Uranus ~ Wreaking Havoc in a Placid World?

Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress. ~ Bruce Barton

Uranus will be changing signs again soon, going into Aries on May 27, 2010. This will be a new experience for almost all of us. Only our elders in their late 80’s or older have experienced Uranus’ transit of Aries and most were probably too young to remember details, although some may have total recall if the transit was especially powerful. Life was very different then, so their experiences might seem quite alien or old-timey to us. A lot of us have experienced a 1st, 2nd or 3rd house transit of Uranus, though, or a transit to the angles. We may not understand the significance of Uranus in Aries yet, but we have plenty of experience by house and planet aspects. And the one thing we can share with our elders is the emotional impact of major change.

I’m interested in hearing about your experience as Uranus transited a specific house or planet. This may have been a transit in your chart or a transit in another person’s chart that resulted in a major change in your life ~ for example, maybe your spouse had a Uranian transit that greatly impacted your relationship. Perhaps you stood by as Uranus transited a sensitive point in your child’s life, or you watched a friend undergo radical change.

Uranus loves shaking things up, and sometimes that’s exactly what we need. Uranus transits can, however, signify times in our lives that are quite painful. It can be so hard to let go. These transits also have the capacity to make us look somewhat foolish because our behavior is so out of the ordinary and unexpected. People say things like, “I never thought in a million years that So-And-So would…(fill in the blank).” That’s how unsettling some Uranian transits can be.

I’d like to publish some of your comments for readers during the IAD Blogathon on March 21st. Please share your Uranian stories so that other people can benefit from your experience. If you want to remain anonymous but still share your experience, email me. Sometimes we want to share, but not too much.

These are the things it would be helpful to note:

  • What house was Uranus transiting?
  • What planet(s) did Uranus aspect?
  • What background can you share about your situation?
  • What happened that shook you to the core?
  • What did you want to happen as a result of the transit?
  • How did your life change?
  • What was your biggest lesson?
  • What tools for transformation or therapies benefitted you?
  • How are you now?

21 thoughts on “Uranus ~ Wreaking Havoc in a Placid World?

  1. Hope you don’t mind if I tell you my Uranus story in your comments section, I have trouble with emails.
    I was young and pregnant and foolishly married the baby’s father. After a few months, I realized my mistake. Certain situations were raising red flags and I knew that the relationship was not what I wanted in a marriage. I knew I would do things that would hurt him. As Uranus transited my Ascendant, I literally awoke one morning and decided I would leave. I left that day. All I wanted was my baby. I knew I had to leave and I am happy I did.
    I’ve been with my second husband for 20 years, and this is what I want.

  2. I am just going back over certain years when things changed for me and found that Uranus was in my 5th house when I met my husband. It was in Scorpio which is my intercepted sign in the 5th house, so not sure if that makes a difference. It was quite a shake up in my life during the next few years, and probably for many years to come. Uranus was also in my husbands 5th house during the same time and it was conjunct his Mercury and Venus, and a little later Mars in the 6th

    Uranus was conjunct my North Node in 2005 when there was another good change in my life. Will have to look into that one as I don’t really know much about the nodes. But this change was the end of a 25 year problem.

    Well, it looks like Uranus was conjunct my Moon in the 6th house when I moved in 85. The 6th is short trips and the move was only to a place around 1200 miles away. Then we moved back to our current place and Uranus was still in my 6th house when we did that. Still in that short trips house.

    I don’t tend to have tons of big changes in my life…or maybe I just don’t think of them as big. I will have to go over some moves and see where Uranus was during those times…if I can remember the dates. LOL

    Uranus is in my 10th house now and will conjunct my Jupiter, and oppose my Neptune in the 4th while it is in Aries. So, better read up on what that might have in store for me.

    1. CJ corrected me on mis-stating the 6th house as short trips, that is the 3rd. But she said the 6th is work related and the move was work related. So, that is where it fits.

