Summer Solstice 2018

Hail, summer! Hail, Moon-ruled Cancer, the Crab, placed in the heavens for her bravery by the goddess Hera.

Yes. The tender-hearted, timid, little creature is very brave behind her protective armor.

She had courage enough to face Hercules and courage enough to become the zodiacal symbol for mother, family, and home.

Today (June 21, 2018), the Moon is in relationship-oriented, loving, Venus-ruled Libra who brings her scales to weigh the heart against a feather.

The summer is marked with a very feminine, caring, mother and child signature. The tarot symbol for the summer solstice is the Ace of Cups, the first tinge of feelings and emotional connection. Perhaps it is salt water that flows from the cup, the divine liquid that gave birth to us all.

The underlying current for today’s energy is coupled with struggle. Difficult connections to Mercury, the messenger, and Pluto, who abducted Demeter’s daughter, imply a difficult birth for the season.

For us, the energy is fleeting playing out in only a day.

For the little crab and her summer season, she has only just begun. She starts her descent, entering through the Gate of Man, bringing soul to matter. Birth.