Full Moon in Virgo ~ Full Service Moon

Sun in Pisces / Moon in Virgo
Feb. 27, 7:52pm ~ March 1, 7:30pm
Full Snow Moon ~ February 28 ~ 11:38am

  • Good days to be “on the wagon
  • Combine your intuition with practical measures
  • Contemplate the true meaning of “service”

The February Full Moon is called the Full Snow Moon, but here lately I’ve been thinking of it as the Full Church Moon. Not because I’m suggesting we should all be in church. That’s not it at all. It’s because these past few days have had a touch of sanctuary to them. Even with the busyness that has been a constant undertow for me lately, there has also been a salient sense of peace. I don’t know where that’s been coming from, but I’ll take the gift, and am grateful for it.

Virgo and Pisces are both concerned with service ~ Virgo to the common man and Pisces to All That Is, the divine.  Full Service Moon is actually a pretty good name for this Moon. I’ve been doing more reading than usual about this Full Moon, maybe as a result of seeking more of that peace or sanctuary. There are some darn good posts on this Full Moon’s service and spiritual essence, and I’d like to share some of them with you.

Kachina at Into The Mystic writes about balancing service to self and others, reminding us to keep that balance in check so that our health doesn’t suffer. If we don’t take care of ourselves, can we really serve others? I expect this Full Moon to be especially significant for those within forms of service to the collective and shall be likely to offer insights as to how well we are or we are not faring in the balancing of service to self/service to others. (read more here)

Molly Hall at astrology.about.com pointed out that the Pisces/Virgo Moon is a time to establish “habits that integrate spirituality into your daily life.” Yes, that’s been on my mind ~ perhaps it’s this mystical Pisces time ~ the idea that there is a way to create an efficient spirituality, minus all the sturm and drang. Molly says, Virgo-Pisces are signs of devotion, that understand the power of surrendering to a greater force. This Full Moon puts us closer to divine guidance, so we can face these trial and move through the dark moments with more faith. (read more here)

Ravenesque gives us some insights on the current sky configuration, along with some specifics from the asteroids. With all of this additional information in your tool box, this Full Moon is as practical as they come. You have the limitless beauty and forgiveness that is the Neptune/Chiron conjunction supporting the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. (read more here). Limitless beauty and forgiveness ~ what a powerful phrase.

From Jan at astrogrrl ~ The heart (Moon) may still be meticulously processing (Virgo) what might have transpired over the past two weeks, but the soul (Sun) has begun to hope and dream of the possibilities (Jupiter). There are dreams of possibilities, and it is those dreams and yearnings ~ hope ~ that makes this difficult time in our collective not so defeating. (read more)

Mandi Lockley at AstroAir sums it all up so nicely with one simple and compassionate inquiry. If you ask one question this Full Moon, it should be How can I help? (read more)

While I rid myself of some of that busyness I mentioned earlier, I am reminded that I do want to help, to serve, healthy in body and spirit, not just a witness but an active participant in a daily spirituality, and to receive the blessings of this particular Full Moon ~ limitless beauty and forgiveness.

With great gratitude to these exceptional astrologers,

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4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo ~ Full Service Moon

  1. ha, I interpreted “Full Service” a different way. At our house we are kind of sad because my stepfather (a virgo actually) is slowly dying. We’re told not to give up hope, but geez, if weight loss is any consideration, there isn’t much more time to turn this around.
    As this full moon reaches us, we can’t focus on the stuff we like to do, we are thinking about what we can do to help my stepfather and my mother… THAT kind of service.

    1. Oh, Mimi, this is such a difficult time for you and your family. I’ve been a caregiver for almost a decade and I understand all the emotions and the mental and physical exhaustion that surrounds you. I’m lighting a candle for you and your family right now. It’s a floating candle, pink, shaped like a star, in a dish with crystals at the bottom. My thoughts are with you.

      I didn’t think of that kind of “full service.” That is funny. But after I posted I remembered full service gas stations. All but gone, and they were so cool. A full tank of gas and clean windshields.

  2. thanks for the candle. You are very sweet!
    service is a very big word. It means a lot of different stuff!

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