  3. I have had several Uranus transits. The conjunctions to my sun and later to my chart ruler Mercury were incredibly difficult and during those times I literally thought I was going crazy. But that was before I was using astrology as a tool for personal growth and understanding.

    A couple of years ago I had Uranus transit my Dsc at 19 Pisces (which lasted a couple of years and ended with Saturn crossing my Asc in an exact opposition to Uranus). I dated a lot of people (so many I can’t count that high) and was all over the place in relationships. I began seriously pursuing astrology at this time, and started making friends with Uranian types like astrologers by going to conferences and to local astrology groups. Other long term relationships went through big shake0ups and I got rid of old, unhealthy, out-dated friendships. I also started relating to myself better.

    As an Aquarius sun/Venus I have never wanted to get married, in fact, I’ve been quite a commit-o-phobe. I love falling in love but staying in love has always been quite a challenge. To my shock that transit of Uranus over my 7th house cusp made me re-think what I wanted from relationships and for the first time I began to seriously consider the possibility of getting married someday. This may not be how most people experience this transit but it fits. Of course, my strong independent streak prevented me from being able to develop a stable relationship (plus transit Uranus on my Dsc at the time) and so I did a lot of work on myself and on my expectations of partnership. The biggest thing I realized at this time is that relationships do not have to restrict a person’s freedom and independence, rather, they can support and enhance personal freedom and independence. That was an epiphany for me and it has helped me look at relationships and what I am seeking in an entirely new way.

    Now that Uranus is 6 degrees off my Dsc I have been in a relationship for over a year, one that I believe may lead to marriage. I have stopped treating relationships like a liability and instead have worked to transform them into an asset. My sweetheart and I are getting ready to relocate to the other side of the country and begin a new phase of life together.

    Since we started dating he has had Uranus transiting his moon (25 Virgo) by opposition. He fell in love with an Aquarian and moved in with her, and now is moving with her back to the place he grew up.

    That is lots of info on our Uranus transits. Sorry it’s so long but I tried to be as brief as possible. Uranus can be complicated 🙂

  4. Many many years ago, when uranus crossed my father’s natal Saturn, he took custody of my sister and i because he didn’t like the way my mother was raising me. The day stands out in my mind today and it felt very uranian, but I could not find an obvious uranus transit in my own chart.
    That same day Uranus was in my mother’s first house. I’ll see if i can find more stuff but i def. wanted to contribute because Uranus is in my 12th house approaching my Jupiter and I am a little nervous…

  5. when Uranus left my 7th house my husband became sober. The first 5 years of my marriage were pretty rough, that’s when Uranus was in my 7th house. and for him, interestingly enough, when he got sober Uranus was conjunct his Sun.. at his midheaven.
    that’s kind of cool…
    Uranus next conjuncted both of our mercuries (late deg sagittarius) but I can’t think of an event except the next year I took my first trip overseas, to Italy with 3 planets (Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all in Capricorn approaching my midheaven. I must leave the rest of this up to the rest of you because I have no more planets involved with Uranus until next spring.

  6. Thank all of you so much for sharing your stories. Uranus can give us the strength ~ even if it’s under incredible stress and accompanied by fear ~ to make the changes that give us a better life.

    Anne, your story is inspiring in many ways ~ the courage to make a bold move at such a vulnerable time and also taking into consideration your first husband’s future, too.

    Mimi’s husband becoming sober and Nikki’s 7th house epiphany make Uranian transits not so scarey. Both of those are very stabilizing changes. Nikki, your response wasn’t too long. I could have read more and more. Your story is full of insights. And here you are involved in another move. Uranus does like to change houses every once in a while!

    I wonder what Uranus was doing in your father’s chart that day, Mimi?

    Susie, you’ve experienced a lot of Uranian change ~ moves and relationship. With both you and your husband having transits through the same houses, there must be some intense energy at home. Transits to the N. Node can indicate people suddenly entering or leaving your life.

