Full Moon in Virgo ~ Where’s the Romance?

The Full Moon was made for romance and magic, but Virgo can sometimes be too practical, meticulously organized, and too persnickety to let the moonlight flow. Is it possible to find romance in the Virgo Full Moon?

I love Virgo. The clean lines and lack of clutter comfort me. I like knowing that everything is in its place. But sometimes, even though I crave Virgo’s simplicity and ability to make everything run efficiently, it doesn’t satisfy my soul. There’s really not much romance in a well-organized closet or sock drawer.

Pisces treasures, adores, and is madly in love with romance. Not the romance of Leo or Libra. The romance of Pisces is the romance of poetry, compassion, and the beloved—the divine spark within. It’s the romance of color and music, the romance of floating, drifting, pure abandon. Pisces wants to sink into the mystery and just feel the Moon. Forget analyzing it. Forget making a goal out of it. Just sink into it.

fullmooninvirgoIf there was ever a time to let the mystery (and the work load) be, maybe it’s under the Full Moon in Virgo. Full Moons are about release and letting go. But never let go of romance. It’s like laughter and humor. Once you’ve lost them, life just isn’t as sweet.

We have our days under the Pisces Sun, a time of withdrawal into the mysteries of life. While we have this energy, encourage the Virgo in you to lay back, put your feet up, relax, and fall under the spell of the Moon. Not the astrological Moon. The romantic one. Up there, in all that beautifully organized chaos of stars and whirlings and other moons.