-issues, either with other people or with things going on in my life. Leo is my 10 house, meaning Capricorn, so I think I see a pattern here–I have almost all my major planets in Virgo (including the Sun and Mars) and so I don’t think I take to things too kindly when these two fiery entities couple up. Or could just be a coincidence–seems kind of strange, though.

      1. Hi, Charles.

        Recognizing the patterns is what it’s all about, so you’re tuned in beautifully to Mars’ activity in your chart. Keeping the tansit smooth is the tough part. But with your kind of awareness toward those transits now, you probably have learned how to divert many of the tougher issues. The surprises will always come, but as we become better mediators even they are less unnerving. Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s very helpful.

      2. Hi Charles
        Thanks for your comment. Mars is one of the easiest planets to track by transit because it is so active! It often triggers a fight-or-flight energy. But really, at the end of the day, we get a the opportunity to see how we deal with conflict. Handling Mars in a really self-respectful way — especially in Leo! – gives one confidence.

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