    This is very helpful. It all sounds like the hero’s journey. Thank you all so much.

    1. it was transiting his saturn at about his midheaven (birth time not exact) what is funny about this (40 years later, that’s easy to say!!) is that my father had a domineering wife who hated my sister and I at that time. That was the one day he had a spine! thanks to Uranus.

      1. Oh, that’s wonderful that he stood up for you two. Uranus never ceases to surprise.

  7. Hummm…got to wonder what wonders Uranus has in store for me…my Sun/Mercury are both on the first degree of Capricorn…Uranus rules my 6th house and Venus in Aquarius from the 10th…Uranus in Gemini….in 93 when Uranus and Neptune were in Capricorn and conjunct my South Node I discovered astrology and met many unique individuals who seemed “mysteriously familiar”…it was a very surreal and magical time for me and changed my life…looking back it is easy to see how my life had progressed related to other progressions and transits and led me to this shocking and surprising juncture…the dance of life is choreographed…

    1. Yes, it is, Pat. I love the way you put that. And sometimes it’s best to step up onto the feet of our partner and just be taken for the ride. No resistance, just gliding.

  8. As for our upcoming move I will soon have transit Uranus sextile 7th house ruler Jupiter at 28+ Cap followed by transit Uranus square 4th house Mars at 2+ Cap. Uranus just keeps shaking things up. Not to mention Pluto in the 1st at 4 Libra. Big changes.

    I also have progressed Venus at 0 Aries and progressed sun at 4 Aries so Uranus isn’t done with me yet.

    1. No, he certainly isn’t, Nikki. Saturn in Libra will rejoin these these two biggies, too.

  9. Great post! Uranus in Pisces has been very busy for me!

    When Uranus in Pisces opposed Uranus and Pluto I was laid off from my job at an IT company (Uranus and Pluto rule my 10th and 6th houses respectively). I didn’t see it coming, it was a real shock. What shook me to the core was not just the suddenness of it, but also the cold way it was done, I was just cut off completely from a group of people I had come to think of as friends. There wasn’t really time to process it, as financial imperative meant I had to find a new job almost immediately. In truth I am still getting over it a year or so later, so I guess the biggest lesson has been in learning to let go and move on, but at the same time acknowledge that there is a kind of grieving process you need to go through when you suffer loss and you must honour that.

    When Uranus in Pisces squared my Jupiter in Gemini, I started my blog 😀

    1. What I find amazing about these stressful aspects and their effects is that everyone is quite happy with the aftermath. We get through the shock and move on. It’s kind of like our life has a clog in it and Uranus comes along like cosmic Draino and gets our life flowing smoothly again.

      I’m glad you mentioned the grieving process, Mandi. Loss of our identity when it’s attached to another person or a job is devastating and we have to grieve that loss and come to the realization that we’re not our job, our home, or anything else. We’re who we are in relationship or not. Maybe that’s the kind of authenticity Uranus in Aries will help us rediscover.

  10. ThankYou CjWright !!!

    Really Helpful Information I am not an Astrologer and i can Understand it very well I also like how You Show it To Us easy To Understand !!!!

    ThanYou Also for making The BlogaThon Possible it is a Chance to Know all This Great People and This Magic Info full od Knowledge and Wisdom !!!!!!

    I have Uranus 1st House and when i was a Kid i Change Houses many many Times and all my life i have changed places When it get to my 6th y was a Consultant so i work for many companies until it get to my 7th House Aquarius i stop changing places. In My 7th House i have Saturn so relations are complicated but interesting in My 8th House i have Jupiter and everything guided me to Astrology, Psycology, Numerology, Tarot, Hand Readings, Foot Reading , Feng Shuey, etc. it was amazing i am a Taurus Asc Leo Moon Libra and Now it is aving a Sextile to My Sun and Trine to my ascendant in Leo and changing to my 9th House where Mars is waiting but Uranus is making a 150° to My natal Uranus so i am Wondering what is Going to happend !!!

