Turquoise, Stone of Sagittarius

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There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius today which made me think to wear my turquoise earrings. Turquoise is considered a star stone of Sagittarius, with topaz more commonly recognized as the birthstone of November.  Whether you’re a November or December born Sagittarian, this is your stone.

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Ceremony for the Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse 2015

Harvest Moon is such a special full moon. It’s the biggest and brightest of all full moons of the year. It signals the turn of the seasons and asks us to review what we have brought to harvest in our lives this year.

harvestmoonThe Harvest Moon is always the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox, either before or after. If she occurs before the autumnal equinox, she is a Pisces Moon; afterward, she is an Aries Moon. This year she is Aries ~ outgoing, assertive, self-driven, fearless. She balances and merges these qualities with those of Libra ~ also outgoing and assertive, but other-driven.

This year, the Harvest Moon has the added distinction of being a lunar eclipse. It’s getting a lot of attention, with imposing names like Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Impressive and foreboding. It’s nothing scary, though. The Harvest Moon is always a super moon, every year. It’s a blood moon because it’s an eclipse.

The second type of Blood Moon is the reddish Moon we see during a lunar eclipse. The reddish hue is a result of earth’s atmosphere scattering light from all the sunrises and sunsets happening on earth. This causes the earth’s shadow to look reddish as it falls across the lunar surface. more about moon names

It is a treat that the Harvest Moon is also an eclipse. It gives us an opportunity to celebrate it in a memorable way. This ceremony has three themes: gratitude, release, vision.

The Ceremony

For this ceremony, you will need:

  • A few twigs and leaves, gathered on your Twigging Day
  • Outdoor access, the ability to see the eclipse from a window, or watch it online
  • A candle for each person to hold
  • If outdoors, a campfire or fire pit
  • If indoors, a fireplace OR an additional pre-lit candle.
  • Optional: sage, paper, pen or pencil

With a lunar eclipse, we begin with light, move into darkness, and back into light. Time this ceremony to the eclipse, if possible. From start to finish, this eclipse will last for about 3.5 hours. If it’s not possible, time the ceremony to a comfortable pace.

Prepare your fire, or light one of your candles.

Start your ceremony before the eclipse begins, while there is still light on the face of the Moon.


Begin with gratitude for all the things that you have harvested this year. This starts your ceremony on a positive note. You may want to prepare a list of the things you are grateful for beforehand and read them aloud at this point, but you can also speak spontaneously. If you’re with a group, allow everyone to offer their thanks. Be prepared for tears and laughter if you are sharing this ceremony with others.


As the shadow starts to fall across the face of the Moon, the ceremony turns to release. If using a fire pit or fireplace, add some sage for cleansing. If using a candle, burn some sage in your usual manner. Send a message upward in the smoke for emotional healing from the negative things you experienced this past year. It’s hard to move on if there’s still any lingering emotions concerning the past. State out loud the things you want to release. Spend just a moment talking about it with your circle of friends if you like. Nothing long and dragged out, just an acknowledgement. Focus on the Moon and the eclipse. Imagine the darkness that at one time entered your lives, and the black hole it felt like sometimes. If you’re using a fire pit or fireplace, add something to the fire to represent what you are releasing ~ a twig or a written note, for example. If you are using a candle, place a twig or your note on your table. Simply throw it away later.


As the light begins to return to the face of the Moon, see good things entering your lives, bringing light. What would you like to enter? See it happening. You might want to spend another moment talking about this. Light your candle from the flame of your fire (carefully) or your pre-lit candle and state what you would like to enter your life. If there are two or more people at your ceremony, the next person will light their candle from yours, state what they would like to enter their life, and on around until everyone has said something out loud. When you’re finished, put out your candles. Watch the rest of the eclipse, seeing good things coming as the Moon grows brighter and brighter.

Harvest Moon Water

Set jars of water out during your ceremony and leave them overnight. You can then use the Harvest Moon Water to make a room spritz. Put the moon water in a spritzer bottle. Add a few drops of an energizing essential oil to represent Aries to the moon water. Lemon, rosemary, grapefruit, ginger, and peppermint are energizing oils. Use this spritzer whenever you feel your energy lagging. When you use the spray you’ll recall all the things you’re grateful for, the negative things that have passed on, and the good that awaits you in the future.

Have a bright and happy Harvest Moon, and a bountiful autumn.


Full Moon in Pisces ~ Touch the Moon

Full Moons are sirens. They float above us in the night sky, calling us with the irresistible hymn of dreams that might be. Some of them are bright and breathtaking Moons, supersized. Others, perhaps a bit more distant, emit a soft halo. Some tease us, only briefly appearing from behind clouds. Others are found falling across window sills or slipping past skylights. This heavenly lantern hypnotizes us into imagining all kinds of possibilities for our future, leading us toward paths that have yet to find a starting place, assuring us that these dreams are, indeed, within our reach.

fullThere’s no Full Moon that tugs at my heart the way the Pisces Full Moon does. Maybe I fall too quickly under her spell, hoping for just a glimmer of magic to make everyday life just a tad more interesting. Maybe I wish too intently for a glimpse behind her gossamer, star-tinged drape.  Perhaps this is the Moon that reminds me most of the dreams that drifted past when I briefly turned away. Gone forever now, dissolved into yesterday.

