12 Things to Do During Scorpio

Here are a baker’s dozen of things to do when the Moon or Sun are in Scorpio. A baker’s dozen? That’s 13, Scorpio’s favorite number.

  1. Reveal a secret that will heal a wound.
  2. Keep a secret.
  3. Get a sexy outfit ~ and wear it!
  4. Spruce up your bathroom.
  5. ScorpioResurrect a passion.
  6. Memorialize someone who has passed away.
  7. Get rid of out-of-date prescriptions or OTC drugs.
  8. Be just a little bit naughty ~ or a lot.
  9. Catch a magic show.
  10. Get your insurance in order.
  11. Recycle things you no longer need.
  12. Let go of lingering resentments.

And just because you’re into metaphysics or the occult. . .get a reading.

Poster_of_Alexander_Crystal_SeerHave you been spending too much time looking at other people’s charts? Find some time during Scorpio to get a reading of your own. Try a tarot, palm, or numerology reading. And if you’re an astrologer (or student of astrology) who has never had their chart read by a pro, what are you waiting for?

A different intuitive art form can inspire you and just might bring something new to your own readings. Tarot reflects astrology and numerology. Numerology has astrological equivalents. Astrology can see itself in the face of a tarot card. Even palmistry has an astrological side. Know where your Mount of Saturn is? Or what the number 6 and Venus have in common?

If you’ve never done a reading for someone else, give it a go. We learn by doing. Do it for fun, do it for real, do it for someone else, do it for yourself.



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    1. Oh, yes, rare meat and butchers are definitely on the list. It was hard to limit Scorpio to 12.

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