Tarot for the Taurus Lunation: First Quarter Phase

The beginning degree of the First Quarter Phase is 12°52 Leo, associated with the 6 of Wands which is sometimes called “Victory.” The First Quarter Phase is a square aspect that calls for adaptation. In this case, the earthy New Moon of Taurus was steadying, conforming, and security-conscious. The fiery First Quarter is expansive, adventurous, and isn’t afraid of taking risks. Continue reading

Tarot for the Taurus Lunation, The Crescent Phase

Do you trust your instincts? Do you believe in the goal you chose for yourself at the New Moon? The Moon has moved from earthy, hands-on Taurus through most of airy, mentally oriented Gemini. Continuing with the reading from the New Phase, the Crescent Phase begins with a focus on mental and emotional clarity.

Taurus Lunation 2017
Crescent Phase

April 29th, 12:57pm – May 2nd, 10:47pm EDT
24°34 Gemini – 12°52 Leo

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Tarot for the Taurus Lunation, The New Phase

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the tarot and astrology. It struck me today (on the New Moon in Taurus) that it might be interesting to work through this lunation one phase at a time using cards associated with the beginning of each phase. A New Moon likes to start something new and Taurus likes things she can put her hands on, like these cards, so here goes. Continue reading