Dreams are all too often swept clean by routine, work-a-day life. We lose them. Or we let them go, not quite knowing what to do with them anymore. Closeted and unused, they lie just beyond our reach, beyond our touch.

It’s Virgo who has the ability to give substance to our dreams, make them real. We must trade gossamer for stone, occasionally cleaning our hands on the delicate fabric Pisces has woven. We work, we dream. We embrace chaos and elicit order. Stacking one stone atop another, we move closer to the dream. Working tirelessly, listening for the siren’s call, we build our cairn of dreams and, if diligent and unbroken, standing atop our life’s work, we are ~ one day ~ able to touch the Moon.

spiral tarot strength

A Ceremony for the New Moon in Leo ~ The Genius of Love

Today’s New Moon in Leo is graced with a lovely conjunction to Venus, but she also has an odd companion ~ a trine with Uranus. You’ve seen them before. That odd couple. The beautiful woman and the weird little guy. He’s very tall and she is just way too tiny. He’s John and she’s Yoko. They’re not what you expect. It throws you off a little. Whatever do they see in each other?

Simple answer. They see love.

spiral tarot strength

The Spiral Tarot

One way to look at today’s New Moon is to accept the curiosities that it may bring into our lives in the next four weeks. But Uranus doesn’t stop with curiosities. And Sun, Moon, and Venus in Leo doesn’t end with love affairs. This New Moon creates an opportunity to love humanity, the world at large, beyond the borders of our own communities, no matter how strange or different from us they are. Loving only what we know and accept as normal is limiting. It invites its opposite ~ hate ~ to enter the heart. Anyone can hate. It’s all too commonplace. To open, truly open, to love is pure genius.

This New Moon in Leo, with its connections to lovely Venus and the weird and wonderful Uranus, reminds us that the face of love may not be the one we were expecting. And when we look into the mirror of Venus, we may see a very different face from those whose company we are in. And yet, we know they love us anyway.

I mentioned my teacher, Neferlyn Gray, in yesterday’s post. I’m reminded of her again today thinking about the potential this New Moon holds. She said that she made it her job to stop hate in its tracks. Wherever she found it, she would offer up love instead. It’s a noble cause. What if we all took up that cause for the next four weeks? It requires a strong heart and an open mind, the basic elements of this New Moon. We should be able to see the results of our experiment at the Full Moon in Pisces, sign of compassion and divine love, on the 29th.

A Simple Ceremony for the New Moon in Leo

This ceremony is to strengthen love (Sun, Moon, and Venus in Leo) of humanity and the world at large (Uranus).

  • A candle of your choosing
  • A drawing of a heart to place under your candle
  • A world map (preferably one without borders drawn, here’s one for printing)
  • A small dish of Moon water from the Full Moon in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus), or a very small dish of plain water with a few sprinkles of salt in it.

Lay out your map. You may be drawn to a spot on it immediately. If not, take several deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. Close your eyes. With your eyes closed, place your finger on the map. Open your eyes. That is your spot. Don’t worry if it’s in the middle of the ocean. If you are drawn to another spot, place your finger there.

Do you know what country you have singled out? It may be difficult to be sure on such a small map without borders. But that is where we are now. In a very small world. And there are no real borders on our earth. Only those that we have imposed.

Dip your finger in the water and touch the spot on the map you have selected.

Place the heart drawing over it, and place your candle over the drawing.

Send as much love as you can to that part of the earth.

When you have finished, dip your hand into the dish of water, and snuff the flame with your fingers. Touch your fingers to your heart, and then touch the map and say, “From my heart to yours.”

Leave your map out, tape it to a mirror, pin it to a bulletin board, or place it anywhere you can see it for the next four weeks. Every day, touch your fingers to your heart and then to the map, repeating the phrase, “From my heart to yours.”

During this lunation, learn as much as you can about your spot on the map. Can you figure out what country it is? If your finger landed on the ocean, can you identify a small island in that area through your research? Is this place in a state of war or repression? Like my teacher Neferlyn, can you help stop hate in its tracks? Send love its way every day. You may have surprising and lovely results. Synchronicity arrives when we least expect it.

Happy New Moon in Leo. May love find you, and may you find love.

Today’s Correspondences:

Leo Lunation Phases:

  • New: August 14
  • Crescent: August 18
  • First Quarter: August 22
  • Gibbous: August 26
  • Full: August 29, Aquarius
  • Disseminating: September 1
  • Last Quarter: September 5
  • Balsamic: September 8
  • New Moon in Virgo, September 13




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Ritual for the Electric Blue Moon in Aquarius ~ July 31, 2015

There’s a lot of talk about tomorrow’s Blue Moon. There’s news about it all over the web. Astrologers and astronomers have it covered from every direction, and some of it’s downright crazy. It’s so fitting for a Blue Moon in Aquarius to get so much internet buzz. To make it quite unique, both Uranus and Saturn (rulers of Aquarius) are retrograde. Continue reading