7 Ways to Use Virgo Moon Water

The ritual of making Moon water on the night of the Full Moon is certainly enchanting, but what are you supposed to do with it once you’ve made it?


Moon water can be made from plain tap water. There’s no need to buy special water. Your everyday water is fine. You can also choose bottled waters. Spring water and distilled water can be used for different purposes. Use spring water, filtered, or mineral waters for consumption and distilled water for room spritzes and cleaning purposes. The only thing I don’t recommend is water from natural sources. That’s probably shocking. The reason for my recommendation is that water from natural sources is so often tainted these days. If you’re sure that the water is pure and of high quality, by all means use it.

Virgo is associated with cleanliness, health, routines, diet, small pets, and organization. Here are seven easy ways to put your Virgo Moon water to good use.

Moon Water made during any sign can be used in similar ways. Just change the sign-specific items to fit the sign you are working with.

1. Drink It

As long as you have covered the container used in making Moon water with a tight-fitting lid, the simplest thing to do is to drink it. Drink it straight from a glass or brew a cup of your favorite tea or coffee with it. See yourself growing healthier, more disciplined, and organized as you sip your Virgo Moon water.

2. Add It to Your Bath Water

The second simplest way to use Moon water is to add it your bath water. Label the bottle to remember it’s from the Virgo Full Moon and add some to your bath any time the Moon is in Virgo. Epsom salts are excellent for pulling harmful toxins from your body during a bath, so do add a cup or two while the water is running. Listen to a short meditation during your bath, releasing any negativity and worries. Visualize them draining away as you empty the tub.

Since Virgo is associated with small animals, you might add a little Virgo Moon water to Fido or Fluffy’s bath, too.

3. Make a Relaxing Virgo Misting Spray

Put your Virgo Moon water to good use by adding a few drops of essential oils to make a room spritzer. An easy to find essential oil for Virgo is lavender. This calming, relaxing room mist is so much better for you than any commercial spray that is perfumed and full of who knows what. Spritz a little on your pillows before drifting off to sleep.

3. Make a Healing Remedy

Centaury is the Bach flower essence associated with Virgo. Use the flower remedy as recommended on the label to create a healing remedy. Add a few drops to your room spray to create a healing mist. Centaury is useful when you’ve become more a slave than a helper, ignore your own needs in service to others, or find it difficult to say “No.”

4. Make Virgo Florida Water

Add a little vodka to your Moon Water to use it as a Virgo Florida water. Splash it on when you need a reminder to stay organized, to imprint a new healthy habit, or when you’ll be meeting with someone you find difficult to refuse and need to stay strong.

  • 16 oz Moon Water
  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 3-4 Drops of lavender essential oil
  • 9-12 Drops of your favorite essential oils

Choose 3 or 4 scents that blend nicely with lavender to make your Florida water. Remove the caps from several bottles of essential oil, place them next to each other so that their aromas blend, and sniff them to see if you find the scent pleasing before actually blending the oils. You don’t want to waste your precious oils on a scent that you don’t like. Aromaweb has some suggestions on blending oils.

5. Cook with Your Moon Water

Virgo is associated with all kinds of grains. The Virgin is the symbol of the harvest, after all. If you love your morning oatmeal, use your Moon water to cook it or add it to any recipe that calls for water. Just be sure to use your Moon water within 24 hours if you plan to consume it.

6. Water Your Plants

Use your Virgo Moon water on your plants. Envision them growing healthier and more lush. Plants take water into their root system more easily on days following the Full Moon. Use your Moon water on fertile days for watering. Days when the Moon is waning in Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces before the New Moon in Aries. Check your lunar calendar for this year’s dates.

7. Charge or Cleanse Your Crystals


You can charge any of your crystals by dropping them into a container of water and placing them under the Virgo Full Moon.

The healing crystal of nurses, Bloodstone (heliotrope), is a good choice for Virgo’s association with healthy routines and the healing professions. Submerge your bloodstone in the water and let it sit beneath the Virgo moonlight. This would be a nice stone for Pisces Sun signs who have a Virgo Moon..

And 1 More ~ Make Virgo Sea Water

Create sea water by adding 3½ teaspoons of sea salt to 4¼ cups of water in a covered jar or pitcher before setting the water outside. Since sea water contains minerals, rub a couple of plain rocks together and drop them into the pitcher. Make sure you’ve cleaned the stones first so the water remains clean.

Virgo is the sign of cleanliness. Use this water to cleanse any of your crystals at any time, or save it to use on your Virgo crystals during any night the Moon is in Virgo.