Summer Solstice 2018

Hail, summer! Hail, Moon-ruled Cancer, the Crab, placed in the heavens for her bravery by the goddess Hera. Yes. The tender-hearted, timid, little creature is very brave behind her protective armor. She had courage enough to face Hercules and courage enough to become the zodiacal symbol for mother, family, and home. Today (June 21, 2018), … Continue reading Summer Solstice 2018

Moon in Virgo, April 24-26 2018

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#5 Day, Moon in Cancer

Moon Sign: Cancer Numerology: 5 Day Phase: Gibbous Moon in Cancer is a natural born homebody, but there's also an urge to get out and about today (♋ 5). If there's such a thing as an extroverted hermit, today's vibe would fit them well. There's a bit of wanderlust in the astro mix today with trines … Continue reading #5 Day, Moon in Cancer