Cancer New Moon “Pocket Letters”

I’ve put together a New Moon pack that I think some of you might really enjoy working with, especially if you like New Moon rituals or following the phases. If you’re not into that kind of thing, skip this post. But if you do, definitely read on…

I was recently introduced to Pocket Letters. I’m not a scrapbooker, so I’m out of the loop on this kind of thing. But they are the cutest things, with lots of goodies completely contained within a plastic 9-pocket trading card sheet. When I saw these, I immediately thought that they were absolutely perfect for the New Moon and all the phases of the lunation. So, I’ve done something I’ve never done before. I’ve created something for the Cancer New Moon that’s an actual physical item—not an eBook—and I’m offering a few of them for sale.

Here’s the finished Pocket Letter for the New Moon in Cancer. There’s a pocket for every phase! I love that. The 9th pocket has a little mini-booklet for writing down your New Moon wishes and/or intentions. Since they’re handmade, each Pocket Letter will be decorated a little differently, but comparably to the one in the pic. Sorry about my photography skills. (Click the image to get a full page view.)

Each phase pocket has the dates for the Moon sign changes and several other inserts about things related to the zodiac sign Cancer. Since this isn’t a book, you can use the different pieces any way you like. Stick them in your journal, on your fridge, or in a book you’re reading now. Handy!

But wait! There’s more!

An unusual type of “reading” is included, built right into the Pocket Letter. I’ve tucked a tarot, oracle, or inspirational card into the eight phase pockets. They aren’t pics of cards. They’re the real cards. I opted to use cards from different decks as a way to emphasize that each phase is different from the others.  I will pull one card from each of these decks especially for you and tuck them into the pockets. The decks that cards are drawn from for this New Moon are:

  1. Rider-Waite Tarot (Small deck)
  2. Self Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson
  3. Eileen Connolly Tarot
  4. Angel Inspirations
  5. Isle of View
  6. Recipes for the Soul
  7. 52 Relaxing Rituals
  8. Medicine Cards

You can read the cards individually for each phase and/or put them together into a holistic reading. I’ll keep a record of the cards I pull for you so If you want my insights on the cards, you are welcome to contact me for my take on them. I want to initially leave that up to you, though. I believe we’re all a little more sensitive to the otherworld at New Moon time and no one knows better what the symbols mean to you than you.

But wait! There’s even more!

I’ve also included a New Moon pouch that has some cool goodies in it—an aromatherapy inhaler to bring sleep on restless nights, Blessing Salt, two sticks of incense for the New and Full Moons, and clay for a DIY cleansing facial during the waning phase. You’ll find surprises in the pocket letter and pouch, too. A New Moon requires some mystery, after all.


And there’s even a little bit more…

You’ll get a password to access some private posts about the New Moon on this website. If you have a question about the New or Full Moons in your chart during this lunation, you can contact me through the private pages.

Want one?

I’m offering this Cancer New Moon Pocket Letter for $30.00. 

You can find it on my brand spanking new


The shop is so new that I’m still setting it up.
If you decide to check it out, your visit will be one of my firsts.

Orders can only be accepted through July 6th in hopes that the package
will reach you via snail mail by the New Moon on the 12th.