    Changes mostly even when difficult have make me Grow Mostly This one in The 8th House mostly in Awareness and Solving many issues really complicated !!!

    Thank You again for all of This Marvelous Info Best Wishes to Every One that Make The BologaThon Possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Astrologers always say that Uranus transits are unpredictable to the extreme and you can never count on the outcome. Though that’s true in general, one thing I’ve found that I can always count on is that when Uranus transits my Moon, I will move, pretty much all of a sudden. (And since it usually transits the Moon three times in a couple of years, the first move is not where I wind up living.)

    Now, it may not mean that at all for most people–my Aries Moon in the 9th has a close semisquare to Uranus, and Uranus also aspects my MC/IC axis. But for me, it’s pretty much a done deal. How easy the move is depends on the transiting aspect–trines being really good and easy, quickly settled.

    What worries me, given this history, is that I just moved six months ago, and I’m older now and it was overwhelming, the hardest move of my life, and I do not ever have to go through that again. It’s a great place to live and will make my future sustainable.

    But Uranus will conjunct my Moon in 2013-4 several times. I try not to think about it, but it’s enough to deter me from buying things at garage and rummage sales. Donna

    1. I moved with Uranus on the IC, too, Donna, so I certainly understand your concern. It was a long haul move (Jupiter involved, too) and our first place was for about 9 months, but we knew it would be temporary. Keep that intention that this is permanent for you. Maybe you can fool Uranus by making a few innovations that will satisfy him. I know that’s difficult, but maybe he’ll get distracted by it enough to leave you alone.

  12. Great idea to gather together some comments about Uranus transits! I have had three Uranus transits I went through in a conscious way, so I can describe them.

    When Uranus trasited (in conjunction) my Ascendant, it caused a process of ending my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I used to be very emotionally dependant on him, probably because of my bad self-esteem. During this transit I appreciated my own opinions and ideas, discovered my own needs and met people who really supported and enriched me, among them – my next boyfriend I am still happy with.

    Uranus transiting (in conjunction) my Mars in Aries made me critical to people from my surroundings and to people in general. I used to be submissive and addapting to rules of groups or community I am in and it was a source of safety, but also something limiting and suppressing my personality. After that I started seeing people as mindless herds and feeling even a sort of disdain toward them. It was so intense I had many difficulties cooperating with other people and I felt sometimes very lonely, isolated and powerless, the last warrior in the sea of mediocrity. But eventually, I benefited much from this transit. I became brave enough to be against the flow, to protest against being a part of a worthless project and to do something very valuable and enriching instead, I am still taking adventage of. I gained a sense of independence and dignity I was lacking before.

    Now I’ve just have had Uranus in biquintile to my natal Venus in Scorpio in 7th house and it is extremely confusing despite that it’s not a very strong aspect. In the first moment it was a nice influence, because I rediscovered that contacts with other people can be very edifying and I was able to really enjoy the variety of personalities, cultures and points of view of people I meet. But then it went further. I used to have problems in contacts with men – I used to be very closed and reserved, especially in the field of physical contacts. Every relationship I have had till now started from friendship because I wasn’t able to feel anything more to someone I don’t know and I don’t like on the more spiritual level. I was totally indiferrent to most of men, they almost haven’t existed to me as an object a sexual attaction, I used to feel disgust even to think about it. Now I experience the huge release of all of my sex appeal and I start being attracted by men I have nothing in common with but the physical fascination – all of this despite I have a boyfriend I really love and still want to be with! This transit made me thinking at the same time about even getting married to my boyfriend and in general strenghtening my binds with him, because I discovered he’s really important to me and irreplaceable as a soul mate and about establishing “the open relationship” where we can sleep with anyone we want because faithfullness seems to be just a stupid cultural limitation. I am really going crazy. Maybe it will teach me something and liberate me in a good way, but at this moment I feel just confused and shocked. If I survive, I’ll let you know. 😉

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